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Epilogue – It's Not The Complete End

Inuyasha shoved his sword toward his opponent, making the two jump back, only to attack him again. He tripped one of them and clashed his sword with the standing opponent.

"Hi there!" Tsuki giggled. Inuyasha chuckled. It was weird fighting against a six-year-old girl. Her gold eyes locked with his, her firm grip on her sword only getting tighter. Her twin brother got back up and in a lightening speed, pushed his father back.

"Let's go!" Taiyo jumped up and landed on Inuyasha's back, jumped off him and ran on the walls, defying the laws of gravity. Tsuki fell to the floor and in a move that resembled break-dancing, she swung her sword under her father's feet. Inuyasha jumped in the nick of time and saw Taiyo coming for him. He tripped Taiyo and watched him knock into his sister, landing on the mat with a great thud.

"Ok, that's enough, you guys. It's time to go to Michiyo's birthday party. She's waiting, you know," Kagome said from the doorway, her looks not aging a bit. Her tall appearance gave her away, and it was pretty obvious that she'd grown a few inches over the past few years. "You three better get ready in the next five minutes or else." Inuyasha laughed as he sheathed his sword and put it back in its display case.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, wench. We're coming," He gave her a toothy grin and looked back at the two who were sprawled on the mat. "Come on, you better get going." The two nodded as the entangled themselves from each other and got up.

It's been almost six years from Naraku's death, and it seemed like yesterday they had defeated him. Inuyasha and Kagome spend their honeymoon on a trip to Hawaii, leaving Tsuki and Taiyo in Sango and Miroku's care. Sango gave birth to her baby girl, which she proudly named Michiyo. Sesshomaru and Rin had a baby girl in autumn, which they named Chiaki. Life was going great. Eventually, Miroku got that raise after Naraku died. Of course, he used it wisely… well, sort of.

Tsuki and Taiyo happily got in the backseat of Inuyasha's latest car, a Mercedes. Kagome climbed in the passenger seat carefully, taking ease because she was three-months pregnant. Inuyasha hastily got in the driver's seat. "We're going to be late."

"Not if you step on it!" In a few minutes, they reached Sango's large house, covered in balloons. Kagome was afraid that if they added any more, the house would float away. Kagome got out and walked to the door with the twins trailing behind her with happy grins still on their faces. Sango opened the door for them and waited for Inuyasha to come in.

"That's a big present, Inuyasha," Sango commented as Inuyasha set the large wrapped box aside. He shrugged.

"Hey, it's a birthday," He grinned and did a high-five with Miroku. Rin waved to him and continued cooing at Chiaki, who gurgled in reply. Takumi was out in the backyard, happily jumping in the outside inflatable jumper. Tsuki and Taiyo entered and greeted their cousin as well as the birthday girl.

"Guess what we got you, Michiyo!" Tsuki headed over to give her best friend a hug. Taiyo immediately got in a game with Takumi where you see who could jump the highest. So far, Takumi was winning. Michiyo grinned as she bunny-hopped up and down.

"Did you get me a pet lion?"

"No silly! We got you a present, duh!" Tsuki giggled as she jumped up and down, bouncing as high as she could. She felt voice coming from the entrance, and she saw two unfamiliar boys coming in the jumper. She bounced slowly toward them with Michiyo's arm linked with hers. "Hello! What's your name?" The boy with the dark-brown hair gave her a weak smile, while the other, who had an amazing shade of orange, grinned at her and jumped in, immediately indulging in the jumping competition that was currently taking place.

"I am Kaito. That was my older brother, Shun." He held out his hand and Tsuki shook it. She grinned, showing off two small fangs.

"I'm Tsuki and this is my besterest friend in the whole wide world, Michiyo!" Tsuki exclaimed. Michiyo smiled.

"We're just a few years apart," Michiyo added. Kaito nodded.

"You two want to play with me?" Tsuki and Michiyo exchanged glances and grinned.

"Do you know martial arts?"


Inuyasha grinned mischievously at Kagome, who smiled back at him. Sango and Miroku sat before them, their eyebrows arched as Rin happily cooed Chiaki. Sesshomaru hid his emotions, his eyes darting from his hand of cards from his opponents.

"Are ya bluffing?" Miroku asked deviously, looking at Sesshomaru straight in the eye. Sesshomaru shook his head.

"Either I'm not bluffing, or you get a promotion." Sesshomaru answered. Miroku chuckled.

"I accept!"

"Go fish!"

"Aw, shit." Miroku groaned as he reached over to get a card from the stack. Sango grinned.

"You got any sixes?"

"Go fish."

"Damn! We're losing!"

Inuyasha laughed at their expense. Whichever team or couple won, they'd get to go on a vacation to one of the many beaches of Japan. Since Naraku's now dead, they all could use the vacation and have a little 'fun'.

Inuyasha shifted his cards around carefully. "You got any queens?" Miroku grimaced as he handed over his spare queen as Inuyasha chuckled.

"We win!"

"Damn, you and Kagome always win. First, you take most of my yen, then you beat us at poker, gambling, crazy eights, monkey-monkey, you even beat us at strip poker! So far you have at least a thousand yen, a car, my shoes, and now you get the vacation! Are you even cheating?" Miroku said out of exasperation as he threw his cards down.

"Are you implying that we're cheating?" Kagome said as she counted the money right in front of their faces.

"Well, no, I-"

"Then we ain't cheating, you lecher!" Inuyasha said gruffly. Miroku sighed as he looked down at his shoeless feet.

"You took… my shoes. My freaking shoes… man, I loved those shoes, and you come at take them away!" Miroku fell back onto the couch.

Kagome got up and took Inuyasha by the wrist. "C'mon, I wanna tell you something!" Inuyasha got up and followed her through the halls of Sango's house. Kagome shot him a smile as she stopped in front of the bathroom door. She shoved him inside and locked the door behind her.

"Aren't you lucky I brought a spare case of cards?" Kagome whispered as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"And to think they thought I was the one cheating," Inuyasha grinned, placing his hands on her hips and bringing her closer. He leaned forward to kiss her passionately. Kagome pulled away minutes later and smiled at him.

"You're just my partner in crime."


Naraku walked around the fiery pits of hell, not knowing what to do. 'Might as well plot that revenge…'

"Hello, Naraku." Naraku stopped abruptly and grimaced at the sound of the person's voice. He turned around slowly to find someone he thought he would never see again.

"Hello, Kikyou." He chuckled nervously. "Look, about that beheading thing-"


The end. :D Yes, It's short... I'm justso very eager to end this and start my new story! Bwahahaha!

Shun - fast person
Kaito - big dipper of the ocean
Michiyo - three thousand generations
Chiaki - very fine in autumn

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