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Chapter 18

Serenity in Sensation

"Speech" 'Telepathy' Thought

It had been ages since I slept so blissfully. I was cradled in warmth, my body relaxed and content to just lay motionless against the firm form that seemed to envelop me. If I could have remained like that, it would've been the joy of my life. But, I began to stir from my deep sleep, awareness creeping into my senses against my wishes.

My eyes fluttered lazily as I shifted to my back. When my head rested against something firm that flexed from my movement, I was jolted awake. I stared up at the domed ceiling, realizing it was bigger than what I was used to waking up to. Caressing the covers in my grip, I realized I was in the main room…and that I was naked and laying between Piccolo's side and his arm. My head was resting on his shoulder and his bicep was pillowing the side of my head. I stiffened, not wanting to wake him up before I resolved to shift to my side towards my sleeping lover…lover! Oh god…we made love!

And that's all I could call it. It wasn't sex or anything else that primal or sensual. It was on such a different level. I berated myself for being so juvenile, I mean he was my first, so what the hell would I know about it? But still, I felt so…full, as in contentment with everything around me and myself.

Snuggling closer to him, I nuzzled the crook of his neck, resting my head just under his chin as I sighed silently to myself. Piccolo's breathing was deep and relaxed, his snoring a soft purr that rumbled slightly in his chest as his pecs rose and fell.

Somehow we had managed in our sleep to shift into such comfortable positions. I mean the last thing I remember was being under him and cuddling until I fell asleep. Now I was covered with bed sheet and comforter, while Piccolo's body was fairly revealed in all its glory. He had one arm jammed behind a pillow, his legs splayed apart with only part of the comforter resting over his hips and waist. He looked absolutely sexy.

Not being able to help myself, I pulled some of the comforter up so I could peek down at his impressive manhood. My cheeks burned when I got a very appreciative look at him. I was slightly baffled over how in the HELL we could've made love, since even in his current state he was quite sizeable. Piccolo sighed in his sleep, shifting his grip loose from around my back by tossing his arm over my pillow.

I figured while he was asleep I should freshen up in the bathroom, maybe sneak back into bed and cuddle more before the dream popped and he freaked out or something over what we did. I knew 'the talk' would be in order, but I just wanted to delay the real world and bask in my dream having come true.

Sneaking cautiously out of bed, I shakily walked to the bathroom and managed to step in before my knees buckled. After shutting the door, I used the facilities before making it to the sink. Splashing some water on my face, I let the night's events wash over me in droves of heated scenes and sensations. I stared at my nude reflection, surveying my tousled hair and kiss bruised lips with girlish interest. I looked like a woman who had been ravaged in all the right ways.

Snickering at myself, I rested my hand on my stomach, absently reminding myself of what Kyouran told me. As juvenile of a thought as it was, I wondered what it would be like to be pregnant with Piccolo's child. It scared me immediately when I considered it seriously, and I just knew there was no way that would be a decision I needed to make any time soon. A little part of me swelled with excitement at the thought of being Piccolo's lover, dare I say girlfriend, however.

The future of things seemed very uncertain, regardless of what had happened between us. All I knew was that I very much wanted to be with Piccolo, in every sense of the idea. It was beyond the crush of months ago. My feelings made my heart flutter and my mind hope for things that I knew were far fetched, but I had no doubt would make me truly happy if they were to come true.

Brushing away my whimsical thoughts, I snuck out of the bathroom and carefully climbed back into bed with Piccolo. He hadn't moved and his breathing was still relaxed, so I assumed I still had a good few hours of bliss next to him to cherish. I rested my head back on his shoulder and draped my arm around his chest to cup the side of his neck. Sighing, I closed my eyes and nuzzled against him, loving his scent and feeling his warmth caress my skin.

"What're you doing?"

Startled, I jumped up in bed and looked up at Piccolo, who must have been faking he was still asleep for the last few minutes. He was staring intensely at me in a way that made me tense for a moment.

"Oh, sorry I didn't mean to wake you. I was hoping to snuggle a bit more before you woke up," I responded softly and folded my arms with my head resting over them on his chest.

He sat up suddenly, forcing me off his chest, and stared down his nose at me. I gave him a confused look and he sighed heavily before cutting eye contact with me. Shifting away from me, he sat on the side of the bed and rubbed his palms along his face, pointedly giving his back to me. A sense of panic gripped me then, and I crawled over to him and draped my arms over his shoulders before pressing myself against his broad back.

"Piccolo…what's wrong?" I whispered against his ear before nuzzling his jaw. "I know you might be weirded out but—"

"But what," he muttered coldly before I could finish my sentence and looked over his shoulder at me. His eyes were dark and cool, gazing at me as if I was intruding into his thoughts.

Slightly stunned, I pulled away from him and stared at him utterly confused. "Don't you want to talk about what happened…?"

Turning away from me, he got up and walked to the foot of the bed to retrieve his clothes. He didn't give me a backwards glance or respond to my question. My stomach dropped, my insides feeling like they were knotting and choking me slowly.

"Piccolo…?" He ignored me and kept dressing himself while I sat pathetically on the bed and watched him. When he picked up his gi top and turned it out, I lunged and snatched it out of his hand, my pulse racing and my temper rising. "Talk to me, dammit!"

Half dressed, Piccolo turned to face me fully, his expression trained into a stoic mask and his eyes narrowed sharply at me.

"If you're through with your little tantrum, get dressed and meet me out in the void. We have work to do."

Incredulous with shock, I just stared at him, unable to even react when he snatched his gi top out of my grip to pull it on before securing his battered shoulderpads and cape over his shoulders. With that done, he stalked out towards the void steps and kept going without even looking back.

I felt numb to the core. Every thought was overrun with panic, distress, and anger. I could barely climb out of the bed and grab my tattered clothes. Senseless, I dressed in a daze before turning to stare out at the void. I never thought my heart could sink and feel hollowed out as it did at that point.

Before I even realized it, I was slowly making my way out to the void, following the lead of the person who just made all feeling crumble inside of me.

'How could you do that to her!? You're behaving like a callous and stupid brute—!'

'Shut it Nail! I will not talk about this with you,' Piccolo shouted back at his counterpart.

'How could you ignore the hurt you caused her with your insensitive display? Your attempt at refuting the feelings you have for each other is getting ridiculous and reckless!' the other Namek chided telepathically, earning a growl from Piccolo.

'Drop it Nail…'

'I will NOT 'drop it' Piccolo! You two shared a moment of tender and intimate bliss last night and you know damn well you don't regret it! Stop behaving like a-a…'

'Bastard?' Piccolo finished moodily for him, which caused Nail to scoff.

'Yes, exactly. If you can recognize that much why the hell did you do that to her—?!'

'Because this can't last, alright?! What happened last night can't happen again and I can't let this get any more serious than it is!' Piccolo shouted vehemently back at Nail, fed up with the barrage.

'What are you talking about? She clearly doesn't feel the same way—'

'That's the point! You're forgetting that this is a temporary thing. When we leave this chamber and finish fighting Frieza, she has to return to her own realm. This isn't her world; she can't stay here and I know that's what she's going to try and do if I let this continue the way it is!' Piccolo's statement silenced Nail as the rationale set in for both of them.

'…So you're going to make her hate you, is that it?'

'…If that's what it will take for her to make the right decision…'

Nail sighed, overwhelmed and disappointed. 'Piccolo, the means will not justify the end you think you want. You know you feel just as strongly as she does. Don't force something that you have no control over…'

Piccolo stopped walking and hung his head, angry with himself and with the logic he was trying to uphold. Unfortunately, he didn't see any other option but to drive her away. He wasn't anywhere near prepared for a battle with Frieza yet, but he didn't see how they were going to last any longer in the chamber with how complicated their feelings for each other were getting. Because of this, he had decided while laying in bed alone that he had to prevent their relationship from going any further. If that meant sacrificing her feelings for him and driving her to hate him, so be it.

"Are we doing the usual spar session…?"

Her voice snapped him out of his brooding musings. Turning to face her, his heart sank at the dull gaze and expression she regarded him with. Ignoring the impulse to change his mind, Piccolo put on his stoic and icy mask as he replied, "I want to see how much you've learned. Come at me with everything you've got."

Sofia's expression showed a pang of shock and confusion, so he decided to make his point by tossing off his shoulderpads and gesturing for her to go on the offensive.

Her eyes narrowed in sadness as her whole demeanor waned. Setting his jaw, Piccolo scowled at her as he stalked over to cut the distance between them.

"Did I stutter? I think I just told you to come at me," he condescended contemptuously and inched into her personal space. Her eyes snapped up to match his, revealing a flare of rage in her crimson depths. "Well? What're you waiting for?" he taunted.

"Fine," she ground out between tight lips before powering up and sending a telekinetic jolt to push him back from her. Before he could react, she was on the attack with a flurry of combos and speed that weren't allowing him time to size her up and fend off the hits.

"C'mon you can do better than this! Is this all you've learned?!" he taunted to her face as he blocked a series of punches. "This is pathetic!"

Anger flashed in her expression, and the next thing he knew she was gone. He looked up above him just in time to see a series of ki blasts rain down toward him. Taking evasive moves, Piccolo dodge through the blasts and phased to the sky just before a kick to his gut doubled him over.

He recovered quickly before a hit to the chin whipped his head back and a palm hit to the abdomen drove him back to the ground.

Landing in a crouch, Piccolo flipped backwards to avoid another short series of energy attacks. Anticipating another quick-speed attack, he managed to block Sofia's next punch and caught her leg in mid kick. Jerking her towards him, he put her arms in a lock behind her back and kicked the back of her knee. Driving her down to one knee, he forced her into a submissive position before snidely declaring, "If this is all you've got, you've wasted your time in here."

Whipping her glare over her shoulder, Sofia gave him the most murderous look he'd scene since the day she transformed. "Do you think I'm stupid? I know what you're doing Piccolo—!"

"Oh really? So you know I regret ever training you, let alone mating with you?" the sarcastic statement sent a jab into her core. He felt her flinch in his arms, and he immediately hated himself for preying on her in such a way. He let go of her arms and shoved her down to the ground. She stayed on her hands and knees for a few seconds before collecting herself and standing slowly.

"Piccolo. Do you know what I regret?" The cold remark earned his undivided attention as he faced her back. Her fists were balled at her sides, and her hair was obscuring her profile as she turned her head to finish her statement.

"I regret nothing. No matter what bullshit you pull, I will never regret wanting to be with you, let alone sleeping with you," she stated in a level tone before brusquely turning to face him.

Her eyes were burning with emotion, her expression poised and fierce as she walked up to him. Captivating his gaze with her intense glare, she purposefully hauled back and punched him in the face.

Piccolo staggered a few steps and held his cheek as he stared back at her incredulously.

Her shoulders were shaking from her restraint as she contemplated him. "You betrayed me. You're not the first. But since I can still help it, you will be the last," she stated cryptically before turning and stalking back to the palace.

Stunned, Piccolo watched her walk away for a few minutes before the magnitude of her statement hit him. He rushed after her and managed to gain on her when she was back in her quarters.

He caught her as she was encapsulating her things in unorganized piles.

"What are you doing," he asked in a vacant tone as she collected her music collection and encapsulated it methodically.

"What does it look like," she responded cynically as she continued collecting her belongings and encapsulating them.

"This doesn't serve either of us—"

"Oh I beg to differ. The way you've been acting, me leaving the chamber will serve you well," she snapped at him and grabbed the few things on the dresser and shoved them into her backpack along with the capsules.

"We came in here to train, not get involved in reckless attachments and you know that!" she ignored him and continued collecting her things. "Dammit, listen to me!" he shouted and interfered as she tried to step past him.

She stared up at him and gave him an icy look. "Let me pass."

"I don't want you to leave," he stated in a reluctant tone and stood his ground.

She looked up into his tense gaze and saw the frustration etched around his mouth and brow.

Looking away from him, Sofia felt just as conflicted. She knew she wasn't ready for this and she certainly didn't want to leave just yet. Regardless of what Piccolo thought, she planned on helping out against Frieza if anything out of the timeline happened. She felt she still had a lot of untapped potential, but she knew things were different now and she couldn't count on Piccolo to help her reach new levels.

"I'll stay then…but not because you don't want me to leave," she stated aloofly and turned away from him, tossing her backpack on the dresser and walking towards the archway. Before she walked out, however, she turned and stated, "For the rest of the time we're in here, I'll train myself. There's nothing more you can teach me. You and I are on different paths…I know that now."

Without waiting for a response, she walked out of her quarters into her side of the void, leaving Piccolo to watch her cut him out of her life.

'Well, I hope you're happy. You got what you wanted,' Nail grumbled to him.

Piccolo didn't respond. He stared out at the void from the steps he was sitting on, completely at a loss.

Nail continued regardless. 'You're free to train by yourself now. No more will Sofia be there to warm your days and make you actually enjoy a life of companionship. Oh no, whoever would want such a weak and pathetic thing—'

'I get it Nail.'

'No you don't! You've ruined something that was not your place to control! She loves you, and you're too stupid to accept that,' Nail rambled on, causing Piccolo's frown to deepen. 'And the worst of it all is that you love her too…'

'Now you're being melodramatic,' Piccolo huffed, standing up and deciding there was no use sulking about something he knew had to be done. 'Do me a favor and keep your hysterics to yourself. I came in here to train, not be caught up in some juvenile affair.'

'At least let me go check on her,' Nail grumbled, to which Piccolo snorted snidely.

'Oh yeah, just who she wants to see,' he barked sarcastically, adding, 'The Namek living in my head. Knowing you, you'll go rambling off at the mouth and make my life a living hell—'

'Oh shut up you've already done that to yourself, you jackass!'

And with that, Piccolo was given the telepathic equivalent of a cold shoulder. Sighing, he decided it was for the best. He needed solitude now, especially after he worked so hard to isolate himself. Blasting off into the void, he decided it was time to see how far he could push himself when his mind was preoccupied with the weight of his thoughts, worries and doubts.

Slowly blinking the drowsiness out of her eyes, Sofia let the stark brightness of the void force her to shake her sleep off. Sitting up, she felt every muscle ache and cracked her back. The boombox next to her had gone quiet hours ago, having lulled her into listless exhaustion. Flipping onto her feet, she proceeded to stretch before practicing some kata stances.

This had been her routine for the past week.

She often trained herself into such exhaustion that she passed out right out in the void. Her sleep was often the equivalent of cat naps, with anything more too fitful to endure.

When she had stood her ground against Piccolo, she knew there was little she could do without a partner, so she figured it was due time to master her telekinetic abilities. Insofar as a few days she was capable of controlling and moving several objects at the same time without the guidance of her hands. She started off with small objects like glasses and plates before moving onto her heavy furniture. The latter training was undertaken while Piccolo was nowhere to be found, so she wouldn't run the chance of seeing him and being distracted.

Confident she had the basics down, she moved onto the abstract idea of manipulating her ki into solid telekinetic forms. She had remembered Kyouran's sparring session with Katsumoto and how she manifested a katana from manipulated ki. Sofia figured attempting to copy her past life would test her endurance and resilience, so she engrossed herself in the task of the at first excruciating ki manipulation technique.

The muscle strain she would suffer in her arms often stiffened her joints and left a searing sensation that burned throughout the tissue. It took her a day to realize the technique's trick.

It came to her when she was wondering if she could teach herself to copy other fighter's trademark attacks, such as the Solar Flare and the Kamehame-ha. Then it hit her; each attack was preceded by a series of moves and poses. The person had to go through a series of steps in order to channel their energy just right. She realized that maybe the same was true for the type of ki manipulation she was attempting.

This discovery was paired with what she already knew from her telekinetic practice. Her ability to move and manipulate things with her mind was based on the principle of metaphysical will, or her mind using her internal force the same way a magnet would. As long as she focused and controlled that internal force, keeping it constant and influenced by her mind's will, she could move, push, pull, and make anything float. Mass was an important factor, but overtime it would be unequivocal once her mind's will was sharpened and trained.

Uniting both theories, she figured she could try creating ki in a fluid motion, so it could pump through her more naturally than by just willing it to the surface and rushing to mold it with her telekinetic force. Putting her theories to test had been a challenge, but overtime the more she trained her body to accepting the fluid motion of her ki the better she could concentrate her internal will to know just when to form shapes from solidly manipulated ki.

The first thing she formed was a small but sharp blade. It rested in her palm and took more concrete form the more she concentrated and willed the ki to bind tighter together. After a while it shattered and fizzled out of her palm, the sensation similar to Fourth of July sparklers that shoot sparks and sizzle slightly along a person's skin. Her next series of tries developed her awareness to her ki flow and the cues of when her limit was reached.

Pretty soon, she was able to flare out her energy and form a rudimentary dagger made solely out of her ki and molded by her telekinetic will. Having graduated from the smaller scale weapons, she figured it was time for her to attempt forming a full fledged katana.

Closing her eyes and standing in a relaxed pose, Sofia flared her arms out fluidly in tai chi-like gestures with her palms slightly cupped as if she was pushing the air around herself. Her concentration calmed and prepared, she began to let the ki flow through her and slowly willed it to swirl in the palms of her hands. Opening her eyes, she willed the ki to take form. With her mind's eye, she pictured the shape she wanted to manifest and held out her left hand as if she was holding the handle of a sword. Sizzling to life, her red ki compounded to form a handle before sparking upwards into a hilt. The blade was the most difficult part because she had to compound her ki into a thin and sharply contoured edge. Baring her fangs, she willed the sword to become solid just as her ki was at its dissolving point.

With a flash of crimson, the sword she held was as corporeal as any Japanese steel. Her fingertips were like rods of constantly rippling ki that bound the weapon together while her telekinetic will kept the weapon a reality. Swinging it around in the air, she heard the swoosh and swish of steel cutting through air before tapping the tip of the red glass-like blade on the ground and hearing a pitch-fork-like twinge.

Wrapping both hands around the handle, she took stance similar to that of what Kyouran did in her dreams. She began wielding the sword as if she was sparing with an invisible partner, putting all her effort into it before over exerting herself and losing concentration. The sword became unstable and she let it fizzle before it shattered, causing it to flake like broken fiberglass before dissipating completely.

Completely drained, she fell back on her rear and exhaled sharply, clenching and unclenching her hands to get the tingly feeling out of them. While she did so, she stared blankly straight ahead at the golden domed edifice in the distance. She hadn't gone back there in 14 hours and she felt like she reeked. Not to mention she had been starving for the past half hour. Exerting so much energy made her immediately hungry afterwards, so she figured it was due time for a meal and a shower.

Standing up with much labor, she collected her boombox and began making the trek back to the small palace. As she neared the edifice, she absently wondered where Piccolo was. She had already sensed that he wasn't in the palace, hence why she was heading back now, but she still couldn't help wanting to reach out further to find just where in the void he was.

She missed him.

It made her mad that she could be so sentimental and frivolous after just a week, especially when he clearly was fine on his own. She knew he was disciplined to a life of solitude and that he was focused on his training, but a small part of her wished he wasn't so stubborn. There were moments when she knew he felt something for her, and after sleeping with him, she knew there was something meaningful there. However, he made her doubt his feelings when he rejected her so callously.

Walking in through the archway, she kicked off her boots and placed the boombox on the dresser. She stretched her arms over her head and yawned quietly as she went to the kitchen and made herself a small meal. Her thoughts distracted her, keeping her preoccupied on Piccolo and her predicament as she habitually ate her food. Frustrated, she huffed and put her plate in the sink before stalking out into the main room. Untying her hair, she tossed it loose and headed into the bathroom.

"I'm so freaking tired of thinking!" she muttered to herself as she shut the door and started preparing for a bath, figuring the hot water would help relieve the stiffness and strain in her tired muscles. Running the water to fill the tub, she let the room fill up with steam from the hot water as she stripped out of her tattered clothes. Completely naked, she sighed and braced her hands around the rim of the sink, staring at the fogged up mirror before swiping her hand over the surface to see her own reflection.

Her eyes were still alien to her. She stared at them before standing straight to run her fingers through her scalp. Aggravated with herself, she strode to the bathtub and climbed in before descending into the relaxing water. She turned the water off and simply basked in the glorious warmth before settling back against the tub. Overwhelmed by her thoughts, she slid further into her water until she was submerged in the fluid heat.

She tried to ignore the ache in her chest when she resurfaced, but her anger was dissipating into an indecisive longing, a feeling that left her regretting everything…especially her feelings for Piccolo. It wasn't fair for her to resent him and she knew it, but she hated how he had to push everyone away.

Resting against the back of the tub, Sofia let her preoccupied mind run wild, figuring it was no use for her to deny herself the what ifs and worries that had plagued her so far.

Roaring in frustration, Piccolo fell to his knees and punched the ground, incensed that he couldn't push through the wall of exhaustion his body was falling prey to.

He had been at it for hours, and with Nail refusing to help him until he apologized to Sofia, he was all on his own in his training. Frustration was infuriating him and leaving him weary that he would not be prepared for any fight against Frieza. More than a few times his mind betrayed him with what ifs and rogue curiosities, such as how much Sofia could tell him about the battle. When he immediately thought of her, he cursed out loud and swore he would stay for another hour to clear his mind of her. These personal edicts only made him think of her more, however, leaving the seasoned warrior aggravated and vexed with himself.

Sitting on the ground, he brooded over how monotonous and frustrating the last week had been. The more he tried reminding himself it was too late to regret, a nagging voice—which wasn't Nail—reminded him that he had tried to push away Gohan and look what it got him: dead and brought back to make the same mistakes with Sofia.

Of course it wasn't an identical situation, but the fact remained that he was put in a difficult position. He cared for Sofia, but he knew what had to be done and he couldn't let his desires interfere with the reality of their situation.

He huffed and stood up, deciding that sitting and sulking in the void was an exercise he was tired with for the day. His body ached and he felt like a headache was coming on from all the stress he dealt with.

He was too tired to even fly back to the palace, opting to instead walk and ignore his thoughts. "What the hell am I going to do," he muttered grumpily at himself when his mind constantly reverted back to the same worries and stress.

'Apologize to her,' Nail chimed in and startled Piccolo's brooding.

'For crying out loud…'

Ignoring the other Namek's groan, he went on to list in a factual tone, 'You know you can't stop thinking about her, you feel like an ass—'

'Nail,' Piccolo growled in a warning tone.

Snickering aloofly, Nail added, 'Since you two parted ways you've been preoccupied and impetuous in your training. That isn't like you, and I'm sure she's been having a hard time too.'

'I wasn't the one who wanted to part ways,' Piccolo grumbled haughtily, adding, 'She wanted to train by herself. It's for the best and you know it—!'

'No, what I do know is that you thought you could push her away and not have any consequences to deal with. You thought she would throw a tantrum, understand you inherently, and move on. Nothing you've done has been for the best…you need to realize that,' Nail emphatically retorted.

Piccolo walked up the steps into the main room as Nail's remark began to sink in. Was that what he really thought would happen? It made him sound like an idiot, but he silently admitted that he thought something along those lines would occur. Confronted by the breakdown in his logic, he stood in the main room for a minute to collect his cool.

'No matter what you say, Nail, the damage is done,' Piccolo stated firmly. 'I made a decision and I'm going to stick to it.'

'This is all because you don't know how to apologize…'

Starting to really lose his patience and temper, Piccolo grunted and continued walking towards the bathroom. 'You're really pissing me off Nail. Let it the hell go!'

'I will not, Piccolo! Just apologize and fix your stupid mistakes. At least have the decency to talk things over with her before throwing what you both have away!' Nail implored.

By this time Piccolo made his way around the bed towards the door of the bathroom. 'Mind your own damned business and stop going over and over the same sh—!' Piccolo cut his tirade off when he yanked the bathroom door to slide open brusquely, revealing a startled Sofia.

Completely nude and still dripping wet from her bath, Piccolo walked in on her just as she was in the middle of toweling off, her wet hair covering one of her breasts while the other was revealed, the towel barely covering her hips. She was frozen in shock, her brilliant red eyes wide in stupor at him.

Piccolo's expression was a mixture of shock and stunned awe. He stared at her for what felt like an eternity to them both before his mouth snapped closed and he made an about face out of the room, rushing out when he was at a loss for what else he should do.

A pang went through Sofia as she watched him retreat, her body shivering from the adrenaline and the onslaught of emotions she felt. Instead of seeing someone who was too bashful and inexperienced in such an encounter, she took his rushing out as yet another form of rejection. That feeling of rejection caused the tide of anger to flood her rationale, and before she knew it, she was stalking after him while simultaneously pulling the towel around her nudity.

Meanwhile, Piccolo made it as far as her quarters before Nail's shouts were making his head ring.

'Where are you going?!' Nail hollered telepathically.

Piccolo didn't answer as he clenched and unclenched his jaw, a bright blush burning his cheeks when he realized he ran like a sniveling child at the sight of a nude woman.

"Piccolo!" he flinched at the furious call, steeling himself for the deserved tirade he was about to receive. He turned and had to check himself once again when he saw the fervor in her eyes and her beautiful curves barely covered by a towel.

She locked onto his expression, trying to keep herself from bursting at the seams with all the anger she had bottled up. He stood expectant for the worst and even that upset her.

Unable to hold her furious gaze up, she looked down at her hands as they gripped the towel around her.

"Am I really so insignificant to you…"

Her statement made his gaze intensify on her, but he was truly at a loss behind the stoic façade he made to keep her scrutinizing gaze out.

"Do you even care how you've made me feel?" she asked in a shaky voice, her composure crumbling piece by piece as she stood in front of him so exposed, physically and emotionally.

Piccolo stepped towards her, but vacillated, unsure of what to do or say.

"I've been falling for you…falling so fast regardless of everything else that matters. Now I've fallen so deep that I don't know what to feel…and you don't care. It's one thing if you don't feel the same way, but completely another that you just don't give a damn orjust…" her voice cracked, the feelings lumping in her throat. "You just don't care…" the whisper was followed by a shaky breath before Sofia caught herself and looked up into his eyes again.

She was stunned by the unguarded empathy she saw in his eyes. His brow was furrowed and his lips pressed tightly together. Her eyes welled up, and before she could prevent it a tear slipped down her cheek. It was quickly followed by a few more.

Piccolo came towards her but when she backed up against the wall, bracing herself before her knees buckled and she lost anymore of her composure, he paused before continuing to get close to her.

"That isn't true."

He spoke so low that it took her a few seconds to comprehend what he said. She was trembling from the internal turmoil threatening to crumble her. When she didn't look up at him, he finally came towards her and purposely cupped her face in his hands, tilting her face so she could look up at him.

When he saw the tears streaming down her face, any sense of propriety or composure buckled inside him.

Brushing the tears away with his thumbs, he caressed her face with such tenderness that her breath hitched and more tears escaped her gleaming eyes. "Sofia…I do care…I care too much…to the point that thinking of how you make me feel drives me crazy," he explained in a gruff breath, his face burning from the admittance.

"Then why…?" she whispered, looking pleadingly into his onyx eyes.

Setting his jaw, Piccolo trailed his hands down to her arms before bringing her closer to him. "You're going to make me say it…?" he asked bashfully, startling her because his expression was tense and insecure, as if it pained him to admit anything else.

"Because you don't want to be with me," she juxtaposed for him, her voice cracking as the lump in her throat grew tighter.

He huffed through his nose. "No, it's…the opposite of that…" he muttered with much effort. He looked into her eyes and got lost. The conflict in those alluring eyes made him feel like a fool, so before he knew it, his mind stopped talking for him. "I've never felt the way I feel right now before…it worries me not because I feel like this about you, but because I like how I feel about you…and I don't want it to stop…you're not the only one that fell…"

Her heart clenched at his words, and before she could stop herself her knees buckled.

Piccolo caught her in his arms, pressing her against him before her hands came up and clung to him. He held her as if she would flutter out of his fingers while she forgot about the towel around her and gripped the front of his shirt. Said towel slipped off her body, bunching up around Piccolo's arms as he leaned in and whispered something against her temple.

She sighed as his words washed over her, relief flooding into her as she turned her head so she could kiss his jaw. When she looked up into his eyes, a knot formed in her core and her breath came quicker as he walked her back against the wall before capturing her in a heated kiss. Just as it intensified she reacted, the shock of his unguarded passion seeping away as her excitement mounted within her.

He kissed her because he felt words wouldn't do her justice. All he wanted was to feel with her what they had shared, and this time he intended to screw all pragmatism and just let it all go.

The towel fell to the floor, leaving her naked and warm in his arms as their kiss grew more frenzied. He lifted her slightly and pressed her more firmly against him and the wall, sighing into her mouth when she gasped and began tugging at his clothes. She arched against him when his hands slipped to cup her backside and his mouth trailed down her neck to suck on her pulse. The ridge of his clothed sex pressed against her, making her grow hot with need.

"Piccolo," she whispered in an ardent sigh as she clung to his shoulders.

Looking at her with a hooded gaze, her request died on her lips when he kissed her again. The well of emotions inside her was taken over by anticipation and desire, forcing her to fidget against him and tug at his clothes again.

The roar of his pulse throbbed hard, making him dull-sensed up until she started tugging on his clothes. He realized he wanted to be naked too; wanted to be inside her and wanted to feel every inch of her under him and kiss her breath away. Swiftly, he moved them both to her bed, practically carrying her as his lips hungrily kissed her. Before he was able to toss her on the bed, however, she became assertive in her need to get him naked.

She took the turban off his head and left it to clatter to the floor, same with his shoulderpads and cape. Tugging his gi top free from his sash, she guided it up his sculpted body and tossed it. Before the shirt even hit the floor it was quickly accompanied by his sash, leaving only his gi pants to cling precariously to his hips while he kicked his moccasins off. Her hands skimmed over his rock-firm pectoral muscles, his stomach tensing when her nails dragged slowly down his defined abs. He simply watched her with heavily-lusted eyes, panting softly as she trailed kisses along his chest while her hands pushed his pants off his hips to pool at his feet.

Finally both nude before each other, Sofia wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed fully against him when he closed the distance and kissed her with desperate longing. Growing more lustful, they french kissed wantonly, suckling on each other's lips and laving their tongues together as his hands studied every curve of her, committing her luscious form to memory.

Her mind was elatedly floating in the bliss of being his again. Every touch and kiss was leaving her gasping and stripped to every sensation he stirred in her. Soon he lifted her onto the bed and loomed over her form, without breaking away from her scintillating lips. Her legs parted in anticipation for him, but she was surprised when he didn't rest between them and instead lifted from their kiss to trail hot, moist kisses down her neck and across her breasts.

Sighing from the sensation of his breath against her skin, Sofia caressed her hands along his shoulders and arms as his mouth closed over a taut nipple. She mewled in pleasure as his tongue tenderly licked the sensitive flesh, biting her lip as she flushed with heat and desire. Her knees brushed the sides of his thighs, his stiff manhood bobbing slightly when he adjusted and kissed his way to her other nipple.

Burning with excitement, the hungry throb in her core was making her desperate to have him inside her and pressed on top of her. When his hot mouth began to scorch its way down her navel, she sat up slightly and surprised him by shuffling close to his lap and trailing her hands down to his warm and thick erection. Piccolo flinched and gasped from the tantalizing contact, gathering her into his arms and kissing her as she began stroking him with passionate determination.

His hard flesh flinched in her palms while they kissed and she touched him lovingly, the same needy desire to claim her driving him as it drove her. They parted from the kiss and panted against their lips as they gazed into each other's eyes, seeing much more than lust burning beyond the windows to their souls.

She pressed the pad of her thumb over his blunt tip and arched in his arms when the action led her to be pressed back against the bed with Piccolo anxiously gathering himself between her welcoming thighs. He kissed her with abandon as his fingers began touching her excited flesh while his other hand guided his manhood into position. Breaking the kiss just as he started pressing into her, Sofia cried out in excited relief, clinging to his shoulders as he sheathed himself slowly to the hilt.

Their control finally broke as they began making love, the week of resentment and hurt feelings forgotten. Instead, they were left hungry and raw to each other, belonging only to one another.

Piccolo buried his face against her neck, his urgency to make her come apart in his arms with bliss driving his every action while Sofia's luscious reactions propelled his own arousal. She arched against him, her hips meeting his every thrust, her gasps and cries echoing with his groans and grunts in the room.

Their lovemaking became more frantic, leaving Sofia under him at the edge of climax while he bucked desperately into her under the weight of his own impending orgasm. Not wanting to lose the feeling of ecstasy incarnate of making love with him, Sofia used her legs around his waist to roll them over, leaving her on top with him staring up at her with surprise in his flushed features. Before he could voice his surprise, Sofia lowered and kissed him as she settled more comfortably over his lap. Piccolo's hands instinctively held her hips as she began to rise and fall on him, her slow and deep motions driving him in and out of her pulsing warmth while he writhed in pleasure under her.

She arched and whispered his name when he started thrusting upwards, matching her rhythm and intensifying it by guiding her pace along with his hands at her hips and waist.

Tossing her hair out of her face and arching above him in ecstasy, Sofia cried out and held on to his wrists as she was overtaken by her climax. The sensations that reverberated throughout her body coiled as she lost herself to him. Piccolo's gaze was riveted to her as she fell into bliss, the mere sight of her driving him into a voracious frenzy.

Rolling and pinning her under him, Piccolo's control finally broke as he thrust into her with abandon, prolonging her own carnal delight as he drove himself to his own overwhelming climax.

Groaning, he tensed over her and came apart, burying his face against her neck and shoulder as his release ebbed his senses. Sofia clung to him, panting with him in an afterglow that kept her sated and warm against him.

Once they settled into contentment, they nestled under the blanket. Piccolo framed his arms around her face, lowering to brush his lips across her cheeks and lips as he whispered softly to her. Her eyes welled up and she smiled through her tears, kissing him back to hush his apologies.

He nuzzled her jaw, bringing her against his chest when he rolled over and settled on his side next to her. They didn't say anything to each other. Their caresses and the heat of the other's presence was all the dialogue they needed.

Staring up into his handsome face, Sofia sultrily smiled up at him, earning a deep kiss from him that curled her lovingly against him. Her fingertips trailed along his bicep as she kissed his throat and collarbone, his body heat and scent intoxicating her and lulling her into tingly glee.

Piccolo hummed from the sensations she was stirring in him from the minute touches, his body growing hot with arousal all over again. The concept was still very alien to him, but the pleasure she caused to awaken in him was something he intended to explore further.

His hands tantalized her into restlessness against him, and before they knew it, they were making love again, this time slow and tender, feeling something more than the lust and desperate need of before.

After they both fulfilled each other, they collapsed in an exhausted tangle of sheets and comforter, falling asleep in each others arms and shutting out everything but the feel of the other against their skin.

Serenity reigned throughout once they passed out within the bliss their passions created.