Pairing: Kim/Ron

Rating: T

Category: AU! In other words: NOT "Emotion Sickness" or "So The Drama" compliant. This fic pretends that neither of those episodes happened.


Oh wow… has it been more than a year already? Looks around nervously Um, eheh. I know lots of people have been waiting for me to actually continue this fic and honestly, I'd thought that this horse was already dead and buried. But apparently miracles can happen. :D Anyway, people will notice that there are huge differences in style between the two chapters. I'm sorry about that but let me assure everyone that the rest of this fic will look like this part. I will be editing part 1 to match soon.

Also, I will do my best to keep this rated T… but if I can't (because I am a writer possessed by The Spirit of The Smut), trust that there will be a M (or MA) rated version coming out in my homepage. :D

Sleeping Over, Part 2

Kim power-walked to Ron's house, telling herself the entire time that the more distance between her and her mom and her mom's absolutely crazy ideas, the better. "Ugh, so gross," she said, shuddering. Ron? A sixteen-year-old boy?

Well, of course she knew that technically Ron Stoppable was a boy. It wasn't like she was stupid or anything. She took health class; she saw the… pictures and videos and things. So really, she knew all that stuff.

And yes, Ron was sixteen. She was there when he became sixteen. She had the receipt for the Fearless Ferret series DVDs to prove it, for god's sake.

Ron was a boy. Ron was sixteen years old. She got those two facts down just fine—separately. But put them together? That Ron was a sixteen-year-old boy?

The very thought of Ron actually having erections and 'nocturnal emissions' was just… Kim cringed.

"Sick and wrong," she muttered, stopping in her tracks. She realized that she was standing in front of Ron's front door now, and that she had been so totally lost inside her head that she didn't even remember walking all the way here.

Okay, definitely time to put crazy ideas out of mind, Kim told herself firmly. Willing all bad thoughts far, far away, Kim took a deep breath, blanked her head, counted backwards from ten in Latin, and… "That's it; no more evil thoughts," she said happily, "all gone."

Kim sighed hugely, relieved. Smiling, she rang the doorbell. Ron answered the door.

And Kim looked at him and thought: erections. Oh. My. God.


"Oh hey, KP," Ron said cheerfully enough, but with a slight eyebrow tilt that told Kim he was a little surprised at her unexpected appearance at his door. "What's up?"

Kim knew that this was her cue to say something, but for the life of her just couldn't get her brain to function enough to reach a level capable of rational thought. She knew with a terrible certainty that if she opened her mouth now something totally inappropriate and humiliating will come out. Like, 'oh, nothing Ron, just freaking out because it's suddenly come to my attention that you have a penis.' Oh god, she was so whacked. Plus, she was pretty sure she was blushing like crazy.

Ron's expression got progressively more and more confused the longer Kim did the being-speechless-and-red thing. Rufus jumped up to his shoulder and the two of them shared one of those silent communication moments they had. Kim still wasn't fluent in the Ron-and-Rufus non-speak, but it was pretty clear that this "conversation" went something like, 'Kim's here; why's she here?' 'Don't look at me.' 'She's acting funny.' 'Yeah… maybe it's a girl thing.' The fact that Kim couldn't tell who says what had stopped weirding her out years ago.

Finally, Kim snapped out of it enough to croak, "oh, um, just wondering if you want to work on that History project." She smiled sickly.

"Oh! Oh. Um, yeah, about that," Ron hedged. "You know KP, I'm afraid I'm gonna be really busy tonight and this weekend. I have, um, other plans…"

And suddenly all thoughts of penises and sixteen-year-old boys flew out of Kim's head. With just a few words and Ron being his usual slacker-joker self, normality returned once more in the land of Kim Possible.

"Oh?" Kim asked, quickly getting back her mental equilibrium and a healthy dose of skepticism along the way. "Really. And what exactly were these plans? You never told me anything."

Ron laughed weakly. He was such a terrible liar; although Kim had to admit that it was admirable—in a pathetic sort of way—that he kept trying to play her even when he knew she so had his number. "Uh, yeah," he said, not meeting her eyes. "Well, I gotta, uh, take Rufus to the vet!" On cue, Rufus fainted dramatically. "Yeah, that's it—and I have to, um, do the laundry and wash my hair. You know how it is."

Kim raised an eyebrow. Ron still wasn't meeting her eyes and now he'd started scratching his nose. She knew he'd start on the whole shallow-wheezy breathing thing if she let this go on any longer. "Ron, quit it. You and I both know that you don't have anything to do this weekend; at least, not anything more important than our project that's due next week." She crossed her arms and leveled him a look that she mentally called her 'stop bullshitting me' expression. "Now, are you gonna invite me in so we can get started?"

Ron opened his mouth, but after taking one look at Kim, closed it again. He sighed, defeated. Rufus got up and patted his neck in sympathy. He stepped aside. "Come on in, KP."

Kim walked past, smiling smugly. "Why thank you, Ron."


It wasn't until much later, after their dinner of leftover pizza, that Kim remembered to ask about sleeping over. Surprisingly, the two of them actually got a lot done on their project about teenagers in the 1950's--and Kim only had to threaten Ron with extreme pain and bodily injury twice.

"Hey Ron," Kim began, putting a picture of a girl wearing a sweater and poodle skirt up on their poster-board. They were sprawled out on the Stoppable living room floor, print outs, pictures, and other project-making things surrounding them. "Do you think I can sleepover? Will your parents mind?"

Ron abruptly stopped wrestling with the crepe paper and looked up at Kim, clearly surprised. "Wha—? Sleepover?"

Kim grinned, watching as Rufus tugged at the paper and Ron came untangled. "Yeah, my mom already said yes. Uh, sort of," Kim said, feeling uneasy for a split second. "Anyway, can I, please?"

Ron rubbed the back of his neck. "Uh, I dunno about that, KP," he said, looking uneasy. "My parents are gone for the weekend at this convention thing; they won't be back until Tuesday."

At this, the primitive female part of Kim's brain immediately started sending out mild alarm signals. Then Kim remembered that this was Ron, not some boy. She smiled sunnily. "That's even better; we'll have the whole house to ourselves. It will be just like old times."

"Er," Ron said, obviously just about to turn down her request. "KP, I really don't think this is a good idea…"

Kim was a little surprised; Ron was using his 'serious voice.' He was actually serious about not letting her sleep over! This triggered a bigger part of Kim Possible's brain, the one that didn't like to be told 'no.' Well, Kim hadn't wanted to resort to this, but… she pouted.

"Oh, now that's just not fair!" Ron exclaimed. "You know I can't resist the awesome power of the Puppy Dog Pout," he said, disgruntled. He looked away in a huff.

Kim kept on pouting.

Ron snuck a look back at her and, sensing that he needed just a bit more of a push to cave, Kim wobbled her bottom lip. Just a little.

"Argh!" Ron threw up his hands. "Okay, fine, you can sleep over." He glared at her. "Cheater."

Kim let out a laugh; the Pout wins yet again! She grinned at Rufus, who was jumping and squeaking in joy. "A sleepover—won't that be fun, Rufus?" The naked mole rat jumped into her arms and Kim snuggled him.

And from the corner of her eye, she caught an expression on Ron's face that she'd never seen before. Before she could take a closer look, though, it was gone.

But for a second there, Ron looked… different. And that primitive female part of her gave a tiny flutter of something that felt suspiciously like apprehension.


Eventually, Ron found out that Kim hadn't told her dad about her sleep over plans. Annoyed at having to face another challenge to her victory, Kim frowned while she waited for someone to pick up the phone at her house. She lay down on Ron's couch as she idly listened to the phone ring and Ron yelling in the kitchen as he tried to get glue gun glue out of his hair with Rufus's help. The other end of the line clicked and her father came into view. "Yellow, Possible residence."

Kim got up to a sitting position. "Hey dad," she said. She was just about to ask him if her mom had told him about sleeping over at Ron's when—


Kim winced at the tone of her dad's voice. Apparently, her mom had told him. "Yes, dad."

"Kimberly Anne Possible. What is this I hear about you sleeping over at some boy's house?"

Kim groaned. Oh, not her dad too! "Dad, I am not sleeping over at 'some boy's house.' I'm staying over at Ron's. I've stayed over at his house lots of times before."

"Yes, when you were ten." Dr. James Possible was clearly ready to go into super-protective parent mode.

Okay, that was it. Kim was sick and tired of all the weird, perverted insinuations about her and Ron's totally non-boy-and-girl-type relationship. "Oh please, dad. Ten or twenty—it makes absolutely no difference. Ron is Ron. And another thing—" before she could go on though, she heard her dad splutter and saw a brief scuffle and then her mom was on the phone.

"Let me take care of your father, Kimmie," she said, her voice upbeat but held a hint of something that Kim didn't entirely trust—especially in light of her previous thoughts about her sleeping over at Ron's. "You just enjoy yourself. We'll see you tomorrow." The screen went blank.

Kim blinked. She looked at her Kimmunicator. "Weird."

Then Ron walked in the living room, his hair dripping all over the carpet and declaring that glue guns were clearly the work of the devil. He shook himself like a dog, and Kim and Rufus both tried to shield themselves from the water.

"Ron!" Kim shouted while Rufus squeaked and clicked indignantly.

Ron stopped and ran a hand through his hair. He looked at Kim and Rufus. "What?"

Kim shared an exasperated look with Rufus and the two of them let out matching sighs. "Nothing," Kim said. Then she smirked at him. "Oh, and I can totally sleep over."

Ron frowned, crossing his arms.

Kim rolled her eyes. "Jeez, Ron, it's not like I've never slept over at your house before. I already know your room is a mess."

Sighing, Ron rolled his eyes. "Yeah, whatever. Let me go get the spare blankets and stuff." He glared at Kim. "And don't blame me if they smell like mothballs!"

Kim smiled, getting up from the couch and starting to clean up the living room. "Oh, I won't."

"C'mon Rufus," Ron grumbled, waiting for his pet to jump up to his shoulder before stomping loudly out of the room.

Kim rolled her eyes, picking up their almost-finished project.