Dangerous Liaisons

Recap: AU the events of CI never happened, instead…Kathryn & Sebastian have known each other since they were children. They were rivals, enemies, and each other's first and eventually they fell in love, to the shock and dismay of nearly everyone. One day Sebastian came home to find an unapologetic Kathryn in bed with his father. After ripping out his heart, she left town for 4 years. During that time Sebastian immersed himself in seducing woman-with the exception of the one he wanted most, his pious stepsister Annette. His life was thrown into a tailspin when Kathryn showed up wanting him back. She orchestrated a series of manipulations & head games that all blew up in her face until she enlisted Annette's smitten brother Steven to make Sebastian jealous. It worked but it didn't stop Sebastian & Annette from sharing a kiss. They were dismayed to find they had little chemistry until they discovered the shocking secret why- Annette was actually his half sister. Sebastian at last found out why Kathryn slept with his father-she was pushing him away because she had cancer. Sebastian was distraught by this news but Kathryn made it clear she didn't want him back out of pity. After a round of shower sex Sebastian took Kathryn to his father's gravestone where he decided to lay the past to rest. While the pair finally reunited, Steven took a mysterious trip where he met up with a woman from his past named Felicia. Sebastian, wanting to put his step brother in his place, tricked him into coming home early where he discovered not only had Kathryn gotten back together with Sebastian but they married. Furious and heartbroken, Steven revealed to the entire society set that Kathryn once slept with Sebastian's father. A vengeful Kathryn threatened him before turning her wrath on her husband for putting this all into motion. A distraught Steven arrived home only to be met by someone hiding in the shadows…with a gun…

Chapter 12: My Baby Shot Me Down

"Every murderer is probably somebody's old friend. You cannot mix up sentiment and reason."

- Agatha Christie, The Mysterious Affair of Styles

It was going to be a shit day, he just knew it.

Sebastian's head felt as if it was being weighed down by a ton of bricks and his eyes didn't seem to want to open. It must have taken him ten minutes just to turn his head and when he did he was met by a burst of light, as if someone was shinning a flashlight directly at his face. He let out a miserable groan and tried to shield his face. Oh fuck, what had he done last night?

He was fuzzy on the particulars, but he was sure it involved massive amounts of alcohol and something even less…wholesome. Reaching out he felt around for his alarm clock only to be met with cold steel. Sebastian grimaced as he slowly opened his eyes and realized he wasn't at his mother's, nor his aunts or at Kathryn's where he had been staying since they reunited. No, judging from the ultra modern furniture and the homoerotic art littering the wall he was definitely at Tuttles.

"Oh Christ," he muttered, shifting his body on the very uncomfortable couch he had apparently passed out on. Rubbing his eyes he tried to recall the events of the previous night but came up short. How the hell did he end up at Blaine's? He was at the ball…with Kathryn…and then Steven…and then, oh yes, the fight. Yes, he remembered now how angry she had been when she discovered his little prank. Can't you take a joke sweetheart? Not when it costs her, her reputation apparently.


After that all Sebastian remembered was getting in his car and leaving…for who knows where. He must have went to Blaine's to hide out from princess Kathryn's wrath. Likely he had over indulged and passed out. The only problem was Sebastian never did that. Not since high school anyway. He could hold his substances with the best of them. Even if he did pass out he never BLACKED out. Right now however he couldn't recall a god damn thing and that was a little frightening.

Ever so slowly he was able to pull himself up halfway and fished around in his pants (which luckily he was still wearing) to find his cell phone. Sebastian dialed his wife's number only to be met with her voice mail. Wonderful she was probably still avoiding his calls. He left her a message anyway.

"Morning princess. Look I know you're probably still pissed. I'm sorry about last night but it will blow over, it always does." Searching is jacket he tried to find his smokes as he pleaded, "Just call me back, okay? I passed out at Tuttle's last night and I'm pretty sure I ingested half his stash. I feel like shit, if that makes you feel any better. As soon as I get cleaned up I'm coming over there. We can hatch out what to do about Steven. We'll make the fucker pay." Smiling faintly as he took a deep drag Sebastian added, "Just like old times. I'll see you soon baby."

He hung up the phone just as Blaine entered, already dressed, carrying a bottle of water and some pills. "Well it looks like sleeping beauty if finally awake."

Sebastian groaned, "I feel like shit. What the hell happened last night?"

Blaine bent forward to place the pills and water in front of him. He stopped and looked up at his friend, an odd, expression spread across his face. He slowly straightened up. "You don't remember?"

Valmont pinched the bridge of his nose as if willing his hang over away. "No, no the last thing I remember is having a fight with Kathryn outside the party." Sizing up his friend he took in his fidgeting hands and the way he was biting the corner of his lip. Tuttle was nervous. He was never nervous. His voice laced with suspicion Sebastian asked, "How exactly did I end up here last night?"

Blaine shrugged, obviously striving for nonchantness but not quite making it. "You showed up here, whining about your latest tiff with the misses, which congratulations by the way. I can't believe you actually married the little-

"Blaine" He attempted to cut him off and steer the conversation back to the previous night's events but his friend kept jabbering on.

"I mean I know you've always been infatuated with her but marriage? It's so bourgeois Valmont. I hope you signed a pre-nup."

Rolling his eyes upward he sighed, "Yeah thanks Blaine. I'll be sure to pass on your well wishes to Kathryn. Now about last night, what the fuck did I take? My head feels like a piano fell on it."

"I'm not sure, I left you alone in my room while I went to show Timothy the wonders of my seven jet Jacuzzi tub. When I returned you were passed out on the floor. We practically had to drag you to the couch."

"Who's Timothy?"

"Fuck if I know." He waved his hand in the air indifferently. "He was one of the waiters at the party. I think his name was Timothy…or Tommy…or Roger…"

"Uh huh," Sebastian sighed as he popped a few aspirin in his mouth. "Is that everything?"

The uneasy look appeared over his friend's face again and he avoided his eyes. "Not exactly."

"What aren't you telling me"

Blaine opened his mouth as if to say something then stopped. Instead he rushed towards the bookshelf, grabbed a remote and turned on the TV. He put on the local news where a pretty anchor was talking earnestly into the camera while police and reporters swirled behind her. It took Sebastian a moment to realize the building she was standing behind was his mother's house. His heart in his throat he got to his feet, ignoring his history making hangover as he approached the television.

"The body of twenty one year old college student, Steven Hardgrove was found here, at 79th and 5th street, where the young man lived with his father, financer Jacob Hardgrove and his step mother Natasha, who was once married to real estate mogul Edward Valmont. It was after a charity gala Mrs. Hardgrove hosted last night, and our own Viviane Thomas covered, that the police believe Mr. Hardgrove came home where he was brutally shot to death. The police are not releasing any more information or if there are indeed any suspects at this time. The family is expected to make an announcement later this afternoon. We'll have more for you on this story as it develops. This is Amanda Farinacci for NY1 news."

As the fellow anchors offered their sympathy to the family and then rattled on about a traffic accident in mid-town, Sebastian's brain tried to process everything but it was too much. This somehow didn't seem real. How could Steven be dead? He knew he should call his mother, find out how Annette was doing but all he could think about was his wife.

Valmont went back to the couch to search for his phone. "Where's my fucking phone? I have to find Kathryn and tell her what's going on."

Blaine sighed, "She already knows." Sebastian whipped his head around at this news. "The police took her in for questioning early this morning."

Yes, it was most definitely going to be a shit day.

Click. Click. Click.

Staring pointedly at the tubby, middle-aged woman in front of her, dressed in some hideous polyester blend, Kathryn tapped her manicured nails against the metal counter in irritation. The woman gave her a polite smile as she fumbled with the papers in front of her. Kathryn was dangerously on the edge of completely losing her shit on the woman but she knew she couldn't. It wouldn't do for a murder suspect to get caught beating the police secretary with her Birkin bag.

"I'm sorry this is taking so long dear," she addressed her with a slight smile. "It will only be a minute."

"Of course, no problem."

She produced her best phony debutante smile as her fingers dug into her palm in an attempt to calm herself down. It wasn't just that she hated to be kept waiting, though of course she did, it was her current surroundings that were putting her off. A New York police station has to be one of the unmentioned levels of Dante's inferno. Seriously. Between the foul stench of urine and the greasy, drug addict hand cuffed to the chair who had been leering at her for twenty minutes this was a special sort of hell Kathryn never imagined.

Fucking Steven.

Yes, she was well aware it was in bad taste to speak ill of the dead but really this was all his fault. As if her reputation wasn't tarnished enough last night, just wait until it became public knowledge that Kathryn Merteuil was a suspect in a murder. Her brother in-law's murder. Who she was once involved with. Yeah she was fucked.

She was also fairly certain the police didn't buy her flimsy alibi but she wouldn't worry about that now. No, now she was just concerned about signing her statement and getting the hell out of there. If only the incompetent in front of her moved a little faster.

She was about to open her mouth to say something when she heard the faint buzzing of her phone vibrating in her purse. Pulling it out she wasn't surprised to see it was Sebastian. Again. He had been calling her all morning, leaving messages but she ignored them all. She couldn't deal with him right now, not after last night.

"Ms? Ms?" Kathryn dropped her phone to find the foolish woman had at last found her statement. "There you go honey, just sign down at the bottom."

Taking the pen, she signed quickly and made sure when she handed over the pen she pushed it against the woman's coffee cup. The hot liquid went right into the woman's lap causing her to jump up with a surprised squeal. Kathryn slid on her sunglasses and offered up another phony smile. "Oops, sorry about that."

She turned on her heel, fully intending to leave and never come back when she ran smack into Sebastian. "If it isn't my fugitive wife." His voice was teasing but his expression was anything but. Pulling her into an embrace he whispered to her, "Are you alright?"

There was a part of her, a small part, that wanted to go soft and just let herself collapse in his arms but that wasn't who she was. She wasn't going to cry and she wasn't going to act like some pitiful little wife. Even for Sebastian. Instead she pulled away from him and straightened her pencil length skirt. "I'm fine," she replied coolly. "I just need to get the hell out of here."

He nodded, "Okay I'll take you home."

"No, I'll take myself"

She could tell he was thrown by her moodiness but she couldn't let herself think about that now. "Kathryn, what's going on? What happened last night?"

She pulled her sunglasses off and rested them on her head. "You don't remember?"

"No, I woke up at Blaine's this morning. The last thing I remember was fighting with you outside the party." He shook his head as if trying to jog his memory. "I heard about Steven from the news. Blaine told me the cops brought you in. Why are the police questioning you?"

"The fucking doorman at the party ratted me out. It doesn't look so good when you threaten someone's life less than an hour before they die."

"You were understandably angry. After what he did to you anyone would have threatened him," Sebastian argued. "Don't they get that?"

"They don't care," she snapped. "All they care about is pinning this on someone. The bigger profile the better. They're going to do everything they can to tie me to this."

"Fuck," he sighed. "Well we'll get you the best lawyer we-"

She held up her hand cutting his off. "It's already taken care of. I have Diane working on it. Right now I just want to go home and forget this whole thing. Alone."

Placing her sunglasses back on her face Kathryn headed for the door but he grabbed her by the arm, pulling her close. "What the hell's going on with you? This isn't like you got beat out for student body president Kathryn! They want to put you away for murder!"

Yanking her arm away angrily she spat, "Don't you think I know that!?"

"Then why are you acting so cavalier? And why are you pushing me away? You can't still be pissed about last night."

Her eyebrows rose dangerously. "Is there any reason I shouldn't? It's your fault Steven showed up when he did, your fault he had the opportunity to humiliate me and it's your fault I'm in this mess Sebastian!" Kathryn realized she was speaking above her usual delicate whisper and a few people around them had taken notice. Composing herself she addressed him quietly, "This isn't the time or place for this conversation."

"Fine, we'll go home." Sebastian started for the door but she stopped him.

"No, I want to be alone." When he looked ready to object she asked softly, "Please Sebastian just give me this."

It was he this time that went cold. Straightening up he replied crisply, "Fine, do what you want." He waited until she was at the door before adding, "But I can't help but feel you're not telling me everything."

She flinched. Fuck, she had nearly forgotten who she was dealing with. "What is it you think I'm hiding?"

Valmont crossed his arms to his chest. "You tell me"

It hung in the air between then like a thick cloud of smoke. The thing neither one of them dare voice but they were both thinking: Did she do it? Kathryn eyed her husband, daring him to ask her but she knew he wouldn't. He wanted her to volunteer it. He'd be waiting for a long time.

Tossing her hair behind her shoulders she simply replied, "Goodbye Sebastian."

Before he could say anything more she left the station only to be greeted by a horde of reporters all pushing cameras and microphone's into her face. Kathryn ignored them all as she made a bee line for her awaiting car. The whole time she tried to erase the image of Sebastian's suspicious face from her memory.

Yes, it really was wrong to think ill of the dead but all the same Kathryn hoped Steven was rotting in hell.

"Annette, please come out." Tapping his fingers against the heavy wood door Sebastian rolled his eyes at how pathetic he must look. He had been standing outside his sisters bedroom with a tray of food pleading for her to come out or at least unlock the door so he could come in for the past half hour with no luck. "Sweetheart, come on. You need to eat something."

Christ, now he sounded like his mother. He dropped the plate of food to the floor, causing it to crash crudely to the ground, thinking that might make her curious enough to peak her head out. No dice.

Under any other circumstances Valmont would have let the girl be. Annette was strong and she could take care of herself. However, he knew she would have trouble handling this. She worshipped her older brother and he could only imagine the kind of pain she was going through right now. Sebastian wasn't usually one for apathy but right all he wanted was to comfort his half sister.

She had yet to emerge from her room since arriving at the Hargrove country house. Seeing as their prior home was now a crime scene the family had to find a new place to stay. Located in east Hampton, the Hardgroves use to spend their summer's there before Jacob married Natasha. It was located on a nice, spacious piece of land. Far from the prying eyes of the press. Sebastian had arrived earlier that day to find that Annette hadn't left her room or spoken to anyone.

Sebastian leaned back against the wall opposite her room and signed in defeat. "You know you don't have to come out here and talk to me." His voice was at a normal level, he wasn't even sure she could hear him if she wanted to. Still he kept yammering on, more for his own benefit. "It's fine, I'm use to it. I can't even get my own wife to talk to me. Kathryn is-"

He was cut off when the door was suddenly thrown open and Annette came charging out of the room. Still dressed in her pajamas, with her blond tresses askew, and her face red and puffy from crying she was a hot mess but that wasn't what concerned her half brother. It was the rather, furious, unhinged look in her eye as she came barreling towards him.

"Don't you DARE mention that witch's name to me! After what she did to Steven-"

"Kathryn didn't do anything"

"The hell she didn't! She destroyed my brother and then when he had the nerve to stand up for himself she killed him!" Her petite hands locked into fists she pushed at his chest angrily. "Kathryn killed him! She killed him Sebastian!"

Valmont grabbed at his sister's hands. "Annette, Annette, calm down." He stilled her movements but kept his grip on her wrists. He bent so they were at eye level and talked to slowly and calmly like you would a small child. "Kathryn didn't murder Steven Annette. It wasn't her."

"If you believe that you're even more deluded than I thought." She yanked herself out of his grip.

He straightened his shoulders and stared her down. "My wife is many things but she's not a killer."

"Then why are the police talking with her? She has no alibi!" Sebastian was curious where she got this information, it was certainly the first he ever heard of it. Annette must have seen him flinch but she continued on, "Kathryn killed your own brother Sebastian."

"He was NOT my brother!" he yelled at her.

Annette recoiled away from him. She was quite for a moment then spoke in a voice barely above a whisper. "Maybe you didn't see him that way but he was my brother. My big brother Steven. He watched out for me and looked after me. When our mom died, I felt like he was the only person I had left in the world and now…"

She collapsed into tears and Sebastian immediately pulled her into his arms, regretting his earlier outburst. "Shh, it's alright. You're going to be fine." He gently caressed her hair. "For what it's worth you still have me."

His sister pulled away, her face still streaked with tears. "Do I still have you?"

"Of course"

"Sebastian is you stay married to her, if you stay with Kathryn then we're done. I mean it. You're no longer my brother if you choose her over me"

Valmont stared back at her rather incredulously. Not sure if he was fully grasping what she was saying. "You expect me to choose between you and my wife?"

Annette wiped at her damp face and narrowed her eyes in steely determination. "Yes I do. You brought her into our lives Sebastian and I can forgive you for that but if you stay with her…"

"This isn't fucking high school!" He bellowed at her. "Kathryn is my wife! Look you're angry and upset. You want someone to blame for this, I get it but Kathryn had nothing to do with what happened to Steven. Destroying our relationship isn't going to bring him back. Don't make me choose."

"You just did," she huffed before turning and disappearing back into the bedroom. Sebastian didn't follow her.

He's not a moron. He expected her to be distraught, angry even. But her irrational anger towards Kathryn was unexpected, seeing as she had little to no proof of her involvement. Still, that lack of an alibi thing was interesting. Where the fuck HAD Kathryn been last night?

Sebastian collapsed on one of the Hardgrove's ugly arm chairs and rubbed his temples. His earlier hangover still hadn't disappeared. If it was possible it was starting to get worse. He could not believe the turn of events this day had taken so far.

His gaze drifted around the boring living room and landed on a picture of Annette and Steven. They had the same one back at his mother's townhouse. Sebastian was staring at the picture intently when out of nowhere he had a flash of, well he wasn't sure what it was. A memory or hallucination possibly: He saw that picture, sitting on the piano in the dark. He must have been laying on the antique lounger because that's the angle he was at. He could hear someone talking, a woman but he couldn't make out the voice. And then…

"Sebastian? Sebastian are you listening to me?"

The sound of his mother's voice jostled him from his daydream like state. Sebastian looked up to find Natasha staring down at him with concern. As always she was beautiful and well put together but he could see the weariness around her blue eyes of someone who hadn't slept all night.

He offered an apologetic smile and kissed her cheek. "Sorry, I guess I was starting to doze off. How are you mother?"

"I'm…numb. Yes I believe that's the word for it." She walked over to a nearby desk and began straightening things unnecessarily. "I don't think I've let anything sink in yet. Jacob is practically catatonic and Annette…oh that poor dear. Did you get her to eat anything?"

Sebastian shook his head. "Not exactly, she's not talking to me anymore." When his mother looked up at him in alarm he explained, "She blames me. Well, no, she blames Kathryn and blames me for bringing Kathryn into our lives."

Natasha pursed her lips, "I see."

He studied his mother curiously. Natasha Valmont Hardgrove was a lady who had been raised to never speak in a voice too far above a whisper and to never speak ill of anyone, and as such she wasn't the type to make wild, dramatic, accusations. Even if she truly believed Kathryn had killed her step-son she wouldn't say a word about it and she wouldn't berate him for standing by her even if she disagreed. . Sebastian had always admired these qualities in her, more so even now. Still he was curious.

"Do you think she killed him mother?"

She seemed to measure her words carefully. "I'm not a detective dear."

Sebastian wasn't letting her off that easily. "But?"

"Well," she sighed, "if the events of last night are any indication, I would say she most definitely had reason to attack him."

Valmont cringed inwardly. He had nearly forgotten about his step-brothers announcement at the gala the night before. "Yes, about that-

"The question darling isn't whether I believe Kathryn is guilty. I am not the one married to her."

"She didn't do it, Kathryn couldn't kill any one." This was not an entirely accurate statement but he wasn't about to tell his mother than. Sebastian could very well see his wife killing someone in a moment of passion, if she was in enough rage or felt threatened. But to pull a gun on someone, that just wasn't her style. "Besides" he added thinking back to their afternoons shooting skeet at his aunts house, "She's a suck shot."

Natasha narrowed her eyes wearily at her son. "This is not the time to be cute Sebastian. Someone is dead."

"I'm well aware," he replied drolly.

"Well what does she have to say about it?"

Sebastian looked away. "I don't know, she won't talk to me." When Natasha's elegant eyebrows rose at her son's revelation he explained, "I saw her this morning at the police station and she asked me to give her space. She's acting odd."

"And that doesn't raise your suspicions?"

"Not in the least." Another white lie. He genuinely didn't think she had anything to do with Steven's murder but he did feel she was hiding something from him.

Natasha took a seat on the couch beside him. She reached out and gently soothed his hair. "You know darling, this isn't the first time she had kept things from you."

"About father, I'm so sorry you had to find out about that and in such a public forum. It happened four years ago and believe me there were mitigating circumstances."

"Kathryn had cancer."

She said it so bluntly he wasn't sure he heard her right at first. "What did you say?"

She placed a hand on his knee in hopes of calming him. "Sebastian"

"No." He brushed her hand off and demanded, "When did you know?"

"Four years ago."

Sebastian bolted upright and began to pace. Jesus fucking christ like he needed one more thing to deal with today. Trying to keep calm he asked, "You've know all this time?"

"Yes." If Natasha was thrown by her son's reaction she didn't show it. She simply sat poised on the couch following him with her attentive eyes. "When Kathryn left you were so despondent. I didn't know what to do so I went to Tiffany and demanded to know what was going on. I didn't…well I didn't really give her much choice."

He stopped pacing and looked back at her in surprise. "You blackmailed her mother?"

"Don't be so surprised. You are my son after all." She rose to her feet and slowly approached him. "She told me Kathryn was sick, they weren't sure if she was going to make it. I knew then why she left you. She wanted to spare you any pain and so did I."

"Why didn't you tell me?" He tried to not sound so much like a petulant child but he couldn't help it.

"I was trying to protect you. Sebastian you should understand that. Isn't that why you didn't tell me about what happened between your father and Kathryn, hmm?"

A part of Sebastian hated her for being so tricky. She knew just what cards to play to win her argument. "Yes, I suppose it is. You didn't know about what happened with father?"

"I knew something had happened between you two. I mean you had never gotten along before but after Kathryn left you seemed to down right hate him."

"I did," he replied bluntly.

Natasha held up her hands. "Alright, that's enough talk of the past. Now what are you going to do about that wife of yours?"

"She wants time alone"

"And what do you want?"

"I need to find out what's going on."

His mother leaned forward and kissed his cheek before heading towards the door. Over her shoulder she called out, "Then I think you know what you have to do."

"Get the fuck out of my way!" Kathryn hollered as she pushed past the mass of reporters camped outside her townhouse. To hell with her good manners and proper etiquette. She had had enough of this shit for one day, thank you very much.

Having spent a better part of the afternoon with her lawyer trying to hammer out some sort of game plan, all she wanted to do now was crawl into the bathtub with a big bottle of scotch and drink away the day's events. That is, if she could ever get to her front door.

"Move now," she hissed at a particularly rodent looking young man, "Unless you want my Jimmy Choo to be permanently wedged up your ass."

He scattered away with his camera long enough for her to get her front door open and escape inside. Taking a deep breath Kathryn leaned her head against the door, happy for the quiet. It wouldn't last long.

She came into her living room to find her husband sprawled out on her chaise lounge, feet propped up against her twenty thousand dollar coffee table with a cigarette in one hand and a tumbler in the other. "You gotta be shitting me," she grumbled under her breath. "Sebastian I am not in the mood."

He carelessly blew a smoke ring into the air and snickered, "Funny, I thought you were always in the mood."

"Charming. Now leave, we had an arrangement."

"No, you laid down some bullshit demands and just assumed I'd fall in line." Puffing away on his smoke he gave her a dark look. "When have I ever fallen in line princess? Besides we're married now remember."

Kathryn rolled her eyes and strolled over to the wet bar. "Fine, whatever." Over her shoulder she tossed him an evil smile. "You can stay in the guest room or better yet the couch."

"I think I'll pass" She heard him approach her from behind. Kathryn ignored him in favor of pouring her scotch. Sebastian came up beside her and dropped his cigarette into her glass. Before she could turn around and scream at him he snaked his arm around her and moved his hand quickly down her abdomen towards her sex. "You know what my favorite thing about marriage is? What's yours is mine."

She let out a gasp of surprise. "That doesn't belong to you."

"That ring on your finger says otherwise," he breathed in her ear as his hand sneaked under her black dress.

Doing her best to ignore his insistent ministrations she huffed, "You're unbelievable Valmont. Your poor step-brother died no more than twelve hours ago and all you can think about is servicing your dick?"

Sebastian let out a throaty laugh as he kissed her neck. His unoccupied hand reached around and pinched her tit. "Save the sanctimonious shit for someone who buys it. I know you too well Kathryn. I know just what you want right now and it isn't alone time. What you want is a good…hard…fuck." He punctuated his words by groping her crudely underneath her dress. "Now loose the bullshit mourning clothes. They don't become you."

Kathryn attempted to elbow him away but it just caused him to laugh. "Fuck you!"

"Oh, I plan on it." Without warning he pulled his hand out from under her skirt and spun her around forcefully. His mouth met hers in an almost animalistic kiss. Kathryn found herself easily returning it. She bit his lip and pulled at the short curls of his hair. He was right, she did want to fuck. Sometimes she just hated him so much for knowing her so well.

Kathryn jumped up and scissored her legs around his waist. Sebastian's hands tangled in her silky hair as he carried her towards the nearest flat surface. She pulled away from his mouth and murmured, "Just once. Then you leave."

"We'll see," he replied in a way that told her he would do anything but.

Sebastian tossed his wife down on the sofa in a not so gentle manor. She laid out before him letting her legs spread lewdly and her dress bunch up around her waist. Kneeling before her he took off his tie then placed his hands on her hips and removed her delicate lace panties. Kathryn let him do all the work as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He rubbed it and looked her over appreciatively, licking his lips. "Are you wet for me baby?"

Kathryn simply grinned in response. In the back of her mind she knew what he was doing, trying to relieve the tension between them the only way he knew how. In their relationship this was how he got her to open up. Sometimes she loved him so much for knowing her so well.

Pushing her leg up, he placed it over his shoulder in a somewhat painful position but Kathryn didn't complain. She didn't really have time as Sebastian entered her immediately. No foreplay or soft kisses, he just started hammering into her right away. She arched her back and let out a startled moan. Her hands reached behind her head looking for something to clutch but her nails would just have to settle for digging into the expensive fabric.

The only sound was the squeak of the couch as it rubbed against the hard wood floor and Sebastian's voice whispering obscenities into her ear. Kathryn let herself get lost in the relentless fucking and was rather surprised when her orgasm approached so suddenly. Sebastian didn't let up. He fucked her through her cum, no regard for her sore pussy, and didn't let up until he emptied himself inside her. He came with a roar before collapsing on top of her.

They laid like that for awhile before Sebastian pulled himself up, zipped his pants and slumped down on the floor, his back to the couch. Kathryn reached out and curled his hair around her finger wondering if she should say something. Watching her husband calmly light a cigarette she remarked softly, "You never asked me."

"Asked you what?"

"If I did it or not"

Sebastian turned and looked at her like she was delusional. "Why would I?"

Smoothing her dress down, which had been bunched up around her hips, she looked away from him. "You have that much faith in me?"

"I know you didn't do it Kathryn," she replied simply.

"How do you-

Sebastian took her by the face and forced her to look at him. "I know you, okay? You may be capable of doing a lot of bad shit but not this. You and me, two halves remember? You couldn't do it anymore than I could."

Kathryn flinched, unintentionally, but he didn't seem to notice. She leaned forward and kissed his temple before whispering in his ear, "I do love you. No matter what."

"Enough to tell me where you were last night?"

The question knocked the wind out of her just slightly but this time she didn't let it show on her face. "What do you mean?"

He turned, not fully facing her. "Annette told me you have no alibi for last night, or at least not one you're giving up. I know you weren't with Steven so where were you?"

A million lies crossed her mind in that moment. She could think up at least ten of them that he would believe but then she thought back to the last few months and all the lying she did to him and how it got her absolutely nowhere. Kathryn knew she had to tell him the truth.

She slowly sat up. "Alright I'll tell you but…you're not going to like it."

Before she could say another word there was a loud pounding on her door followed by three uniformed policeman rushing inside. Behind them detective Monroe, who interviewed her earlier approached her with a grim expression.

Sebastian jumped to his feet. "What the fuck is this?"

Kathryn knew exactly what this was. Straightening her clothes she placed a hand on her husband's arm to keep him from losing it. She addressed the detective steely eyed, "Well?"

Detective Monroe removed the silver cuffs from his belt and approached her. "Ms. Merteuil you're under arrest for the murder of Steven Hardgrove."

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