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"Rogue," Ms. White called her attention from the doorway of the green room. "Your friends want to see you outside. They're nearly causing a riot in the hallway."

"No. Ah'm not goin' out there. Ah'm gonna kill those two little-"

"Rogue," Ms. White cut her off. "Just go acknowledge the applause, then you can plan homicide, as long as you don't follow through with it until after closing night, okay?"


Rogue turned around and stomped out to the hall. Before she even reached the stage door she could hear her friends chanting. That almost helped to perk her up, but she was still embarrassed. When the door opened and she stepped out, Rogue was greeted by hoots and applause from her teammates. She crossed her arms under the sequiny elastic band on the bra-top and glared.

"Ah was coerced."

"Y' c'n coerce me anytime, chere," Remy grinned.

"Ah hate you."

"C'n ya keep dat outfit?"


"Rogue," the Professor cut in, "why didn't you tell us that you were in the play as well?"

"Cuz Ah'm playin' a whore!" Rogue exclaimed, much to the delight of some of the more immature guys standing around the group. "An' not even a high priced one, at that. Gymnasia was two hundred minae. Kitty's character was five hundred. Ah didn' even get a price. Ah'm the practically the two minae ho down on the cornah."

Pretty much everybody got a laugh out of that one and Rogue started to relax a little. If she could laugh at herself, then no one could laugh at her. But she was still mad as hell about getting her veil pulled off.

"Wait a sec," Rogue frowned, noticing a gap in the crowd of her ardent admirers. "Where's Roberto?"

Everybody looked around and finally found him trying to flirt with Miles Gloriosus. Sam glared and marched over to him. He grabbed his unofficial boyfriend by the arm and dragged him away from the hot sophomore.

"Ah've been wond'rin' when Sammy'd get his act t'gethah," Rogue smirked.

"Ooo, the captain is hot though," Tabby admired. "Can't let him get lonely, now can I?"

Tabitha sauntered over to take Roberto's spot next to the centurion.

"Um..." rogue mumbled, looking down at herself. "Ah'm gonna go change?"

"Oh, doan!" Remy said.

"Ah have ta, Ah'm sorry," she mock-apologized.

"C'n I come watch?"

"How 'bout cha get a pictuh, it'll last longah," she suggested sarcastically.

"Anybody got a camera!?" he called out over the crowd, eliciting more laughter.

"D'ya know the meanin' o' 'sarcasm'?" Rogue asked.

"C'n I have a dictionary f' dat one?"

"Grow up."

Rogue left to change out of her costume, still managing to get back into the green room, go to the deserted upstairs bathroom, change, and be back before anybody else, least of which was Kitty.

After everyone was reassembled, Xavier decided to treat everyone to Perkins. Remy sat down next to Rogue the second she chose her seat, and started flirting shamelessly. Kitty was less happy than she ought to have been since she'd been eclipsed by the shock of Rogue on stage. Sam and Roberto were down at the other end of the long line of tables, huddled together and talking about costume rentals. (A/N: Sam as a centurion!)

"So, ya gonna remembah dat dance, right?" Remy smirked.

Rogue stabbed one of her sausage links with her fork and held it up in Remy's face to help her illustrate what would happen to him if he pressed his luck too far. "In ya dreams."

"Oh, yes..." he murmured, looking her up and down, a lecherous grin on his face.

"Ya a damn pervert, ya know that?" she said.

"Naw, I'm not. I couldn't find a camera, remember?"

"Fuck off, LeBeau."

"As soon as we get back," he agreed.

Rogue made a stab for his balls, causing Remy to pull back, accidentally tumbling gracelessly to the floor in Perkins. Not his smoothest move ever, that was sure.

"Children!" Ororo yelled down the table, quieting everyone in the restaurant. "We are in public. Be. Nice. And don't make me have to remind you again."

"Sorry," Rogue mumbled.

Remy just picked himself back up with as much dignity as he could muster and sat back down. That hadn't gone the way he'd hoped. But in less than a minute, he was already planning his next innuendo. %#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#

So, how'd ya like it? Yes, that is the end. Sorry, my muse just crapped out on me, what can I say.