Title: Absolutely Necessary

Author: val solo

Time Frame: Approximately 5-6 years post NJO

Main Characters: Jaina Solo/ Kyp Durron

Genre: Romance/ Drama/ Adventure

Disclaimer: I own nothing but am simply playing around in the universe created by George Lucas and other SW authors. :)


It simply had to be done.

It was all his fault anyway. He was only getting what he deserved. Stubborn, thickheaded man! The blasted fool had left me no other choice. Well, then...so be it.

I glanced again at my chrono and mentally ran through the steps to my fail-safe plan for the hundredth time. By now the message would have reached him, and, knowing his unquenchable curiosity, he would definitely show. In fact, he wouldn't be able to resist coming. I felt my lips curve into a deliriously devilish grin. Was it wrong to be enjoying this? While it was maybe just a little wrong—and somewhat illegal—there was nothing else that I could do.

I took a deep breath of the chill nighttime air. It was just brisk enough to tingle as it filled my lungs and would do well to keep me alert. It was absolutely necessary things go exactly according to my plan. There could be no slip-ups, no hesitations when the time came to make my move. If this was going to work, I had to be at my best.

The moon was only half full, just as I had planned. Well, okay, I couldn't really control the phases of the moon, but it did happen to fit perfectly with the rest of my ideas for this nefarious scheme. It gave me just enough light to see by, but not so much that my purpose would be revealed prematurely. Also, the predicted rain had held off, granting me the opportunity to complete my task unhindered.

If I didn't know better, I'd swear the Force was working with me on this.

And maybe it was.

I glanced back up at the sprawling manor house before me. The gardens were the perfect vantage point for watching the comings and goings, and right now I was very interested in a certain someone coming--- and going with me.

Another look over my shoulder assured me that my cohorts were ready and just as anxious to get this show on the road as I was. "Just a few more minutes, guys," I whispered, my confidence surprising even me. They, however, didn't even notice the blatant arrogance I was displaying, but that was to be expected. No bother. I was proud of myself for taking this bold step. The man should have learned by now that I was not a woman to be trifled with, and if he hadn't learned it yet, well, then, he was about to have his first lesson.

Another smile tugged at my lips. He was coming. I could feel it...feel the overwhelming brightness in the Force that was his personal, and very powerful, signature. It never failed to astound me each time I experienced it; however, I recalled with amusement how it really never frightened me as it did so many others. No, instead, it sent fingers of sweet anticipation up and down my spine because I knew how unpredictable he was and how I could never quite guess exactly what he would do or say.

And that's what I liked...what I was hoping for. He was a worthy prey for this predator.

"Game on," I muttered to myself, patting the small blaster slung on my hip. I was ready.

I flattened my back against the stone wall in the garden and waited, my breathing pounding in rhythm with each step he took as he drew near. I had my shields up so that he wouldn't sense me until it was too late. Couldn't have him escaping, not after all of this hard work. I licked my lips in anticipation and felt a bead of sweat trickle down my back.

Then I saw him. He stepped into the small clearing and paused to cautiously survey his surroundings. His dark cape swirled as he turned making him look dangerous...and he was dangerous...dangerous to me and to himself, which was why I was here doing what I was doing. I could just make out the features of his face in the faint moonlight and knew the moment he noticed my presence. He snapped around and glared in my direction, although I know he was unable to see me in the darkness of my hiding place.

"Jaina?" he asked taking a few steps closer. "Is that you?"

I took one last breath to reaffirm my convictions in this mission and stepped out of the dark.

"It's me," I stated simply.

He glanced at me in surprise and relief. "What are you doing here? Did you send that message?"

I had to play it cool. "Yes, I sent it, and I could ask you the same question. What are you doing here?" I gestured with my head in the direction of the house and kept a calm and indifferent expression on my face while I waited for his answer.

Unfortunately, he knew me just as well as I knew him.

"What's going on, Jaina?" he tried again. This time I simply stayed silent and slowly began to circle him.

He snorted and turned to watch me, a veil of coolness clouding his eyes. "I thought we said all we needed to say to each other already."

Again, I did not speak only stared back at him. He may have said all he wanted to say...but I hadn't even begun.

"There's not any emergency, is there?" he said, his dark gaze locked with mine. "No reason for this little meeting at all." He hung his head, sighed in defeat, and loosened his stance, his attention momentarily diverted from me.

And that's when I shot him.

The look of pure shock on his face was priceless... eyes and mouth gaping wide open still refusing to believe what was happening. It only took a moment for him to crumple to the ground and I casually strode over and glared down at his disbelieving face.

"Sorry, Kyp," I said without an ounce of remorse in my voice, "but this is absolutely necessary."

To be continued.....