Smash Brothers' Daughter – DS Wynne

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Note: This is a fusion/crossover story.

At the end of the Silver Millennium era, a lone survivor of a major offensive surveys the damage. Her once glorious "Moon Kingdom" was in shambles.

"Oh, my people," Queen Serenity said, as she cried. "How could I have failed you?"

"Your Majesty," Luna the Talking Cat said, as she huddled to her liege. "What are we going to do?"

"Yes," Artemis the Other Talking Cat interjected, as he brought up the rear. "What if your imprisonment of the Queen Beryl and the Nega-Force doesn't last?"

"Then…with my last bit of strength, I wish for my Silver Millennium crystal to send my daughter to a place where she can prepare for Beryl's return.

So, with a flash of light, a wave was flung out into the ether. At the same time, the Moon cats were placed in mini-stasis tubes.

"Take care, my friends," Serenity said, as she slowly faded away…

Somewhere else…

"Hey, look at this!" Mario Mario said, as he looked at the note attached to a baby basket. Princess Peach, of the Mushroom Kingdom, was holding the previous occupant in her arms.

"Go ahead and read, Mario!" Luigi Mario said, as he clasped his hands. "Daisy wants to have a picnic for lunch!"

"Oh, pipe-down!" Princess Daisy said, as she smacked the back of Luigi's head. "You're always thinking about your stomach!"

"Well, Mario?" Peach asked. The baby in her arms cooed lovingly.

"Let's see. 'Dear kind strangers: my daughter Serenity, Princess of the Moon Kingdom, is the last of her kind. Unfortunately, her people's enemy, Queen Beryl of the Negaverse, might return to come after her. I beg you to help her prepare for this eventuality. Signed, Serenity, of the House of Serenity, Queen of the Moon Kingdom, Empress of the Silver Millennium'."

"Oh, poor thing!" Peach cried. "To be the last of one's kind is a terrible thing, when one's home is destroyed."

Daisy nodded. With the occasional Koopa incursions by Bowser, she can definitely understand these kind of things.

"What are we going to do?" Luigi asked.

Mario looked away for a moment.

"Well, we should do as this Serenity says," Mario said. "Say! We have that annual 'Masterhand's Tournament' to go to. Maybe we can get our friends there to help us!"

"It can't hurt to ask," Peach replied.

If one could see the late Queen Serenity's spirit, a smile would be noticed.

14 years later…

Tokyo, Japan, was a bustling city on the move. Throngs of people moved about the place. Only in the city's various parks were there some sorts of peace and quiet.

Juuban Park, Juuban District (Tokyo, Japan).

A flash of an electrical bolt struck from nowhere, and where it struck, a large, green pipe jutted out of the ground. A short time later, the pipe's hatch was unlocked and opened…from the inside. A moment later…

"Yahoo!" said Serenity, as she leaped out of the pipe, and somersaulted into a standing position. She wore a pair of red overalls, work boots, a full, pink turtle-neck shirt, a pair of white gloves, and a pink cap with a large, white circle in the front (with a stenciled letter "S", also in pink). "This is SO sweet," the girl said. "I can't WAIT to see what this world has to offer!"

Reaching into the pipe, the girl pulled out a backpack before closing the hatch.

"I hope to see you guys soon," the girl said, as she tapped on the hatch. "Wish me luck!"

As if on cue, the pipe went back into the ground, and disappeared, leaving no trace that it has ever existing.

With a sigh of relief, the girl pulled out a jean jacket, puts it on, and trudged forward. She wasn't sure where she was heading, but she will definitely find out!

A short time later…

"Hey! Let's mess with this kitty!"

A group of bullies were huddle around a small cat.

"Hey, stop it!"

The kids turned around to see a girl standing there. She definitely stuck out.

"Oh yeah?" one of the boys said. "What are you going to do about it?"

The girl sat her bag down, and took a poise.

The girl suddenly grew gigantic size in spurts.

"It's a monster! Run!"

With the boys gone, the girl went back to normal.

"Boy, that's a good trick Uncle Mario had," the girl said to herself. "Too bad it's absolutely useless!"

The girl then checked the cat out.

"Poor thing," the girl said. Then, she noticed a large band-aid on its forehead. "What's this…?"

When the girl took off the band-aid from the cat's forehead. Then, she noticed the crescent moon mark…

The mark flashed a bright light, blinding the girl.


When Serenity could see again, the cat was gone.

"Strange," the girl said to herself. "Oh, well-"

"Say, you look a little lost," said a woman.

"Excuse me?"

The woman, who seemingly appeared from nowhere, steps up to her.

"I said that you seemed lost."

"Well, I'm kinda new around here," Serenity said, thanking her guardians for their translation amulet, which will allow her to accumulate herself in Japan easily. "I'm looking for a place to stay."

"Well, if you want, I know some people who take in kids your age."

Serenity nodded. According to Uncle Mario, her quest against the evil named Beryl would show up in Japan.


"Sure. Lead on."

"Great! By the way, my name is Setsuna. I'm with the Children Welfare Services."

And with that, Serenity was place with foster parents Ken and Irene Tsukino, where she will stay unless otherwise.

A month later, Serenity Mario, dressed in typical school clothes at Crossroads Junior High School. Since it was an American-sponsored school, there were kids from around the world in attendance.

"Hey, Molly," Serenity, said, as she sits at the lunch table. "What's up?"

"Oh, just thinking about...Seren," Molly Baker said with a sigh.

"Oh, yeah," Serenity said nervously. She had recently used her male-disguise, based upon Aunt Zelda's Sheik role, to save her classmates life from a youma. These youma, created by the Negaverse, had first appeared about a week after her arrival.

Anyway, "Seren" was using her thieving and sneaking skills to know the lay of the land, in this case, it was Juuban, when Molly was attacked.


Seren looked towards the direction of the Molly's jewelry store.

Well, it looks like I got a damsel in distress to save, Serenity thought. Then, she got in a poise, and activated her instant teleportation technique…


Unbeknownst to Seren, a black cat with a crescent symbol on its forehead was following her.

A moment, Seren re-appeared in the jewelry store. Seren could see the red-headed Molly being surrounded by obviously possessed people.

"Get away from me!" Molly cried.

Seren got out her throwing darts and charged them. Then, she threw them at her would-be foes.

Thip! Thip! Thip!

After a few of the zombies were down, Seren charged forward. She used a combination of fast kicks, and faster punches to knock as many of her opponents down. She then took out her whip, and finished off the rest. When the zombies were down, Seren turned towards Molly.

"Are you okay…Miss?" Seren asked.

"Oh, thank you!" Molly said, as she ran into the arms of her savior. "You've saved me!"

Serena felt nervous about the way Molly was responding to her help. But before she could say anything…

"You would stop the Negaverse!" said a raging woman.

"Who's that?" Seren asked.

"She's some sort of demon pretending to be my mother!"

"If that's the case, go on and get out of here. Go!"

Molly nodded, as she ran through the front entrance.

The youma pretending to be Molly's mother began to throw of energy bolt. Seren used her skills to dodge and fight back, but she could not pierce the youma's defenses.

"Dang!" Seren said, as she ducked behind a counter. "I got to-"

"There you are!"

Seren looked down. It was that cat she saved earlier…and it was talking!

"You can talk?"

"Never mind that! The reason why you can pierce her defenses is because of the type of energy field the youma has. You need a special kind of energy to finish it off."

Seren nodded. While she had the power to defeat the creature, some types of energies are easier to deploy than others, especially after dealing with the likes of Koopa Khan and Gannondorf.

"Okay, we'll try it your way. What do I do?"

"Say 'Moon Prism MAKE UP'."

"Okay. Moon Prism MAKE UP…?"


Seren was engulfed in a shower of light. The next thing she realized, she was wearing her Odango-styled hair and a fancy sailor suit with matching gloves and tiny skirt. Then, words began to flow through her head, as she leaped over the counter.

"Who are you?" asked the youma.

"I am…Sailor Moon!" Serenity yelled with confidence, though her thoughts were bewildered by the experience. "I am the champion of love and justice, and in the name of the Moon, I will punish you!"

"I don't know where that boy went, but you will have to do!"

The youma fired a shower of dark energy. Sailor Moon dodged and weaved, before getting up and personal.

"Rabbit PUNCH!"

Taking a clue from Uncle Falcon, the bounty hunter, an energy field, shaped like a large, pink rabbit, formed around Moon. When Moon made contact with her punch, the force of the energy field went into the youma.

"Gah!" the youma screamed, as she fell backwards.

"Now, Sailor Moon! Use you Moon Tiara Magic!" Luna the Cat yelled.


Moon took off her tiara, and formed an energy disk out of it.

"Moon Tiara Magic Elimination!"

Moon threw her "disk" at the youma. When it made contact, the youma disintegrated into dust.

"Dusted!" Moon yelled.

"Good job, Sailor Moon!" yelled a voice.

Moon looked up. Standing by an opened window was a man dressed in cape, tuxedo, top hat and mask.

"Know this: you will always have allies," the masked man proclaimed. "Until next time, farewell!"

And with that, Tuxedo Mask disappeared into the night.

"Who was that Mask Man?" Moon thought out loud.

Serenity turned her mind back to the present, where she was having lunch with Molly.

"Will I see my beloved?" Molly asked.

"Maybe," Serenity said with a blush.


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