Rescuing Agent Tang

Chapter 1: Return of the Titans

It was early in the mourning as Captain Black was waiting for the Titans to arrive at Section 13 again. Meanwhile, Jade was with her usual self exploring Section 13 and saw the Titan's ship landing in the hangar. She immediately went into hiding to see why the Titans were at Section 13. She carefully followed the Titans to where Captain Black was waiting for them. Yet Jade noticed one of the new members of the Titans and she was curious to know who she was.

"Welcome back Robin" said Captain Black shaking Robin's hand.

"The pleasure is all mine" replied Robin.

"So who's this?" asked Captain Black.

"This is our new member Terra" replied Cyborg.

"Please to meet you" said Terra as she shook Captain Black's hand.

"So why did you call us here?" asked Robin.

"Our top agent, Agent Tang has been captured by a ruthless mad man named Dr. Eradicus" replied Captain Black, "his mission was to search Eradicus' military-style island base in the Caribbean. He hasn't returned or sent any communications recently. We suspect the worse."

"And you want us to go there?" asked Raven.

"Yes" replied Captain Black, "I'll give you the coordinates as soon as you are ready."

As the Titans waited for further instructions, Jade decided it was time for her to take a few Talismans with her on the trip, she took the Snake, Ox, Roster, Rabbit, Horse, and Dog Talismans with her in a small bag and snuck past through security and went into the Titans' ship. The Titans finally arrived at their ship after Captain Black gave them the coordinates to the military-style island.

"Setting coordinates" said Raven pushing some buttons on the ship.

"Here we go" said Cyborg as the ship lifted and headed toward its direction.

As the ship carrying the Titans left for its direction, Jackie entered Section 13 to find Jade. He wanted to take Jade to school and did not want her to be late so he checked with Captain Black.

"Captain Black" said Jackie as Captain Black was sipping his coffee, "have you seen Jade?"

"The last time I saw her was at Section 13" replied Captain Black while still sipping his coffee.

Suddenly Captain Black just had another horrifying thought. That Jade probably snuck on the ship carrying the Titans with her usual curiosity. He nearly spit up his coffee, but swallowed his coffee before putting his cup down.

"Captain Black, what's wrong?" asked Jackie.

"I think we have a problem" replied Captain Black.

"What do you mean?" asked Jackie.

"I have asked the Titans to come back and help rescue Agent Tang" replied Captain Black, "you remember him don't you Jackie?"

"Yes, I remember that arrogant spy" replied Jackie.

"I suspect Jade had overheard my argument with the Titans on the whereabouts of Agent Tang and the evil Dr. Eradicus" said Captain Black, "I'll give you the coordinates immediately."

"You do that, I'll contact Uncle" said Jackie getting his cell phone out.

"What do you mean Jade is no where to be found?!" cried Uncle on the phone after he picked it up.

"Well, the Titans came back to Section 13 to help them on a mission" replied Jackie.

"I told you and those super powered teenagers would bring Uncle trouble!" scolded Uncle.

"Don't worry Uncle" said Jackie, "I'll bring her back."

"You do that or I'll give you such a whopping!" replied Uncle as he was about to hang up his phone.

As Jackie was preparing to head toward the direction where the Titans were, the Titans were heading toward their position.

"Beast Boy, Starfire" said Robin at the control panel, "I want you two to double-check our cargo and our supplies."

"You can count on us" replied Beast Boy.

Beast Boy and Starfire went into the back of the ship. Beast Boy became suspicious of a few missing supplies.

"I think we're missing some food supplies" said Beast Boy.

"What, that's impossible" said Starfire, "we have checked everything."

"Hmm" said Beast Boy, "I'll sneak around and see if there is anyone else in the back instead of just us."

Beast Boy changed himself into a rat and went around the crates. He could sense that somebody was hiding among the crates, but couldn't tell where that individual was. He then immediately came across a fallen piece of black hair and knew that somebody was close by. So he turned himself into a gorilla and opened up a crate to find Jade.

"Uh, long time no see?" asked Jade.

"What's going on back here?" asked Raven as she was checking up on Starfire and Beast Boy.

"Looks like we have an uninvited guest" replied Starfire.

"Jade, why are you here?" asked Raven.

"Uh, I decided to come along?" replied Jade as she was lifted out of the crate with the help of Beast Boy.

"So why is everybody here?" asked Cyborg as he went into the back to see what was taking Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy so long to check the supplies.

"Jade snuck onto our ship" replied Raven.

"Well, we can't go back" said Cyborg, "we have to take her on the mission with us."

"So who's going to be the babysitter?" asked Raven.

Suddenly the rest of the Titans started to look at her.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" asked Raven.

"Congratulations Raven you are going to watch over Jade for the rest of the mission" replied Cyborg.

"What?!" cried Raven.

"You heard the man" said Beast Boy as he was heading back to the front of the ship.

Raven's powers lid up with such anger. Jade could tell as she saw gray flames coming out of her head. So she decided to not bother her for the rest of the trip.