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Chapter 17

Times of happiness and times of planning

Mrs. Potter was walking hand in hand with her love Mr. Potter "You know, I might be ready tonight."

Harry collapsed to the ground in shock and pure blood rushing down to his male hood. He barely manages to croak, "W-w-w-What did you just say?"

Hermione gently picked him up "Oh nothing, love." She walked into the great hall, smiling at the teachers and ready for a fresh day at Hogwarts, the most magical place of her life.

Buzzing with talkative chatter of first years and the strenuous study of the 7th years, everything was just as a normal day would be going on. Hermione stared into the twinkling watchful gaze of Dumbledore and the cold glares of Professor Snape. Professors were all staring at the headmaster who had long been an important figure in History.

"I would like to announce, there will be a Halloween ball for all 6-7 years. Now, you will be required to dress in the appropriate fashion of Halloween. You must have a partner and dancing will be required or you shall be kicked out." Professor Dumbledore announce to the great hall

Commotion became the immediate affect from the announcement. Everyone was buzzing about what they would were.

"Harry come on, we have transfiguration." Hermione pulled Harry out of the great hall.

Wormtail rushed into the cold chamber with his dark master waiting, "Master, Hogwarts is having a festival on Halloween. Perhaps the full moon could aid your devices and help you break into Hogwarts"

"Crucio, you're advice is worthy for something that I would expect of a toddler, Wormtail" Voldemort replied lazily knowing that the werewolves would be an essential part of the assault.

"Master please" Wormtail's voice getting cut off by the pain.

"No, if you had worthwhile information, I might stop." Voldemort obviously bored but amused at the cringing figure.

"Potter married Granger, the mudblood" Announce Lucifer Malfoy.

The room shook as objects just exploded. Voldemort cold voice went up from hissing to shouting, "WHAT!"

Lucifer was knocked off his feet by the force emitting from his master "Potter apparently has proposed to Granger, with magical devices, Potter's fiancée has been found to be wearing an engagement ring."

Voldemort realized the complications. If Potter has kids, then not only will his power be transfer but supposedly the "powerful" (ya right like any tainted scum could have any power) mudblood as well. If I can't stop potter now, his descendants will be nothing short of god powers. Not to mention that even if I reach immortality, I'll have Potter brats attacking me forever. Ugh, one baby was impossible, now there could be more. Not to mention ugh teenager's hormones that will no doubt play a rate of potter brats spawning. Oh well at least my spy can hopefully do some damage.

Hermione was walking with her Harry. She received an owl from her "concerned" parents. Her Harry, her husband, it was just so magical. She had fallen in love and would die for this man. Hey, she could be the hopeless romantic all she wanted, she wanted Harry, she wanted to make love, and she wanted Harry. She was so happy even if her parents were coming tomorrow, the Halloween ball was tomorrow. HERMIONE WAS GOING TO BE A PRINCESS WITH HER PRINCE HARRY!!!

Harry was over thrilled that Hermione was bubbly today, but Harry, himself, personally was a wreck. Hermione's parents, Hermione's parents, they clearly think I'm joking and now hate me. Got to remember, I love Hermione and I love her so much I do anything for her. He bummed into Ron.

Ron fist was flying towards Harry, unfortunately Ron didn't know about Wolf. Everyone was amazing as a seemingly inattentive Harry dodge the fist and doubled kicked Ron in the chest and just continue walking forward with Hermione as if nothing had happened. Harry was still in deep thoughts Hermione's parents, Hermione's parents, they clearly think I'm joking and now hate me. Got to remember, I love Hermione and I love her so much I do anything for her. I love Hermione, she is my inner guidance, and she is my goddess and savior. I love Hermione Potter. I just have to stick to my beliefs and trust my love.

"Harry?" Hermione asked, noticing Harry apparently walked into charms without raising his head.

Harry's emerald eyes focused immediately on Hermione's chocolate brown eyes, "Yes, darling?"

"You seemed to be like dreaming or not in this world?" Hermione's voice was full of concern

Harry would never lie to his love, "I'm worried about your parents. I mean like, we are young to consider this opinion, but I can't imagine life without you."

Hermione kissed Harry's cheek, "Oh, sweetheart, I can't imagine life without you, either. Just believe and you'll impress my parents most assuredly"

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