Where Thoughts Wander

A Draco/Harry romance, as told by post-war survivors.

Warnings: This chapter is mainly smut. It's not that explicit, but nevertheless, you've been warned.

Sand. The dry, parched landscape commands his vision for miles after endless miles. It was nothing like the comforting atmosphere of plants and greenery, but that's why Neville moved here. Thinking of Hogwarts only makes him remember – the screams, the fever of Cruciatus, and endless nights of jerking awake in fear and cold sweat.

Today, however, he allows himself a brief reprieve. The Pensieve lies waiting for him in the drawer, and he taps it with his wand, falling, falling back into the hazy days of youth. Malfoy is standing among the plants, his face raw and brimming with fury. Harry stumbles a few feet away, panting, a drop of blood trickling from his lip. Malfoy rushes forward, and Neville is just about to enter and stop him until he sees them kissing. Hard. As Harry's hands fist Malfoy's shirt, Malfoy yanks his tie loose. One of them moans, and they rut at each other fiercely. Harry tears open Malfoy's robes, his hands working furiously at the buttons, as he shrugs his own shirt off. Malfoy tugs at Harry's trousers, fumbling with the belt before yanking them down. Nearly tripping, Harry shoves Malfoy against the nearest table, upsetting a few pots. Neither of them care, both clawing at each other's skins – hot, wet and needy.

Harry drops to his knees, one hand fisting his cock as he stretches his tongue lazily around Malfoy's dick, fingers digging into Malfoy's hips. Malfoy bucks, pulling hard on Harry's hair. With the most obscene noises, Harry sucks and licks as Malfoy thrusts against him, moaning. Harry looks up with hooded eyes, swallowing him entirely as Malfoy shudders and lets out a guttural hiss.

Violently, Neville comes, and he pulls himself out of the memory; spent, and out of breath.

Maybe one day, he thinks, he'll be able to return to Hogwarts.

A/N: Mmm, I've recently started reading fic again, and thought I'd maybe work on one of my long abandoned WIPs. No promises, though. I know Colin died, not Dennis, but I wrote the last 2 chapters 7 years ago, and I have too much nostalgia to attempt at changing it.

Thank you for reading. :)