Where Thoughts Wander

A Draco/Harry romance, as told by post-war survivors.

Disclaimer: JKR probably never meant for them to be used by an angst whore. ;)
Warnings: Slash, het, incest implied. Chocked with bitter angst and post-war mangled emotions. Cause it's impossible to come out of that mess unscathed.

He would say someone forgot to tame his heart. Leaking as it is now, he tarries to find a stopper.

Unknown distances linger on his lips, even though the spicy tang of an awkward companion (naive green eyes in their prime), has long evaporated, leaving behind trails of pale smog.

There is a string of forbidden words, which could spew forth from his mouth, but never mend the gleaming hole.

Tumbling in violent shades of distress, Draco dreams of daisies; white, while their fallen crescent petals decorate the floor. The air tastes crisp- sterile, and it sings a broken farewell.

A/N: Thus begins a series of drabbles, increasing in word count as we go. These are outsider perspectives of Draco and Harry – stay, and indulge.