Chapter 1 - The Beginning

Now where was that room again? Shoot.. Some memory I have..

Kagomemumbled under her breath, walking around in circles. Finally, she bumped into a girl.

"Hey, do you know where this room is?" Kagome asked the girl. She had a ponytail, and she wore a plain t-shirt and jeans. A bright smile was on her pretty face.

"Yeah! That's the same room I'm going to." Shesmiled. "I'm Sango. Come on, I'll walk you there."

Kagome grinned. She was very grateful; it was about time somebody helped her out. The last person she tried to ask for directions, the girl took it the wrong way and tried to beat her up. And she looked just like me... Kagome thought.

"Hey! Are you still with me?" Sango waved her hand in Kagome's face.

Kagome snapped back in reality. "Oops, sorry Sango. I must have dozed off.." Her eyes locked eyes with a pair of.. shades? "Huh?"

"Hello what do we have here? A new girl?" the boy wearing the shades had a pair of dog-ears, silvery white hair. Kagome eyed him with suspicion... He looked like one of those rich guys... but she wasn't the one to judge.

"Ano...Do I know you?" Kagome asked. He seemed strangely familiar... Like as if she had seen him before...

Sango coughed. "Inuyasha, I was talking to Kagome... But you rudely interrupted." She shot a quick glare at him.

"Well, obviously she wasn't listening."

"I was listening Sango!" Kagome reassured her. She gave her a smile, just to be sure.

"See? Shewas listening."

"Uh... sure. What ever you say. Let's do a trade! I'll take Kagome off your hands and you go have some fun with your lecher," Inuyasha smirked. Miroku came over, practically swiming through the big crowd.

"Kagome, meet Miroku. A hentai bastard," Sango gritted her teeth. Kagome wondered why Sango said that, but she soon found out. Kagome shook hands with Miroku, but it wasn't that long, because his hand started to go near her ass.

"MIROKU! You lecher!" SMACK Sango had turned red, angry that he had the nerve to go touch Kagome's ass. The smack that was heard all over the school knocked Miroku out for a few minutes. Inuyasha laughed as he took hold of Kagome's elbow and led her away from the two.

"Miroku's hands are always on some girl's ass. You should always watch what he's doing, wench. But why should you care, you're just a new wench at this school."

"Excuse me? How dare you call me a wench! You evil bastard!"

"Shut up, I'm only trying to help, wench."

"Help?! You're insulting me! I don't call that helping!"

"Will you just shut up?!"

"Oh, it's you again."

Kagome looked up from Inuyasha, who was almost nose-to-nose with her shouting back insults,to seewho was talking. The girl looked familiar.. Oh. It was the samegirl from before..."Yes? May I help you?"

"Come one more step closer ima call the cops." Inuyasha said smugly. Kikyou stopped a few feet away from them and shot an icy glare at Kagome. "Restraining order." Inuyasha whispered in Kagome's ear.

Kagome quirked her eyebrows in surprise. Kikyou, however, took this time to throw insults. "Girl, you should watch yourself," Kikyousaidcoollyat Kagome. Kagome stared at her in confusion, and once again, Kikyou opened her mouth. "Hate to break it to ya, kid, but you should back off before I slap you."

Kagome stared at her.Why Kikyou wanted to slap her, she had no idea. What did she do wrong? Maybe it was simply because she looked almost like her. Or maybe because she was shouting at Inuyasha. 'But who cares?' Kagome thought with a smug look. Inuyasha seemed like the type to go nuts at almost anything, to have a bitch fit if something doesn't go his way, or just snap at almost everyone.

"Why do you want to slap me? What did I do?" Kagome wondered out loud. She moved away from Inuyasha. "Look, if you're just looking for someone to take out your anger on, take it out on him!" Kagome pointed her index finger at Inuyasha, who held his hands up in defense.

"Hey, don't bring me into this."Inuyasha muttered as Kagome sighed. Kikyou cleared her throat.

"I just don't like you!"


"Because!" Kikyou spat, an ice cold sound in her voice. "You look just like me, and you're trying to steal Inuyasha away from me!" Kagome nearly fell over.

"Me?" Kagome pointed at herself and gave her a dumbfounded look. "And him?" She pointed to Inuyasha again and let out a huffy laugh. "Look, I'm not going to steal anyone, ok?"

"Then why the hell are you so damn close to him?!" Kikyou shouted. Kagome shrugged and opened her mouth to say something, only to be cut off by Inuyasha.

"Look, Kikyou. I don't like you, I don't want you stalking me, and what's over and done is over and done, got it?" Inuyasha said to her. Kikyou gave him a small glare.

"I see. Well then, have fun breaking her heart like what you did to everybody else. But just to let you know..." Kikyou turned around and started walking away slowly. "I'm not giving up... In fact, you can count on it."

Kikyou walked away, disappearing as she took a left. Inuyasha snorted as he walked the other way, leaving Kagome in a lot of unanswered questions.

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