"A Twin Star"

Disclaimer: Don't own DBZ or any of Akira's characters. Sofia is my own character and all aspects of her personality and life are caused by self-insertion.

There! That was my first disclaimer and what follows will be my first fic. I plan on writing in 3rd P.O.V., but I'll also try to include the character's P.O.V., if I don't get irritated.

Chapter 1

Garnet Discovery

"Speech", 'Telepathy', Thought, "Dreaming"

She had just finished her usual chores and was now partaking in the most ungodly type of boredom she had ever had. Most people would think that a 17 year-old going on 18 would be out screwing around and having the time of her life. Unfortunately for Sofia, she was the kind of girl who took painstaking-effort of not being grouped with the frivolous, impractical and shallow majority of people her age.

Since childhood, her perception of life, and her way of thinking was always above everyone else her own age. Needless to say, she never got along with others, or had any solid friendships. This has remained true this day; not that she wasn't used to it already.

She now just remembered that she wanted to check the updates to the last fics she had been reading on the web. She walked over to the only computer in the house, located between the kitchen and the living room, and sat down in the chair. She turned her monitor on and typed in her password to open her private desktop. Starting to get comfy, she decided to turn on the speakers and plug in her headphones so that she could tune out her younger brothers, who were yelling back and forth about a sock or what not. After putting the headphones on, she continued with her usual routine of finding the right music and going to the web. As her fave KORN song began, she was jolted from her daily ritual by her mother, who had tapped her shoulder to get her attention.

"Jesus! You scared the Hell out of me!" she said to her amused mother.

"Well your always listening to that crap so loud anybody can sneak up on you" was her mother's nagging response. "Don't be on that thing all day. I'm going out."

Sofia had just noticed her mother's attire, and figured she was going to be out until 6:00pm.

"Are you taking the pinhead twins with you?!" was her annoyed response.

"Yes, and I told you not to call them that! You really have no filter you know" was her mother's usual complaint.

"I know, but that doesn't mean I'm Satan or anything" said Sofia and finished up by crossing her arms at her mother's judging look.

"Sometimes I wonder if I gave birth to Satan's spawn" was her mother's witty response of the day, to which Sofia only scowled, "Very funny."

After a little more verbal sparring, her mother gave up on her only daughter and left, taking the so-called "pinhead twins" with her. With the departure, Sofia went on to checking for updates and came upon none, so she decided to skim through some of her fave fics. She went through Cyndi's "BelieveReality" and looked through Delta Damioh's last chronicle, which was about 54 chapters long.

With an irritated sigh and grunt, she could only think of one thing after looking through both fics…Lucky bitches! Fiction or not, they at least have the life I wish I had… and the man I wish I had; ever-sexy Piccolo

With a deep sigh she continued out loud. "What I wouldn't do to…" she was cut off by her dog's loud, high-pitched bark, which was a sign that something wasn't right. Irritated by the noise Prince, her black and white cocker spaniel, was making, she decided to see what it could be about.

Sofia's P.O.V.

What could that psycho dog be barking at?! was my first thought after logging off the computer. I looked at the cable box in the living room and saw it was only 12:05pm, which surprised me since I figured I had been on longer. God I need a LIFE! was my mental remark and slogan for the day, replacing the ever popular This sucks ass!,or Jesus Christ this sucks I would normally use.

I began to make a mental list of things I could do, which was something like: make nails pointy, fresh coat of black nail polish, drawing Trunks pic, and so on. Ever since I bought the Majin Buu saga on dvd I became re-obsessed with DBZ. I started to zone out about buying the box sets I was missing when I heard Prince make that irritating howl again.

"Prince! What the Hell are you barking at?!" was what I said when I got to the doors that lead to the backyard. I looked out to see if maybe there was a suicidal iguana trying to seal its fate (something that happened once in a while), climbing the wall that closed up our backyard and was about 10 ft high. When I saw that there wasn't, I walked outside and went into the direction that I heard Prince barking in.

At the far corner of the yard, Prince was digging a pretty deep hole, which totally surprised me. " He doesn't normally act this stupid."

As I said that, he looked at me and began to freak out and howl like he had actually found something. My only thought as I walked over to the hole was This is Puerto Rico, "the island of enchantment", where the most exciting thing for me to see is my dog digging a fucking whole to China. I couldn't help but smirk at that, but as I walked over, my mind ran out of smart-ass remarks for what I saw.

The first thing that I noticed was that the dug-up soil was chunky and completely black, which is not indigenous to Puerto Rico. I bent down to look into the hole, and see if maybe Prince hit a pipe or something that would explain the color and feel of the soil, but… at the bottom of the hole was a bunch of blood-red rose petals; it was as if they had just been placed there, but I knew for a fact that the dog had just dug it up.

What the Hell…, I reached in and pulled a handful of rose petals out, and placed my hand under my nose to see if they had fragrance, which they did!

I went down on my knees so I could reach in deeper and pull more petals out. I was a little nervous by the whole thing as it was, so when Prince pounced on my back and made me lose my balance, I think it's understandable that I was caught completely off guard.

"Oh Shit!" I managed to thrust my arms straight in front of me to stop myself from falling face first in the dirt. My hands slammed into the dirt and the rose petals, and my long nails hit something completely solid underneath. "God damn it Prince!" I yelled out and gave my dog a dirty look, which made him walk away and sit under the swing set in the backyard. In a split second, my hands began to tingle madly, and the scent of roses flooded my senses. I looked down at my hands, which were still in the hole, and saw that the petals were gone, like if they were never freaking there!

I leaned back out of the hole and looked at the palms of my hands which were beginning to sting… and then I realized that the tingling sensation was going up my arms and spreading all across my body; even my hair tingled!

"What the fuck is going on!" was the last thing I could say, since the stinging feeling that started in my palms was now shooting all over my body. It felt like each pore of my skin was being stung by a needle. It became so intense that all I could do was hiss from the pain. When I thought my skin was going to burn off, the feeling all at once stopped.

After what felt like forever, I opened my eyes (they had been clenched shut from the pain), and began to inhale normal amounts of air again. I looked down at my arms, and felt my skin, nothing…except that the birthmark on my right wrist was gone, and I didn't have any scars!

"This can't be happening…" was my response, as if I would get an actual answer.

I looked at my legs, my knees, everywhere… and not a single one of my scars was there! I thought I was going fucking nuts, so I looked at my left arm closely, and I noticed that there was no hair either. As a matter of fact, the only hair left on my body was on my head, my eyebrows and my eyelashes.

"This is fucking loony!" I stated in awe and realized that there was something else in the hole.

I leaned forward and looked down into the hole. The thing my nails had hit earlier was now in plain sight, since the rose petals were what covered it before. I reached in and grabbed it, and brought it up.

What could this be? ran through my mind as I inspected the box. It was made of dark-colored wood that I couldn't identify. It was shaped like a hexagon, and it had an intricate pattern carved into it, which was filled with what looked like onyx. It wasn't very heavy, but I somehow knew there was something inside it.

"No latch… or keyhole. How the Hell does it open?"

At this time, Prince walked over to my left side to see what I had pulled out of his hole. He took one sniff at it, whined, and ran under the patio table.

"Shit. That's not a good sign." After stating the obvious, I got up and went into the house, went upstairs, and walked into my room, which was down the hall to the right, next to the bathroom. I closed the door behind me and faced my bed. The headboard of my bed is against the only windows in my room. On the left of the bed is the night table and at the right is my table where I have my boom box and cd player. Next to that is my desk with all the crap humanly possible you can put on a desk. My tv, vcr, PS2, and cable box are in the corner next to my 3-mirror doors closet.

I'm pretty proud of my room, especially all the posters and pictures in it. On the wall behind the door is my KORN poster and against that wall is my bureau. On the wall parallel to that one I have two shelves for my cd collection, and under those shelves is my Emily the Strange calendar and an old-ass poster of NSYNC (guilty pleasure, please don't laugh). Above my bed, hanging on the curtain rod, I have two cloth posters of my fave animes: DBZ and X.

I also have a very prolific collection of dvds, more than half of which are DBZ-related.

My room was clean and neat, so I sat on the bed and began to try and open the freaking box. First, I tried to force it open normally… nothing. Then I tried using a letter opener, just to almost inadvertently impale my right hand.

"God damn it! How the fuck do you open this!"

Out of frustration and fury, I slammed the box against the table with my boom box… and NOTHING! The only thing I succeeded in doing was knocking down my Piccolo action figure. I bent down and picked it up, checking to see that it hadn't broken. As I held the figure in my hand, I remembered how I got it. My brothers had a collection of DBZ action figures, everyone from Goku, Vegeta, Mirai Trunks, etc. My destructive little brother made it a hobby to rip the heads of any doll he could find, including 7 out of the 8 DBZ dolls he had. When he was cleaning his room one day, he found the Piccolo action figure and before he could do anything to it I snatched it away and claimed it. The only thing it was missing was the turban, but he had everything else.

As I thought of the memory, my fave Piccolo moments came to mind, including the one that still depresses the Hell out of me; when he dies on GT.

I let out a growning sigh at the image, and let my left hand fall to my side. I had the doll in my right hand and I just stared at it. My left hand came to rest on top of the box. I ran my index finger straight across the surface, while I still stared at the doll.


When I said that, I heard a snapping sound and I looked toward the box. The intricate pattern came alive and started moving toward the edges of the surface, leaving a line in the middle where the box flipped open.

"Whaa…t?" was my response as I took a step backwards. I put the doll on my desk and stepped forward to look into the box. Inside was a necklace, with a very weird pendant. The necklace itself was made of what looked like onyx, and the necklace pieces were as thin and the size of rice. The pendant was big enough to almost cover the palm of my hand (I'm very petite and my palms are small, but I have long fingers), and was also made of the same onyx as the necklace. The cool thing about the pendant was that as the box, it had an intricate pattern in onyx that held into place a hexagon-shaped garnet stone in a circular onyx band. The reason this was so cool to me was because garnet is my birthstone.

Coincidence… I freaking think not! was the first thing that came to mind after staring at the necklace.

I took the necklace and held it in my left hand so I could see inside the box. Only the necklace had been in it and the inside of the box was lined with black silk, but when hit by light it looked blood red.

What is going on here?! Ok, the box opened when I said Piccolo, I know that much, but… I couldn't think straight or come up with a logical explanation, so I started pacing.

"Ok, this really is weird…even for me." I stopped pacing and looked at my reflection at the closet-door mirror. I had forgotten to change out of my house clothes. "Jesus I look like crap!" With this said, I slid open my closet door and pulled out the black long pants and red shoulder-less shirt I had bought at Hot Topic.

I went to my bureau and combed my hair. I sat down on my bed and put on my black converse sneakers, completing the look. I stood up and looked at myself in the full-body closet mirror again.

"Might as well put it on." I undid the necklace and put it on, letting it fall so that the pendant was under my clavicle.

My reflection stared back at me. A 5'2, 100 lb., petite girl with long, dark brown hair and matching eyes. A girl with caramel skin and a beauty mark just right on the left edge of her upper lip.

"Don't know why I even bother…" I cut myself off when I noticed that what I was saying wasn't being mimicked by my reflection. I raised my right hand to see if my reflection would do the same… NOTHING. It just stared back at me!

"What…?" My reflection put her left hand up, and said something, but… I didn't hear it with my ears; it was said in my mind.


I was so freaked I shut my eyes, as if it would all stop and make sense if I did. "Believe…what?" When I didn't get an answer I opened my eyes, and my reflection was gone! As a matter of fact… my room wasn't being reflected anymore. In my mirror was what looked like a pottery store, but in ANIME!

"Believe?! But that was only a fic!" I stood there trying to process if all of it was real. I got my answer when I looked at the pendant. The stone looked like it was glowing and like there was liquid swirling around inside, like those oil stains, but instead completely red.

"The necklace! It's a key, just like in the fics, but that was fiction… I know it was." My mind was on overload. I kept going over the facts and trying to remember what happened in the fics, when I got an idea. I stepped towards the mirror and with my index finger I touched the surface. The entire surface rippled like a pond, and then slowly went flat again.

"Fiction or not, this is really happening to me." I ran to the corner of my room where I had my backpack and ran back to my bureau, where I pulled out two extra pairs of clothes and packed them. Then I grabbed my deodorant, toothbrush and paste, hairbrush, and my little makeup bag.

"Believe huh… shit, I'll do more than that." With that said I walked through the mirror.

The first thing I did when I was on the other side was trip and do an anime-style dive to the floor.

"Geez, that was graceful." I muttered to myself.

I got up and looked at my surroundings. I was in a hut that was made into a pottery store with a bunch of crafts, rustic furniture, and the full-length mirror I fell out of. When I looked at the mirror I saw my room on the other side. I heard people talking and jerked my head in the direction; they were at the front entrance. When I looked back at the mirror there was my reflection, just staring at me!

Before I could say anything, she said, "You belong." I heard it in my mind again. As soon as she said that, my room and she faded away, leaving me with a look of quandary on my face and the present surroundings being reflected at me.

Belong…where? sounded in my mind, but before I could even begin to figure it out, I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"ACK!" I turned to come face to face with an elderly-looking dog/man, who got freaked just as I did.

"Sorry miss, I didn't know you were back here." The kind tone of his voice made me switch into my cool and normal demeanor. He's a half-breed, just like on DBZ!

"Sir, where exactly am I?" Was my straight-faced question, which must have taken him by surprise, since he gave me the apprehensive look I've come to know well. I guess I have a pretty deep voice for a girl (but it's still very feminine, OK.), and my demeanor makes me a little intimidating; which is something from years of being teased and ignored by the rest of the free world… but I don't think I'm bitter - honest!

Anyway, after staring at me for at least 12 sec. he said, "Your in East City… not so far from the East District." This took me by surprise, since I knew from the web that Goku's address was 439 East District, and that he basically lived on Mt. Paozu.

"Is Mt. Paozu near by?" was my next question for the man, who gave me a wide and friendly grin, and said, " It's about two miles away. All you have to do is go up the road and stop when you see a sign with the address you're going to, and follow the dirt road that the sign indicates."

"Thanks" I muttered and began walking off, when I realized that the mirror was my way home. Shit! If he sells that mirror I'm screwed.

"Sir, how much for the mirror?" I asked as I turned around to face him again.

"Well… the original price is 200 zeni, but I'm willing to knock it down", was his response as he kicked into bargain mode.

I can't buy anything! Even if I did have money on me, the currency here is zeni. Then I got an idea. "I'll give you 500 zeni if you hold it until I get back." I gave a slight smirk at the way his eyes lit up with money signs, and waited for his response.

"Fi-fi-five hundred zeni… you got yourself a deal miss!" was his stuttered response as he came and forcefully shook my hand.

"Good" was my last response. I looked over and caught my reflection in the mirror, and realized that I had forgotten that I was anime too. DURRRRR SOFIA! was the loud, berating voice that signified my overwhelmingly idiotic conclusion of the day.

I faced the mirror completely so I could take it all in better. By this time, the man had gone back to the front where I heard him say to the other man, "That girl is really weird." I ignored the comment and zoned out looking at myself in anime. First thing, my face was shaped like Android 18's, but I still had my high cheekbones. My lips looked like Bulma's when she wears lipstick. I had Videl's Eyebrows and nose, but my eyes were Android 18's sort-of almond-shaped eyes and my hair was a sort of mix between Chi Chi's and Android 17's style (it also looked longer). But what I really liked was my skin tone, which instead of its usual caramel complexion, was a lot like Vegeta's olive skin tone but with a golden tan. And to finish my anime look was my beauty mark, which was still in the same place.

I guess I belong now. This is awesome. With that thought, I put on my backpack and went to the front. As I went, both men waved at me energetically, Guess I made their day with that offer.

Of course, I didn't intend to go through with it. My plan was to go sightseeing and then sneak back into the hut and through the mirror - good thing that didn't happen.

Anyway, I walked up the road and began what was supposed to be a simple joyride and ended up being something that would change my life forever (I know, very cliché, but seriously true). I walked up the road for what felt like an hour and finally came to the sign the man had told me about, but there was a little problem… it was in Japanese, and there were three dirt roads going in different directions.

"Ah Shit… what the Hell am I going to do?! No freaking subtitles" I said very irritated to myself, and started looking around to see if there was anyone who could help me.

"Not one damn soul nearby. Jesus!" I closed my eyes and rubbed them from the frustration, something I didn't normally do. But as soon as I stopped and opened my eyes, I felt like there had been a change and my eyes focused on the Japanese symbols on the sign, and it all came clear!

"North City 200 miles. Gingertown 450 miles. Mt. Paozu (East District) 3 miles. How the Hell did I read that?" I said dumbfounded to myself and took the dirt road at the far left that the sign indicated as the road to Mt. Paozu.

As I walked, I began to piece together a sort of theory to what could have been going on. The necklace obviously has something to do with Piccolo, and it's a key between my dimension and this one, allowing me to come through, but… how did it get into my backyard, and how long has it been there? Does the fact that it has my birthstone have anything to do directly with me, or is it just a coincidence? I wonder where in the DBZ timeline I am located in. And what the Hell was the deal with my reflection, and those rose petals…I can't figure it- I heard something in the bushes behind me to the right and abruptly stopped.

I heard a growl, and I immediately looked at my surroundings for a get away if what I was presuming was correct. Then I realized that my surroundings looked familiar. Where have I seen this?

As if to answer my question, a big-ass mountain lion crept out from behind it's hiding place only 30ft behind me, then it clicked in my head.

"That's the lion that chases Gohan in the old credits of DBZ" I said to myself and realized that I should start running. I did an about face and started hauling ass down the dirt road, with the mountain lion not so far behind.

"Shitshitshitshitshitshit…!" I looked ahead of me and saw that the road split into two directions. Crap! Which way do I freaking go! I sped up faster and at the last moment went right. I succeeded in psyching out the lion, which ended up with his face in the trunk of the tree that stuck out the most from the fork in the road.

I looked back and saw that the lion managed to pull his face off the bark and look at me with spirals in his eyes. Geez, that was... "OH SHIT!" I skidded to a halt in front of a rocky cliff that gave way to a very jagged bottom.

"Why does the universe see fit to torture me!" was my groaning response, as I turned irritated towards the mountain lion 40ft away.

This is so much fucking fun! was what my mind shouted at me. "Well…" I stood in my old Tae kwon do stance and prepared myself; "…guess I'm going to have to kick you in the ass you fat fucking cat!" was my growled response, which was completely lost on the retarded animal in front of me, since he charged right at me.

I braced myself for my planned kick, which would of connected with the lion's snout, but instead stopped midway when out of the corner of my right eye I saw a palm-sized ki blast coming toward me. The ki blast swooshed right by me and blasted the lion into a nearby tree.

"Damn" was my remark as the smoke cleared to expose the now singed stupid-looking lion, which screeched and ran away into the brush leading to the forest to my left.

"Are you OK?" was the sincere question I heard behind me, and the voice was very familiar.

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