1The end has come; why can't they see?

There's nothing left in this world for me.

My sons are gone, my friends are far;

What hope for Gondor can there be?

So long ago I heard his voice,

So proud, so strong and brave.

Not long ago his horn came to me;

The river is now his grave.

O Boromir! Why did I send thee

To travel to lands afar?

Your place was always at my side,

Your people here to guard.

So much did I then mourn your death,

I sent your brother to his own.

I didn't see the tears in his eyes

As he left me all alone.

O Faramir! Why did I send thee

To join your brother in rest?

You were always ready to serve and protect

The country and people you loved the best.

My hopes have fled; now I leave this life.

I shall see my sons once more.

Boromir! Faramir! I go to your side!

Welcome your father home.