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Two Guys, A Girl, and ….A Baby?

Chapter 7

Coming Home

"Hermione, what's going on here?" Harry asked his best friend of thirteen years. "Harry, I didn't mean anything by it –really- Katie just called me mommy a while ago and I didn't have the heart to correct her." Hermione paused, "No, I didn't want to correct her."

At Harry's confused expression she continued, "You know I've always wanted a family of my own, and for once I was given the opportunity to at least pretend. I felt like a mom when I took Katie to daycare, and made her meals. I got to be the caring wife as I helped you get ready for work and take care of Katie. I'm sorry if I hurt you or Katie in my foolishness." The witch began to tear up slightly. At Harry's continued silence she began to fully break down and fled the room to hide her sobs.

Knowing that something was wrong with her 'mother' Katie began to cry as well. Harry bent down to pick her up but Katie brushed him off. "Want mommy!" she cried harder. Ron went over to the toddler and cradled her in his arms. He looked back up at Harry, but the green eyed wizard was on his way out the door.

Ron called after him but Harry didn't turn back. He was gone for the rest of the evening, and most of the next day.

Hermione was an emotional wreck. She had been crying for two days now. After the confrontation with Harry, she hadn't left her room except to use the bathroom or make a snack. She was so upset with herself for causing this mess.

She felt humiliated, confused, angry, and depressed. She may have said she was pretending to have a family all this time, but the truth was she actually felt as if they were her family. 'Oh, I just wish Harry would talk to me and give me a chance to sort this out.'

With that final thought, the stressed witch fell into a fitful slumber.

Meanwhile, poor Ron was doing his best to man the fort. Harry was in his own world the past two days popping in and out, while Hermione hadn't left her room. Ron had been left with the household chores, a sad little girl, and two misguided friends.

I think its time I have a talk with my best mate Ron decided then and there that he was going to fix this mess if it killed him!

There was a splat as something wet and mushy hit him in the stomach. Ron looked down to see a glob of oatmeal on his blue polo. He locked eyes with the giggling four year old across the table. She simply smiled. It just might kill me. And with a sigh, the red-head got up to go clean himself up.

When Harry came home that afternoon for lunch he was in as much of a stupor as he had been for the last few days. The house was quiet as Katie was down for a nap, and Hermione had drifted off as well.

"Harry, mate, we need to talk. Grab your cloak, and let's sort this out over a couple of butter beers." "But Ron-!" Harry started, but he was interrupted by the red-head. "Nope. None of your excuses, Let's go." Ron proceeded to push Harry out the door and on their way.

The three broomsticks was quiet this time of day, and the duo relished the silence. Taking a deep breath, and a sip of his drink, Ron began, "Harry, I think you're being ridiculous. You know Hermione didn't mean anything by letting Katie call her mom."

He paused for a breath, and Harry spoke. "But Ron-!" The wizard was interrupted. "No Harry, listen to me. Mione is a great girl, and has been our friend for thirteen years! She cares for you and Katie both. She loves that little girl more than life itself!"

Harry tried again, "Ron I-!" The red-head would not be deterred, and continued his rant. "Mione is a beautiful woman Harry, and guy would be lucky to have her. She's smart, pretty, and she loves Katie so much-!"

Harry was finally able to cut in, by placing a hand over Ron's mouth. "Ron I know! I know how fantastic Hermione is, I know how much she cares for Katie and I, and I know how much of an arse I've been these past few days. Most of all, I know how perfect Mione is for Katie and me which is exactly why I'm going to ask her to marry me!"

And with that heartfelt declaration, the emerald eyed wizard apparated out of the bar once again leaving his poor friend dumbfounded.

Once back at their flat, Harry made a beeline for Hermione's room. He knocked on the door, but received no answer. He pushed the door open slightly, and saw Hermione curled up on her bed sleeping. Noticing the tear stains on her cheeks, he cursed himself again for being foolish.

Harry crept over to the bed and sat down lightly on the edge. "Mione." He called softly as he reached out a hand to gently shake her awake. "Mione, can I talk to you for a second?" Hermione slowly blinked her eyes open and groggily looked up at Harry.

"Harry-!" She started but was interrupted by the wizard himself. "Mione, I want to apologize about how I've acted the past few days. I didn't realize until recently how much you do for Katie and me and how much you care about us. It was also pointed out to me that you're fantastic, and marvelous, and caring, and kind and you're absolutely perfect for a git like me." Harry smiled at Hermione's wide eyes.

He got down onto one knee, grasped her hand in his, and pulled out a sparkling diamond ring. "Hermione Jane Granger, will you marry me?" Hermione was speechless. Aren't we in the middle of a catastrophic fight due to the fact that I live in fantasy land? She thought to herself.

Harry laughed, "No Hermione. This is no fantasy. I want to make sure that you never have to pretend to have a family ever again. I want to be your family." Apparently I said that out loud. Hermione thought to herself with a blush. Girl what are you waiting for! She jerked back to reality and leapt at Harry. "Of course Ill marry you, you git! I love you!" Hermione cried.

Amidst all of the commotion Katie had woken up. Ron went to go get her, and curious himself, peeked in on Harry and Hermione. "What's with all of the ruckus you two?" He asked with a twinkle in his eye, knowing full well what had just gone on.

Harry and Hermione got up from their tangle heap on the floor. "Katie," Harry asked as he picked up the little girl. "How would you like it if Hermione was your mommy for real?"

Katie squealed and jumped into her fathers arms. "Now we're a real family!" Katie shouted as she beckoned her uncle Ron over and added him and her new mommy into the family hug.

Hermione smiled as she was filled with happiness and content. This, this is what it feels like to come home. She broke free of the tangle of limbs and picked Katie up and held her close. Its going to be rough, she though as she watched Harry and Ron wrestle on the floor but I can't wait!

[The End

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