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Remembering (continued)

"Get ahold of yourself Athena. You are not going to be able to destroy Eve if all you think about is Elanis" Athena said aloud to herself, as she walked through her deserted temple. "Eve is wounded, and to stage another attack by the Furies would be futile, now that Xena knows its them."

" A little more subtle plan eh, Sis?" Ares asked stepping out of the temple shadows, with a cocky grin on his face,.

"Ares." His sister glared up at him.

" The one and only. Loves a bitch aint it Sis?" Ares asked, raising his eyebrow. His cocky look yet to leave his face.

"Shut up!" Athena snapped, turning away from her brother.

"Oh come on 'Thena, you know its true"

"Leave me alone, Ares."

"Oh come on Sis, the funs just starting!"

"Ares, I dont need this right now. Please go away!"

"Fine, it seems my attempt at brotherly love is lost on you. See you on Olympus." Ares said, disaperaring out of his sisters temple.

Chapter 6 Apologies

Gabrielle laid a bowl of water down beside Xena.

"Xena, I am so sorry" She apologised.

"Gabrielle If you dont mind, I am trying to help my daughter. We can discuss this later." Xena said, cleaning the wound on Eve's body.

"Mother, its hard to breathe" Eve whispered.

"I know sweetheart, but hold on, I'll find someone to help you."

Eve nodded slightly, and closed her eyes.

"It was the Furies, Xena" Gabrielle said softly. "They were inside my head, making me think Eve needed to die."

"I know"

"Are you angry?"

Xena sighed "I suppose in a way I am, but not really at you. The Furies can be very believable when theyre trying to control your thoughts."


"I dont know"


"I'm not stalling Gabrielle. I, honestly, just want to help my child right now."

"I understand"

"Good. The Furies are gone right?" Xena asked.

" Yeah theyre gone"

"Good." Xena nodded. "Theyre not as crazy as I thought"

"Is Eve, going to be ok?"

"You missed her heart, but her lungs could be damaged." Xena said. " She says its hard to breathe"

"Is she going to die?

"I dont know" the warrior said softly. "I dont know"

Chapter 7 The Visitor

Athena was dressed in a beautiful snow white Ionic chiton (An: The ionic chiton was a gamrent worn by ancient greeks around 470 bc) her armour gone. In the dimly lit room, she walked to where a beutiful silver archery bow was leaning against a wall. Carefuly, she traced her fingers arcross the arch. She'd given this bow to Elanis, after the victory against Poisdon over Athens, the day that Elanis became her champion, chosen and lover.

"It's still my favorite"

Athena looked up, her eyes wide in shock. In front of her, stood Elanis. Her military armor gone, and replaced with a Chiton silimar to Athenas.

"Elanis?" She whispered.

Elanis nodded, keeping her eyes on her very shocked, Goddess.

"I have to be dreaming."

"No, Athena, You're not" Elanis said softly. "I'm here, and you're wide awake."

Athena's grey eyes welled up with tears. "'re dead" She whispered.

"Yes, I am." Elanis confirmed.

"How can-"

"Hades let me" Elanis answered.


Elanis took a few steps forward. "To talk to you."

"About what?"

"The Phrophecy, you, everything."


"Yeah" Elanis brushed a stray piece of hair off Athena's face, looking into the grey eyes she loved so much.

Athena bit her lip softly. "I miss you,"

Elanis smiled gently, wrapping her arms around the smaller woman. "I know you do, and believe me, I miss you too."

"You werent supposed to die" Athena whisperd, as tears fell down her cheeks. "I didnt want you to."

"I know that, but honey, " Elanis wiped the tears off Athenas face. "You need to move on. I'm happy that I died, protecting you. If I had to chose a way to die, that would have been it."

"Thats just it! Im imortal! If anything I should have been protecting you!''


"Its true! And now everythings so messed up! You're gone, My fathers gone, Hera's gone! The phrophecy is comming true!"

"Is it?" Elanis asked softly, "Its been 25 years, you're still here arent you? You're not dead."

" But--"

"Just listen sweetie, even for a moment, Think about this. If Eve was supposed to kill you, wouldnt it have happened already?"

"My father and Hera" Athena pointed out,

"Hera's disappearance was an act of Zeus, Athena."

"No...He wouldnt--"

"Yes he would have and he did. He was the cause of her disappearing, and Hercules killed Zeus, The child had nothing to do with it. Hercules is the cause of your father dying"

"And I killed you." Athena said softly, turning away from Elanis.

"What?" Elanis asked.

"If I hadnt gone after Eve, you wouldnt have died."

Elanis turned her goddess to face her again. "I was mortal, I was going to die eventually. You said so yourself, that a warriors life span is limited,"

Athena looked at her in shock. "How did you know I said that?"

Elanis kissed he girlfriends frehead softly. "I watch over you all the time. I never really left you. Honey, you need to move on. I dont want to see you hurting like this."

"I cant move on."

"Yes you can." Elanis said softly, holding Athena tightly.

"Its too damn hard. I want you with me."

"You'll always have me, as long as you keep me here." Elanis placed her hand over Athena's heart. "Always"

"This phropecy is going to kill the Olympian Gods isnt it?"

Elanis shook her head. "No, just your rule over thier beliefs,"

"What do I do?" Athena asked.

"I see two options." Elanis said. "Pursue killing Eve and die, or let her live in peace"

Athena pulled back from Elanis slightly. "If I died-"

"I'd be waiting for you on the otherside" Elanis finished.

"And if I don't?" Athena asked.

"She has the option of being reborn." A voice answered.

Both Athena and Elanis looked up to see Hades standing a few feet away from them.

"I'm sorry, but it's time for Elanis to leave."

"Please, just a few more moments, Hades." Athena pleaded with her uncle.

"Make it quick." Hades replied, leaving the two lovers to say goodbye.

Athena gazed into her lovers violet eyes. "Theres so much I want to say to you" she whispered.

"You dont have to say anything" Elanis said softly.

"I love you."Athena said, wrapping her arms around Elanis' neck.

"I love you too sweetie." Elanis whispered, holding her goddess tighter.

"It's time" Hades said, comming into the room.

Elanis nodded and gently brushed her lips across Athena's. "I love you, I know you'll do what you think is right." in a lower voice she added "I'll see you in a few years, I expect I'll get my bow back?"

Realizing what Elanis was hinting, Athena nodded. "Of course,"

"Good," Elanis kissed her lover again. "Until then...Goodbye"

"I love you.." Athena said softly, as she watched Elanis and Hades disappear.

Athena smiled "I'll do whats right Elanis, for you."

Chapter 8. The right thing.

Xena brushed the hair out of her daughters face, It'd been 2 days since Eve had been stabbed by Gabrielle, and she was growing weaker by the hour.


Xena looked up to see the goddess of wisdom, war, and arts standing beside her. Within half a second, Xena's hand was on her sword.

"Dont bother with your sword, If I wanted to kill her, I would have done it by now instead of telling you I was here."

"What do you want?"

"To heal her." Athena said,calmly,


"Its my apology for the hell youve had to go through because of me and my family."

Xena relaxed slightly, "Why the change of heart?"

" Lets just say I had a visit last night, that helped me come to this decision. Now you need to decide whether you want to trust my word, that I do not intend on harming your daughter furthur or let her die. I would suggest you think fast, I cant heal the dead."

"Do it" Xena said, moving away from Eve to let the goddess closer,

Athena knelt down and placed her hands over Eve's wound. Within moments it had disappeared. "She just needs to rest now."

"You could heal Eve, but not your champion?" Xena asked.

"When you drove your sword into Elanis, it damaged a good many of her internal organs. I understand now, that it was her time to die, and that your daughter was not the cause of my father dying, or Hera disappearing. I only hope you can forgive me, and my family, you also have my word, that none of the Olympians will bother you, or your loved ones again."

Xena smiled a bit. "Does that promise include, Ares?"

Athena chuckled. "Well he's another story altogether, but, I'll see what I can do."

Xena nodded. "Fair enough."

"You know, I really think he loves you."

"Thank you Athena"

"You're welcome" The goddess replied, disappearing from the room.

Chapter 9 Rebirth

Athena watched the birth, waiting. The baby was a beautiful little girl, and she smiled as she heard the babys cry.

"Whats the little ones name?" The midwife asked.

"Her names Elanis." The mother replied holding her baby gently.

"A beautiful name." the midwife replied, placing the child into a tiny cradle beside her mother,

The baby cried a little, and Athena gently kissed the top of its head and then made herself visible to the mother.

"Katheraine." Athena said, looking at the mother,

"Who are you?"

"I am the Goddess Athena" she answered. "I have chosen your daughter to be under my protection. On her 20th birthday I ask that you give her this." Athena held out a delicatly carved silver archery bow. "It is hers by birthright, She must not know of it until she has turned 20, will you grant me this simple request?"

"Yes" Katheraine nodded.

"Thank you, Please know that you, your husband, your children and your loved ones are under my protection." Athena walked to where the baby lay. Her cloudy grey eyes met the babys wide violet ones. "Until then, good bye Elanis" The goddess said softly, disappearing back to her own home, on Mount Olympus, to watch over her Chosen.

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