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The wind blew silently across the village, softly rustling the leaves of the trees. Everything seemed peaceful, calm, and serene. The moon shone brightly that night, illuminating the lone figure hidden among the branches of Goshinboku. He leaned against the body of the mighty oak, his left hand in his lap while his right dangled off his raised right knee. If a person happened to come across him at this time, they might have believed that Inuyasha was asleep, resting from the battle earlier that day. But rest was the farthest thing from his mind. His golden eyes were fixed upon an old well that stood a few hundred feet from the tree.

The Bone Eater's Well. The well that was made from the very branches of the tree he was occupying. The same well which transported an innocent girl from her home and brought her here, to Feudal Japan; a girl who just happened to have the Shikon No Tama embedded in her body, awakened him from his sleeping curse, and turned out to be the reincarnation of the very same woman who placed him under the slumbering spell.

Kagome. . .


Kagome sat up in her sleeping bag. No matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't fall asleep. The young modern girl glanced outside for what seemed like the millionth time. What? This is just ridiculous! The moon hasn't even reached it's peak, and I've been tossing and turning for an eternity! Sighing, she looked around her. Shippou was fast asleep next to her sleeping bag, snoring softly, his tail curled around his body. Across the room laid Miroku, the red mark on his face still apparent from the slap Sango bestowed upon him as he tried to grope her again.

A few feet away laid Kirara, then Sango resting her head against the soft fur of her beloved pet. Glancing once again at Sango, Kagome noticed the pained expression that her friend slept with. I shouldn't be surprised . . . even after our victory today, she still has good reason to be depressed.

As her eyes roamed again, her glance landed on Miroku's right hand. He's finally free of his family's curse. . .thank goodness. He can finally live the life of a normal, perverted monk.

Kagome smiled at the thought of her friend's rather lecherous ways, then glanced back down to her sleeping bag. Now that Naraku is gone for good and the Sacred Jewel is whole once again, everyone can move on with their lives.


"Kagome, don't underestimate him. That bastard may be a hanyou, and tonight may be the night of the new moon, but he is still Naraku."

"I understand, Inuyasha. Don't worry about me, just remember our plan."

Kagome ran out of the little hut, bow in one hand and her arrows slung over her shoulder. Tonight's the night! Tonight's the night we will finally rid this world of that despicable creature!

At the end of the path, she glanced back at the hut. I hope our plan works; this is our only chance if we are going to destroy Naraku once and for all. Inuyasha, be safe, please be safe. With that final thought, she sprinted toward the the battle.

As Inuyasha predicted, Naraku was surrounded by his armies of demons. He himself took on no form; the bodies of the lesser demons used to make up his own body were scattered around him. As Kagome leapt onto the clearing, she saw Sango, Miroku, and Kirara destroying the hanyou's defense.

"Kagome! Is it a go or not?" Sango shouted, slicing the head off a snake demon.

"It's a go! We're going to go through with it!" Kagome ducked, taking an arrow out and firing it at an ogre demon that attempted to decapitate her.

The battle lasted for what seemed like an eternity. With every hour passing by, they were closer to Naraku and to daybreak. Finally, only a few dozen demons were between them and Naraku.

Naraku, not being able to run, had a look of disbelief and ferocity on his face. "You worthless fools! You better hold out until daybreak or there will be hell to pay!!" Naraku shouted angrily at his remaining guard.

He searched for the moon, and seeing it nearly gone, laughed with avengence. "You bastards! You are too weak to defeat me! I will be the most powerful demon that has ever lived!" As the sun began to rose, he began to laugh even harder. "To even think that I could be defeated by a monk, an overgrown cat, and two pathetic women with weapons is preposterous!"

"Are you forgeting about me, baka?"

Inuyasha emerged from the forest in his human form, the untransformed Tessaiga in his hand. He swung the sword and pointed the tip towards his nemesis. "Get ready to die, Naraku!"

"Well, well, if it isn't the almighty half demon Inuyasha here to save the day?" Naraku said sarcastically. "Or should I say, practically dead human idiot? You're too late, puppy, the sun is almost up, and I will be back to full power along with my fully complete Jewel!"

He raised the jewel to the air with a slimy apendage, chain and all. He began to cackle with glee when suddenly an arrow shot through the air, snatching the jewel from Naraku's grasp and pinning it to a nearby tree, where Miroku stood by waiting.

"Wha-what? Why you little wench, you'll pay for that!" Naraku roared, unleashing a group of unattached demons towards Kagome.

"Oh no you don't, you sorry excuse for a hanyou!" Sango bellowed, firing her Hiraikotsu, which was plastered with incantations from Miroku, straight at the demons, exterminating them before they reached the young miko. Just then the sun rose, bathing everything with morning light, including Inuyasha.

"Say your prayers Naraku, you filthy bastard!" yelled Inuyasha, shaking his head as black became silver, violet into gold. Leaping into the air, he swung his sword yelling, "BAKURYUUHA!!!"

"Kagome, now!" yelled Miroku. Kagome fired a sacred arrow straight at the helpless hanyou, her attack opposite from the side Inuyasha's was to hit. Blue and red lights collided in the air simultaneously as Naraku was thrown back from the force of impact, and with a final blood curdling "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" from the defeated demon his body exploded into a brilliant green light and disappeared.

"It's finally over."

End Flashback

Kagome once again looked at Sango. We weren't able to save Kohaku. . .by the time we reached Naraku the shard in his back was removed. Poor Sango, even in her sleep she seems to suffer.

Reaching inside her shirt she pulled out the Shikon No Tama. All this trouble for one little jewel. All the pain, agony, and tears, all caused by this thing. Kagome pulled the Jewel back into her shirt, and deciding that she wasn't going to get any more sleep tonight, slowly got out of her sleeping bag, careful not to wake the sleeping kitsune by her side. She looked down at the sleeping fox child. Good thing we left him with Kaede while we fought. . he would've been terrified . . .

She walked quietly to the door, and paused. Making sure she didn't wake anyone during her excursion across the room, Kagome made her way outside to the side of the hut where she wouldn't disturb the others. She sighed, then looked up into the sky. The stars are so beautiful . . . they don't seem this big back in the future. Her eyes widened. The future . . . Now that the jewel is complete, I have no reason to stay here. But. . . I can't resume my life as if nothing has happened . . .

She turned her attention to the moon. "Inuyasha . . . "


"Inuyasha . . . " The sound of his name awakened him from his deep thinking. It was barely a whisper, but his sensitive dog ears picked up on it easily. Kagome!

Thinking the young miko was in danger, Inuyasha jumped down from his high perch and ran quietly through the night. Oh shit! I knew I shouldn't have strayed so far from the village. What if something happened to her? She's in more danger now with that Jewel around her neck. . .

After what seemed like an eternity he finally reached the front of the hut, where to his surprise, Kagome was silently standing, staring up at the moon. He snuck up behind her quietly and asked, "Why are you still awake?"

She jumped at the sound of Inuyasha's voice so close to her, and spun around only to find her face only inches away from his. "I, uh, couldn't sleep. . ." Kagome stammered.

Seeing that she wasn't hurt or in danger, he resumed his old tone of voice. "Feh, couldn't sleep? I would've thought the battle tired you out."

"Ah, well. . ." she trailed off. How can I tell him the real reason I can't sleep? 'Well, the real reason I couldn't sleep, Inuyasha, is because the journey has ended and now I have to return home and I'll never see you again, but you see, I promised to never leave your side and I can't exactly BE at your side when I'm 500 years into the future--'

Realizing the odd silence, Kagome looked up at the absence of Inuyasha's voice. He was staring intently at her, his eyes boring into hers as he tried to read her mind.

"Umm, yes, Inuyasha? Something, uh, wrong?" Kagome flustered, turning a light shade of red.

"Something is wrong with you, I can tell," he retorted. "You have that weird look on your face when you think."

"I have a weird--what weird look?" Kagome asked defensively. Great, now he can tell I'm thinking by looking at my face. . .good job, Kagome!

Fearing a "sit" command, Inuyasha quickly changed the subject. "Nevermind. . .what are you doing outside by yourself, you stupid girl? It's not safe for you to be out here alone, especially with that jewel around your neck. A demon might just walk by and snatch it up."

"Like you?" Kagome smirked.

"Hah, very funny, girl. Now go back to the hut and get some rest." Inuyasha snapped.

"I can't. Shippou is laying all over my sleeping bag and I don't want to wake him up, not that I can anyway, he's such a deep sleeper. . ." Kagome muttered.

"Hmph, I don't know why you mother that kid so much, he's gotta learn to fend for himself--" Inuyasha stopped when he saw Kagome look toward the hut with a sad, far-away look on her face.

Sighing, silently relented. "Well, since your bag is probably filled with drool, I guess you sleep with me tonight," he grumbled, suppressing the heart-wrenching feeling he felt when he gazed at her sad face.

Kagome raised an eyebrow at him, and he quickly added, "I mean, you sleep in or under a tree or something, and I'll look out for you."

She offered a small smile and said, "Arigatou, Inuyasha."

"Feh!" responded Inuyasha, and turned his back toward her. Secretly smiling at her acceptance, Inuyasha bent down as Kagome climbed onto his back, and he took her to Goshinboku, where he set her down on a fairly large branch, big enough so she could lay down against him.

"Good night, Inuyasha," she mumbled, snuggling against his chest. He blushed, muttering the first word that came to mind.

"Feh." He felt her relax in his arms, her breathing becoming steady as she slept. Giving into his urges, he glanced down, taking in her sweet face and peaceful smile.

Good night, my sweet miko. . .


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