For the purposes of this story Jordan and Webb have never died.

0400 EST

North of Union Station

She started screaming.


"MAC! Where are you? I'm coming." He screamed back. He was running as fast as he could to get to where he last heard her. Harm cocked back his gun and blew away the doorknob. He started to free her when he heard something ring. A ring?

Ring . . . Ring . . . Ring

Groaning, Commander Harmon Rabb Jr. USN, reached over to turn off the alarm clock, when he realized it was his phone.

"Mac, what is it? Everything alright?" He said during in his half conscious state.

"Commander Rabb?"


"This isn't Mac . . . This is concerning a Commander Parker."

"I am sure whatever Commander Parker has done this time can wait until morning, I can be reached at the JAG offices." With that he hung up. He was not sleeping well. His partner Lt. Colonel Sarah Mackenzie was on an overseas assignment for a joint operation between the military and the CIA.

Ever since Paraguay, the idea of her working for those people made his head spin, nightmares came, and many sleepless nights. This night would be no different. He turned over in his bed and picked up a book off his night stand and tried to bore himself into sleep.

0800 EST

Falls Church, VA

Everyone seemed amazed when Commander Rabb was seen in his office on time. Ever since Mac left, he was in every morning checking his email. He knew that she has assured him that the mission that she was going on was safe, but he still had a feeling that something huge was going to happen.

'Snap out of it Rabb,' He thought, 'Pretty soon you're gonna be thinking you're psychic.'

He picked up the phone.

"Hello," the voice on the other side said.

"Hi angel. It must be nice to sleep in huh."

"Come on Dad, let me sleep in." Mathilda Grace answered him. She started calling him dad a couple months before when her father decided to terminate his parental rights. She loved them both, but it just felt right for her to call him dad. All she wanted for him to do now was to find himself a suitable other half.

"Sorry sweetie, I needed to hear your voice."

"Dad, did you get any sleep last night?"

"Well Mattie, I did get a call last night at 0400."

"Yeah, well I am real sure that is what is keeping you up. So what are you doing today?"

"I have a staff meeting like now, and then I thinking on taking a long lunch and meeting you and Tom. It just depends on what cases get handed out today. But honey I have to go to the meeting now, you know, make a fashionable late entrance."

"Dad I love you, hope to see you for lunch."

"Love you too kiddo."

Placing the phone back on the receiver he smiled, there were some perks to being a parent. He crossed the bullpen and met up with Lieutenant Commander Bud Roberts.

"Commander, I hope you realize how lucky you were when you got to see your children be born, and to raise them from the beginning."

"Only every day sir." He said with a smile.

They walked into the staff meeting and took their usual spots. With the new admiral, came adjustments. He reminded the crew of Admiral Chegwidden, but the whole crew was somewhat reluctant to warm up to their new CO. Admiral Chegwidden was big shoes to fill.

After normal talk about ongoing investigations and cases, the meeting was adjourned. The JAG crew was in the coffee mess area talking about the breaking news on ZNN about break-ins at fertility clinics, another hostage crisis overseas in the Philippines involving an American, and more stuff about North Korea.

"Commander, there is an elderly man here to see you. He is sitting in your office."

"Thank you Coates."

Harm put his GO NAVY mug in the sink, and muttered something about missing Mac's sludge. He sighed and realized that this was going to be one long day.

"Commander," the man said as he approached him. "We spoke last night. I have some papers I need you to sign regarding the last wishes of a Commander Jordan Parker."

"Has something happened to the Commander?"

"She has passed away in an automobile accident two days ago overseas in Germany. I am the executor of her estate."

"I'm so sorry to hear this. Jordan and I ended our relationship years ago. I can't imagine her putting me in her will."

"Commander, perhaps we should stand out here in the open. I just need to get your signatures saying I delivered the parcels. I left them on your desk. I am in a hurry and must go." The man started acting very agitated all of the sudden. Harm couldn't quite figure him out, but he figured he didn't want to deal with it today. He signed the papers after glancing at it. Just a note saying that Jordan's lawyer delivered said packages to him. The lawyers took the papers and walked out the doors. (A.N. I don't know delivering things to people after someone dies works, so I took some liberty here.)

Harm walked into his office only to be floored by what was waiting for him. On his desk there was a baby sleeping in a carrier. Just as he turned around to catch the lawyer, Admiral Jonas was standing in the doorway.