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A/N: I have written a chapter songfic for the song....She Will Be Loved By: Maroon 5. At the beginning of the song i will add alittle bit of the song, and it goes along with the chapter. Here is the first one.

Beauty queen of only eighteen
She had some trouble with herself
He was always there to help her
She always belonged to someone else

Chapter 1: Beauty Queen

Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerld was 5 when her mother and father entered her into Beauty Pagents. She never really fully adjusted to it but every show she entered, she would win. Winning was a rush to her. She won Miss Harmony Sweetheart when she was 5, Miss Cutie Pie of New England when she hit 6, Miss Harmony Youngster when she was 8, Miss Jr Harmony year's 9-14, And Miss Teen 15-17. She was now 18 and so tired of the Beauty Pagents.

She always had someone to be there for her. His name was Ethan. He was there all her life but didn't really seem to support her or love her. He wanted policy. He was dating a Beauty Queen and that made his repution grow. And his half-brother, Nicholas Foxworth Crane, Fox for short, seemed to be friend Theresa when he 10 and they were the same age and Ethan was 14 then.

Fox and Theresa were best friends and he would see her struggle through the pagents and struggle in the relationship with Ethan. He was there when he ignored her. When he cheated on her and all the horrible things.

"And now for Miss Teen USA. This lucky young woman who wins this gets a chance to run for Miss Teen Universe and Then Miss America." The host of the show said in her long red gown. She was standing next to 5 finalst's and Theresa was one of them. "The 3rd place winner is....Miss Teen Teaxas." The girl in a long blue gown which sprakled stepped forward and smiled sadly grabbing her roses. "Okay the 2nd runner up is.....Miss Teen California." As it proceed it came down to the runner up and the winner. "The runner up in Miss Teen USA is Miss Teen Oregen which means Miss Teen USA is Miss Teen Maryland Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerld."

Theresa stepped up in her long pink sprakling gown and had tears flowing from her eyes as they placed the crown on her head. They placed a stash on her side which said 'Miss Teen USA' and handed her roses. She took her walk down the runway as she saw Ethan in the front row sitting next to Fox. Fox had a sign which said 'Go Miss Teen Maryland.'. Theresa smiled at her as looked at Fox. Ethan smiled at her knowing he would have more policy by more and he smiled at what the headlines would say 'Ethan Winthrop in love with Miss Teen USA'. Although he wasn't in love with her, he did like staring at her body.

Aftere the show, Fox ran to hugged her and she jumpped in his arms. Ethan smiled at Theresa and lightly kissed her on the cheek.

"Ethan, Fox, I did it." Theresa said smiling. But her love for Ethan would soon fade into a love for Fox.

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