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Titans tower 12:31 AM

The dark curtain of night had fallen over the normally bustling Jump City as all of the streets and buildings stood in a still hush while they awaited morning. Yet one super powered green teenager was still awake, sitting in his pigsty of a room on the top bunk of his unkempt bed reading his new monthly horror comic.

            Beast boy and his teammates had returned from their day of fighting various freaks and villains ready to take a well deserved rest, but how could he sleep with the thought of werewolves and vampires fresh in his already disturbed mind?

             While Robin and the rest of his friends had been asleep for hours, beast lay awake in his bed with his lamp shining just bright enough to create an army of shadows against the green walls of his room.

            Each new shadow his eyes fell upon raised his heart rate higher and higher until he frantically scurried across his floor tripping over various piles of forgotten clothes and plates of moldy tofu, and flipped the light switch on the wall.

            The ceiling fan cast a welcome shine upon his room, dissolving all of the threatening shadows as beast boy trudged back to his bed to spend the rest of the night with his light on. As he settled back into his cool sheets beast boy heard a loud disturbance coming from the living room.

            No longer hysteric from his recent horror story he disregarded it as Cyborg getting a midnight snack. But soon the small disturbance became an unsettling flurry (A/N: I like that word ) of loud thumps, scratches and crashes.

            Beast Boy ran into the living room "DAMMIT CYBORG I'M TRYIN' TO SLEEP HERE!!" He yelled. But as his eyes searched the room he could tell he should have stayed in his.

            The living room looked like it was attacked by thousands of clawed rats, huge scratches and gashes along the walls and across the couch, and the sofa cushions looked as if they had been eaten then spit out, they had fang marks ripping the fabric and fur was strewn all over the room. Beast Boy cringed as the stench of wolf wafted to his sensitive nose.

            And while he stood in the doorway gazing the destruction a furry blur raced towards him, unnoticed and unseen, going for the kill.

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