{.........}= Yami to Hikari

/........./ = Hikari to Yami

Italics = thoughts

)( )( BoldFace )( )( = in the Shadow realm

Yugi yawned and stretched as he woke up the next morning. He blinked blearily at the finished puzzle on the nightstand beside him, then smile as he remembered last night. They had continued talking for some time, Yugi telling Yami about the current day world, about his school, about his parents and grandfather. Yami telling Yugi about the Puzzle, the Shadows, and what little he remembered about his life before the puzzle. From what Yami could remember, he had been someone holding high rank in ancient Egypt. Yugi sighed with a slight smile, well, this calls for a trip to the library. I'd prefer the museum but that costs money so...

{You know if all it takes is money I could get some very easily.}

Yugi jerked slightly at the voice, it was- /Yami?! I didn't know you could talk to me outside of the Shadow realm!/

There was a feeling of slight amusement, {Indeed I can Hikari, but as I said about the money?}

Yugi giggled quietly, /thank you, but really, the library's fine. Besides I don't really like the thought of thieving when it isn't necessary./

A soft, amused, sigh, {you truly are my light. You may wish to hurry if you are going to that school today, and remember, I will always be with you and I will not let anyone hurt you.}

Yugi smiled and hurried his process of getting ready for school.

Yugi had moved through the day in almost the exact same way as pervious ones. It was 'Almost' because today, everyone seemed to be shying away from him. So this is the result of Yami's 'taking care of' those gang members? Hmm...

Yugi was moving through the 'duelling zone' as he called it. It was officially off school grounds therefore whatever happened here the teachers would not interfere, however it was also still well within eyesight of the school's population so this was where all the school kids with more arrogance than sense went to fight over what ever it might be, usually territory if they were gangs, anything from drugs to lunch money to girl/boyfriends if they were individual students. Yugi heard Yami growling inside of him and looked up just in time to spot a guy named Keith as he took a swing at him. Yugi jumped out of the way, barely avoiding the blow and stared at the guy. He could feel the rage coming from Yami and almost, rather distantly, felt sorry for the boy in front of him.

"So this's the one that was s'pposed to have taken out Rickard's gang? Hah! This wimp couldn't even take on a mouse!" Keith sneered down at Yugi, "come on! I'll take yah on! Fight me like yah did Rickard and I'll beat the shit outta yah!"

Yugi stared at him oh fuck.

{I am going to come out.}

Yugi started, /are you sure? He's really mad, I wouldn't want you to get hurt./

Yugi could feel surprise flowing from Yami before it melted into fondness, {you are truly amazing Hikari, but do not worry, he cannot hurt me, and I will not allow you to be hurt either.}

Yugi surrendered and felt Yami rising to control his body as the shadows that felt so much like his Yami reached out to cradle him. From the comfortable resting place in Yami's shadow arms Yugi closed his eyes and watched, seeing and hearing everything that Yami saw and heard.

As Yami took control of Yugi's body he left it as it was, with only slight, non-visible differences. Such as his strength, speed, and agility; the only visible change was that of his eye-colour. They went from Yugi's soft violet colour to Yami's bloodfire red.

Yami raised his head, straitening him shoulders as he did so to look at the child that dared to threaten his Hikari. Yami could feel the Shadows rolling, they wanted another meal. He smirked; they would get it, but later.

"Well fucker? C'mon!"

Yami narrowed his eyes at the idiot child, Keith, Yugi's memories supplied. The twit hadn't even noticed any change. Yami sneered at him, "why? Fools like you aren't worth the movement."

Keith bellowed in rage and charged at him. Yami didn't move, did even twitch, he simply raised one hand, catching Keith under the chin, wrapping his hand around Keith's neck.

Keith spluttered in shock as his charge, with his entire body behind it, was brought to a screeching halt by one of the supposed 'weakling's' arms. He stood frozen for a moment before finally managing to speak, "y- you really did it didn't you? You really killed them, all of Rickard's gang?"

Yami brought Keith's face close to his own and almost hissed out, "yes, I did. Do you know why?"

Keith shook his head dumbly.

"Because they dared to harm Yugi, the child who freed me, the other half of my very soul. And you, oh Bandit Keith, are very much so going to pay for your past transgressions. Yugi. Is. Mine." Yami pushed Keith away, sending him over ten feet before Keith managed to stop his motion and scramble to his feet, running away as fast as his legs could take him. Yami ignored the stares of Yugi's classmates and picked up Yugi's bag before walking toward Yugi's, and now his, house.

)( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )(

Yugi drew in a shaky breath, no one, as far back as he could remember, had ever stood up for him; and the fact that Yami had claimed him as well... Yugi knew it should have scared him, or at least annoyed him, but coming from Yami, his newly-found darker half, it- it felt right. The same rightness he always felt when he played a good move in a game, when he drew the right card, when he fit two puzzle pieces together. It was just right.

Yugi looked up as Yami walked in, looking at him as if for the first time. So like him, but at the same time so very different. Yugi's own hair was black, tipped in red, and though it did still defied gravity it always seemed to droop with his blond bangs lying against his cheeks. Yami's was also black tipped with red but radiated from his head almost as if it were a crown. His blond bangs stood out on one side, almost distaining gravity, and ran up into his hair, three lightning bolts among the black. Yugi's features were soft, babyish, his eyes rounded and soft violet. Yami's features were sharper, older, his eyes angular and seemingly lined with kohl, their colour a deep, but almost icy, red. Yugi was short and slim, almost seeming to be eleven or twelve. Yami was much taller, topping Yugi by at least two feet, and lean his body bearing smooth, hard muscle and carrying a air of age around him that made everyone around his seem young. Yami truly was Yugi's shadow, just as Yugi truly was Yami's light.

Yami sat down beside Yugi and sent a questioning thought along their link, concerned over Yugi's silence though neither his face nor his body showed it.

Yugi lifted up a hand to touch Yami's face lightly, "you really will be with me forever wont you?"

Yami blinked slowly and a shadow of a smile formed on his mouth, "yes Hikari, I will."

Yugi leaned into Yami's chest as Yami wrapped his arms around him.

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