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Recap of The Old and The New: Harry has met his Godmother, April Marsden, who is Head auror and her daughter, Jenny, who is currently Harry's Girlfriend. Harry has discovered he is the heir of Gryffindor and that he has a sister called Emma, who was adopted by the Malfoys. Dumbledore was killed and Voldemort took over the school

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Harry Potter sat and stared aimlessly at an empty bird cage as the hot summer's day wore on. He was fairly tall with messy brown hair that had a tendency of pointing in all directions. He put a hand to it and tried to flatten it over his scar that marked him when he was a baby. The lightning shaped scar rested on his forehead just above his blazing Emerald green eyes. Harry never took his eyes off the empty bird cage until he decided that he should write a small note to one of his friends. His black wire-rimmed glasses lay on the bed next to him. He picked them up and put them on as he went to his desk and picked up his quill and held it poised over a piece of parchment. What was he going to say? Hope you've had a good summer? Of course they hadn't their headmaster had just been killed by the most evil wizard of all time and they all knew that their only hope was Harry. He glanced around on the desk looking for something that would inspire him to write something when his eyes settled on a piece of long slender wood. He picked it up Hermione's wand. He still had it and still hadn't been able to give it back to her. His house elf had brought his to him after the battle at the school but Harry had forgotten to tell the house elf to go and give back the wand. His house elf wouldn't dare try and take the wand back anyway, it was so precious. Harry sighed and dipped his quill into some ink

Dear Jenny,

I hope you had a good birthday, I'm sorry I couldn't write earlier but I'm under orders to write letters when absolutely necessary. You know what kind of danger I'm in and what danger all my friends are in. I miss you so much it actually hurts. I will give you a present when I see you again, if I see you again. How is everyone? Are you in contact with anybody and is your mum ok? Could you tell Hermione I still have her wand and I'm sorry for keeping it.

I love you so much,



Harry put his quill down and read the letter again. His girlfriend would understand everything, she had to. Harry would give anything to be with his girlfriend or any of his friends right now. He didn't know how any of them were. The last time he'd seen any of them he had been witnessing the dark Lord Voldemort kill his old head master and mentor, Albus Dumbledore. Harry folded up the letter and held it in his hands for a few moments. This letter was going to be in his girlfriends has soon after his owl got back. Harry put it on the table and picked up his own wand.

"Shoner." Harry said. A house elf walked into his room and bowed slightly

"Yes Harry, sir." He asked sombrely.

"I'm not really feeling hungry so could you save my dinner again." Harry said. Shoner nodded and headed downstairs to tell Harry's aunt Petunia. Harry lived at Number four Privet drive with his mother's sister, Petunia and her husband and son. He was never welcome and this year had been particularly unpleasant as he arrived a month earlier then anyone had expected. Harry turned to his window and looked out into the neat garden of number four. He would give anything to sit outside or go wandering around in the streets like he had been accustomed to doing in his previous holidays but he had no such luck as no one was taking any chances, no one knew how powerful the protection spell around him would last. After a few minutes Harry lay down on his bed again absolutely defeated. His mind was still a mess as he tried to sort through the events of the previous year. So many of his friends had lost their family, Hermione had lost her parents, Ron and Ginny had lost Percy, their older brother. Harry himself had found his Godmother and a god sister, who was now his girlfriend. He had also found his blood sister, Emma, who thought she was a Malfoy and sister of Harry's enemy, Draco Malfoy. He couldn't believe what had happened to her. She had been adopted by the Malfoy's and was almost as evil as Voldemort himself. She had tried to kill Dumbledore but failed when her wand refused to let out the killing curse that Voldemort had later cast on Dumbledore. Harry gave out an angry shouted and put his arms over his face.

"Why me!" He shouted. "I haven't done anything wrong!" He turned over in his bed as his owl, Hedwig, flew into his window. Hedwig didn't need Harry to tell her that the letter was for Jenny. She just picked it up in her beak and flew out again, leaving Harry to simmer in hate, hurt and anger. He had never felt this bad and there was nothing anyone could do to ease the pain. He didn't even know if half his friends were alive or not. All he knew was that Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry was now under the rule of Lord Voldemort, which meant there was no way that Harry would be returning to that school unless he had a death wish and a suicidal mind. Harry was the only person who could defeat Lord Voldemort, so Harry would either have to be murdered or be a murderer. Harry didn't want to be either one of them but given the choice he'd probably rather kill Voldemort then die at his hands. He had promised Hermione, Ron and his parents. Even though his parents were dead, another loss he had suffered, killed at the hands of Lord Voldemort because of a stupid Prophecy. No one else would die, Harry wouldn't let anyone else die. He slowly drifted into a troubled sleep.

"Harry" came the voice on an angel. Harry turned to see a beautiful young girl, just under two years younger then him smiling at him. Her blonde hair was longer then he remembered and her dark eyes sparkling with happiness. Harry grinned and pulled the girl into a hug.

"I've missed you so much." Harry said. The girl laughed and kissed his cheek.

"I know. It's been so long since I've seen you." She said. "I've missed you so much"

"Is this a dream?" Harry asked. The girl looked at him thoughtfully.

"Well, it's sort of a dream. I found a way of us being able to talk to each other while we're apart. I as searching through my library in America"

"You have a library?" Harry asked.

"In my American house, but yeah, I came across this book that let me access your mind when you're asleep so that I can talk to you. It only works if you're a Legillmen, which I am, as you know" The girl said with a grin.

"I've missed you so much Jenny." Harry said. Jenny gave him a sad smile

"I miss you to, I've tried to get my mum to let me stay in England but she wants me in America because it's too dangerous. I don't think she'll be letting me return to school this year." Jenny said slightly distraught, "Though I suppose I can see her point, with Voldemortbeing the headmaster and all"

"How is your mum?" Harry asked. Jenny frowned.

"She's still in hospital. The spell went straight through her and no one knows how to stop the bleeding because no one knows what spell was used." Jenny said distressed. Harry pulled her into a hug. "Oh, and Hermione says hi and that she would like her wand back some time soon." Jenny said.

"I'll give it to her as soon as I can. I love you Jenny." Harry said. Jenny was about to say something when there was a loud bang.

"Wake up!" Dudley said banging on the door. Harry sat up and rubbed his eyes. Everything around him was blurry and he grabbed his glasses and put them on.

"Dudley!" Harry said annoyed, Harry picked up his wand and headed outside. "What did you do that for!" Harry asked.

"Dinner." Dudley said.

"I was talking to my Girlfriend! Why did you-"

"You have a girlfriend?" Dudley asked. He laughed at this and his chins wobbled slightly. He was quite beefy and very strong with a deadly punch but he still had a bit of flab and several chins. "Who would want to go out with you? She must be a right loser and desperate-" Harry got his wand out and pointed it at Dudley. He stopped laughing immediately and stared at the wand suspiciously.

"Don't you ever say anything like that about her again." Harry said dangerously.

"You can't hurt me with that thing, you're not allowed to do you know what out side of you know where." Dudley said.

"Really?" Harry asked. "Petrificus Totalus." Harry said. Dudley's limps snapped to his side and he fell to the floor, as stiff as a board. "That should keep you quiet for a while." Harry said stepping over Dudley's large bulk and heading downstairs. Harry felt glad that for once he could curse Dudley and not get into trouble for it with the Ministry. He had been waiting so long to be able to curse Dudley.

"London has gone into chaos this weekend as strange figures in hooded cloaks have gone around hurting people. No one knows how they are hurting them but there have been reports that men and women are getting struck with jets of coloured lights that either kill them or causes severe pain-" the report from the TV in the kitchen was suddenly switched off.

"Stupid freaks, it's all because of that boy you know." Vernon said gruffly to Petunia.

"Yes but I am starting to think that maybe he can end it all. Maybe we should be a bit nicer-"

"Nicer? What's the point of being nicer when he's disturbed in the head anyway. Thinking those no good parents of his died a heroic death and that their friends are half way decent. He said himself that his godfather was a murderer" Vernon said. Harry stepped into the kitchen.

"Where's dinner?" Harry asked.

"Where's Dudley, then we'll start." Vernon said gruffly.

"Dudley won't be moving for a while." Harry said. Vernon went red and Petunia's eyes narrowed.

"What have you done to him?" Petunia asked.

"What he had coming." Harry said. Petunia squealed and left the kitchen.

"What did you do boy?" Vernon asked.

"I used a spell on him, it'll wear off in a while." Harry said as he started to dig into his food.

"What did I say boy!" Vernon said. Harry held his wand out.

"Just give me a reason to curse you." Harry said warningly. Vernon's lips thinned and his face went even redder. Harry put his wand down as he began to eat his food.