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Rating: PG 13 just for the small amount of swearing and possible violence. This story does have f/f relationship in it, between Athena and Elanis but its shown mostly in flashbacks because Elanis is dead.


"She's trying to break out here" The warrior said, moving a battle piece to show the attackers positions.

" A frontal attack onto one of our best postitions...that doesnt sound like a move Xena would make." The grey eyes goddess stated, looking at the battle positions.

"It could be a diversion."

"I considered that, but Gabrielle's leading the attack Xena would never risk her second in comman on a suicidal feint"

The warrior looked at her Goddess with pure adoration evident in her eyes "If Xena commands half the loyalty you do my Goddess, then Gabrielle would surly lay down her life to ensure Xenas escape."

Grey eyes met violet "I dont doubt Gabrielles willingness to die...just Xena's willingness to lose her" The Goddess looked back to where the army positions were marked. "But what if Xena has no intention of losing her..." The grey eyes lit up with gold. "Remember Elanis..a good commander looks beyond what his opponent is doing..to see if there is a deeper strategy."

In the darkened room Athena tossed in her sleep, auborn hair spilling over the silk pillows.

"Whats the matter Bro? Worried about your girlfriend?" Athena asked with a cocky look aimed at her brother Ares.

"No, you worried about yours?" Ares asked with a smug grin.

Athena whipped around just in time to see her warrior be mortally wounded by Xena's sword. "Elanis!!" She screamed running over to her warrior and lover.

Gasping Athena sat up in her bed a light sheen of sweat covered her body, as tears streamed down her cheeks. Silently she got up from her bed, her golden silk night gown trailing to the floor as she walked into her large marble bathroom. The moon shone in through the window, casting silver shadows in the darkness. She turned the tap on in her sinkand splashed some water on her face. Just s silently as before she walked to her bedroom balcony. From her palace she could see the ocean in the west splashing the sandy beach. Elanis had loved the ocean. As another sob choked her she laid her head in her hands and whispered one word. "Why?"

Chapter 2. The Plan

The obsession with the prophecy, killing Xena's baby had become Athena's one goal. The childs life prophesized the end of her familys rule. Already Hera had dissapeared and Zeus, her father had been killed, and of course her beloved Elanis had been ripped away from her. It had to stop now. Eve had to die immedietly...but how? Xena surly would not be leaving her daughter unattended especially not with the knowledge that the entire Olympian family was out to kill Eve.

"This should have ended 25 years ago dammit!" Athena yelled, at no one in particuler "This should have ended with Elanis' death! But no, the little brat survived and now her mother Xena, the former Destroyer of Nations can kill Gods!" She threw a small statue against her temple wall, shattering it into little pieces. She didnt even blink as the temples High Priestess' scrambled to pick up the mess.

"How..." Athena wondered, as her calm posterieur returned. "How do I get rid of Eve and her former Destroyer of Nations mother?" Athena sat down in the chair that had been placed on the altar. "Thats it..." she whispered "Thats how I destroy her and her brat...by haunting her with visions of when she was as blood thirsty as a rabid dog...but then theres Gabrielle..if Xena thought she herself posed a threat she'd trust Gabrielle to bring Eve to safetly..." Athena smiled "If I give Gabrielle the visions and I lure Xena away from Eve and Gabrielle...She'll kill Eve for me..if she thinks Eve may pose a threat to Xena." In a shimmer if golden light Athena dissapeared.

Back on Olympus, Athena had gathered all the Gods and Goddesses into the main hall.

"Athena what is the plan?" Artemis asked.

"Xena, as a mother is a powerful opponent...with the power to kill Gods she's a risk to try and kill" Athena stated.

"We never said there wouldnt be risks Athena" Hades said.

"I know Uncle Hades, but why risk anything when I have another plan that can be just as effective?"

"What does this plan entail?" Hephestus asked.

Athena's head snapped up "FURIES!" she yelled.

With a flash of light the Furies appeared.

Ares stepped forward, a smug look written across his face "Uh Sis, I gave the Furies a chance it didnt work out,"

Athena smiles the same smug look back "I know...My plans a little more subtle. We're going to go after Gabrielle, She's the only person Xena trusts to be with Eve alone. The Furies will drive Gabrielle to the breaking point -- killing Eve..the reason? To save Xena from becomming the Destroyer of Nations again."

At that moment Aphrodite chose to speak up. "Athena please, leave the Bard out of this" her saphire blue eyes pleading that her sister would listen.

"Do you have some sort of affliation with the Bard? Athena asked, her grey eyes cold and unemotional.

Biting her lip softly Aphrodite replied "She's my friend"

"Aw...well then...don't watch" Athena said, an icy tone evident in her voice.

Fighting back tears, Aphrodite dissapeared from the room in a shower of pink sparkles

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