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Here I am...again. ;; I've had this idea for a Harry Potter fic floating around in my head for a while now, and I decided to write a prologue to test it out. Since this is just a prologue, and I haven't really worked out a plot or developed the characters, it will be short. (So please, don't write me angry e-mails on how short this is demanding more.) I'm not sure where I'm going with the story, but if you like it, please submit a review. I'll decide if I'm going to continue writing this based on the feedback I get from everyone. R&R!

Two Guys, A Girl, and... A Baby?


The Paths We Take In Life

Hermione Granger sat on her queen-size bed, in her empty room. She was admiring the barren walls wistfully, remembering the posters that once decorated this space. Hermione was currently residing in blue colored, upstairs bedroom of 4922 Crescent Lane. Her house. No, wait. Her parent's house. She had just gotten back from college two weeks ago.

After graduating from Hogwarts, Hermione had decided to further her studies at a muggle university. Having impeccable grades, she was accepted into a multitude of universities. She chose one in the 'States. Harvard University, 'A place where brilliant minds meet, to discuss trivial things' or so the brochure said.

Deciding to give the school a try, Hermione took a weekend off from her 'after school job' to check out the campus. Arriving at the prestige university, she quickly fell in love with the building's old-time structure. It reminded her of Hogwarts; of home.

Four years passed rather quickly, much to the dismay of the young witch. Shortly before the end of her last term Hermione received a letter from a private office in London; her home town. She was shocked to discover that it was from the auror's department of the ministry of magic.

Imagine, the minister himself requesting her to join the ranks of the famous witches and wizards that protected the magical and muggle world alike! Hermione, and her two constant school companions, had always had an interest in becoming aurors.

Her best friend Harry Potter was head of his department, and had joined the team right after graduation. Having natural talent and raw power, the wild youth rose quickly in the ranks. Last she had heard Harry was also in command of his own special infantry, sort of like the muggle SWAT team.

Her other best friend, Ron, had decided to pursue another career option, Quidditch. Ron and Harry were on the school team back at Hogwarts, and Ron especially had always lived for the sport. The first thing he did after graduating was get a job so he could buy a firebolt to practice with.

As his skills improved, he formed his own rookie team the Whomping Wheezes, named after the twins' joke shop. After all, it only seemed fair since Ron's older brothers had agreed to finance the team. Ron and the Wheezes had been steadily winning in the local league tournaments the past few months, and Ron had recently been 'picked-up' by a veteran team (though, he still ran practices for the Wheezes twice a week).

The red haired wizard was absolutely giddy when he told Hermione that he had been hired as the keeper for his favorite childhood team, the Chudley Cannons. The Auror's head quarters and the Chudly Cannon's practice field were situated in wizarding London. This of course meant that Ron and Hermione would both be looking for a place to live.

Having heard of the recent developments in his best friends' lives, Harry jumped at the opportunity to have roommates. He owled Ron and Hermione about the extra rooms at his flat, and they agreed to move in.

Hermione Jane Granger, 24-year-old graduate of Harvard university, accomplished witch from Hogwarts sat in her room. Correction, Hermione's old room. Sighing in a final goodbye, she picked up the last of her boxes and proceeded outside to her car. Her dad and mom were waiting by the front door. Hermione walked up to them and smiled.

She set down the box and said, "Well, I guess this is it." She sniffled. "Oh sweetie." Her mom murmured pulling the young woman into a hug. "Call us when you get to Harry's." Her dad offered a smile as he too hugged his daughter.

Wiping her eyes, Hermione picked up the box and replied "I will. Love you." She then continued on to her car. Placing the box on her already full backseat, Hermione climbed into the driver's seat. She put the keys in the ignition, and started the car.

As it hummed to life, she turned to look at her parents. She gave the house one last look and smiled as she waved goodbye. They waved back. Putting the car into drive, she began her journey to Harry's. 'New life, here I come!' was Hermione's final thought as she turned the corner onto another street.

There. A prologue. Hopefully I can concentrate on other things now that that idea has been put on paper. Remember to review with lots of feedback so I can decide if I'm going to continue this. Thanks!

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