A long time had gone by since the incident at Hikari Gaoka. Everything looked like a distant dream. Now, Taichi Kamiya was older and like other kids was ready for another day of school. Today would be special. The school would be going to summer camp.

Unfortunately for Taichi, her sister had fallen ill again with a very high fever the previous night which was unfortunate since Tai had convinced his parents to allow Hikari to go.

He walked into the bus that would take them there. The mom's of all the kids had been very busy due to the impredictable weather changes happening lately. Sometimes it would be 100F beneath the shade or it would start to snow out of nowhere at times. This made packing clothes a challenge.

The kids came into the bus and then they were on their way. One of the was peculiar and very intelligent. He was working with his laptop.

- What's this? - asked Taichi.

- It's my latest generation laptop. – replied the kid next to taichi that was wearing a orange shirt. – By the way, my name is Izzy.

Taichi did not seem attracted to gadgets at this time so he decided to look out the window. The day seemed to be boring. Behind him there were two kids who were sibblings. One was younger and slept on the lap of the older brother who looked out the window. Both were wearing green. Taichi was happy to know he was not the only one who had a younger sibling wanting to go to camp. He looked ahead.

On the first line of seats, there was an older student who was wearing brown clothes and wore glasses. He seemed to be very smart but seemed that he was getting car sick from the trip.

Taichi turned and looked across the aisle. Two girls were sitting there. One had a yellow shirt and a blue hat. The other was tall and wore a long red dress.

- Check it out. – said izzy. Here I can database all the information of all the kids form third to seventh grade.

- That's so much fun….- scorned Taichi taking his portable telescope. He looked out the window with it. It was a birthday present from her sister. She always told him to carry it everywhere because some day it would be useful.

At the taichi residence, her sister was still burning in fever and mom had to stay behind to tend to her. The AC was at maximum but still she was 105F.

In the meantime, there was chaos in a military installation in jampn.

- What's happening? – asked the general to his personal at an underground base.

- Sir. We lost contact with the communications satellite.

- Which one? – asked the general.

- The tactical one that can extract data from wireless devices.

- Are you sure we can't find it?

- Yes sir. A few minutes ago it stopped reporting its orbit.

Tai looked out the window and noticed his neighbor was slightly agitated.

Izzy started at the computer screen and could not believe what he was seeing. It looked like the laptop had come to life. Something or someone was extracting his data and the on and off switch did not respond. After a few minutes the screen went blank.

- Anything wrong? - asked Taichi.

- Nothing. It's really nothing. – said Izzy as he put the laptop away on his backpack.

He was planning to check it again later at camp to see what was happening.

Taichi looked out the window, and there it was, the summer camp and it looked like it was going to be a sunny and monotonous day.

The end