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Just A Shell...

Nicole Berthier sat unmoving in her chair. Her eyes were unfocused and her mind was lost in thought. To anyone who might have walked by she almost looked asleep. This had been her normal routine for a year now. At first it was every day. Then it was every other day. Now after a year, her time in that chair had been pushed back to only once every two months. She felt terrible for it but she had a life to live. She had a career and other responsibilities outside of her chair post. Sitting there was never ending heartbreak.

Her mind kept reliving that horrible day where her world turned upside down and where her dreams were shattered.

"Alec! Get that black horse in the trailer before I get any older! We got a race to get to!"

"Yea yea Henry we're coming! Hold your horses!" He heard Alec shout from the direction of the barn.

A giggle was heard behind Henry causing the older man to turn around with a scowl. The look given stopped the giggling immediately.

"Something funny Nate?"

"Not at all Uncle Henry... I was just... thinking of something."

"Sure you were. You boys are going to drive me insane."

Nate giggled again before jumping down from the hood of the Chevy Silverado pulling the large horse trailer.

"I'll go see what's holding Alec up."

"Good! Do something constructive!" His uncle shouted after him.

Nate made his way to the barn to find out what was taking Alec so long. What he found when he turned the corner was not what he was expecting at all. There, leaning against the Dutch door, was Nicole and Alec... a little too close then what he was used to. Actually they were closer then what he'd ever imagined. Their lips were touching!

Nate stopped dead in his tracks, slightly embarrassed to be watching this. He knew if he moved now he would be caught so instead he stood as stone and tried to look anywhere else but at the two who were more focused on each other and their tongues then with their surroundings.

After about a minute Nate heard someone clear their throat and he brought his eyes back to the pair to find them staring back at him.

"Can we help you?" Alec asked after backing away from Nicole a couple steps.

"Um... uh... Yea... uh... Uncle Henry... is um waiting for you." He couldn't' help but stammer.

"Alright alright. Tell him I'm coming now."

"Ok..." And with that Nate turned to escape their eyes but didn't get far before he heard his name.

"Hey Nate? Please don't tell your Uncle? We want to keep this private for now k?"

Nate released a huge breath at the tone of Alec's pleading voice and nodded.

"Don't worry Alec. Secrets safe with me." He said with a smile before running off.

"I think we scared him." Nicole said as she stepped close to Alec again.

"What we were doing shouldn't be new to him. He'll get over it." Alec whispered as he let his lips latch onto Nicole's again.

They shared a deep kiss before he pulled away and sighed.

"I gotta go. See you afterward right?"

"I'll be in the stands cheering you on!" Nicole said in her French accent while leaning up to give him a good luck kiss.

Alec's grin widened at her before giving off a low whistle to Black who was grazing 20 feet away.

The sight of Alec's grin and the picture of him and his horse walking away from her were the last memories she had of him that were good before the accident. And they rolled over and over in her head every night.

Now, laying not 5 feet away from her was Alec. He was so void of color and life. His body was useless now and his mind completely blank. Would she ever be able to look into his big brown eyes again and have him look back?

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