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"I'd like to thank you all for coming today, it's a great honor for me to –" Amy's private rehearsal was interrupted by a hand placed firmly across her mouth, she'd have gasped in annoyance, but there didn't seem to be anyway for the sound to carry.

'Lmm muawll wht arrr you doing?" she protested as he released her mouth and backed her up against the nearest tree.

He simply smiled at her before covering her lips with his own and holding her close to him, Amy in turn wrapped her arms around Liam's neck, secretly glad for the interruption and relishing the moment between the two of them.

They were interrupted by giggling, and moving apart they turned to see a little girl, no older than five peeping at them from behind a tree a few meters away. She was wearing a light blue summer dress and her blonde hair fell about her shoulders, her face had turned a dark shade of pink – probably because she had been caught.

Amy's eyes met with the girls as she stepped towards them, she looked as though she was figuring something out before she announced.

"You look like my mommy." Liam looked at Amy when she said this and realized what she already had, in front of them stood their little girl. They didn't know about her – they had no way of knowing… but just the sight of her was enough to tell them just how their other lives had played out.

"Well my name is Amy Reid, and this is Liam Maxwell, is your mommy called Sam?" Amy kneeled down to be at eye level with the girl, who nodded at the question.

"I'm Alison O'Neill, are you the friends that my mommy and daddy came here to see?" she was speechless, completely and utterly unable to answer her. She looked so much like herself, and she could see remnants of Jack in her eyes. Will our children look like this?

"Yes, Alison." Liam answered for her. "We're the friends of your mommy and daddy. Now, do they know you're here?" the little girl giggled and shook her head.

"No, I know where they are though so it's all okay."

"Your mommy and daddy don't know where you are though do they now Ally." Said another voice who seemed to have found the three of them.

Naomi stood at the entrance to the small clearing, leaning against the tree and fiddling with her brown curls.

"Auntie Naomi!" Alison exclaimed and ran to her, throwing her arms around the young woman, who in turn picked her up and let her sit rested on her right hip.

Amy and Liam looked on with some sort of strange expression on their faces, Naomi laughed lightly. "I take it that you didn't know…. I though they would have said something to you – that's why I didn't, figured you wanted to keep your lives separate."

The little girl seemed to be paying no attention to their conversation and instead tugged lightly at her 'aunties' hair until she got her attention. "Are you going to take me back to mommy, daddy and Jakey."

Naomi nodded. "Yes sweetie I'm going to take you back before they start to worry." Then she turned to her friends. "the presentation is about to start – the head of the arts department wants you both ready for the presentation, don't worry you'll have plenty of time to see Jack , Sam and their children later."

Amy couldn't speak, she only nodded.

"Good luck Auntie Amy!" Alison called her and Naomi walked away, leaving the pair of them in silence as they watched with awe at what could easily be their future.

"Well that was unexpected." Todd commented, taking Naomi's hand as they watched from backstage.

She sank into his arms. "Tell me about it, although this never has been an ordinary situation. It's been so strange to watch both of their relationships develop but not being able to talk about it." She sighed, "so much has happened to them – to everyone since Kinsey was killed." Todd kissed her hair gently, trying to soothe her before her mood turned too solemn.

"It's over now Naomi, all of it – it has been for seven years." She smiled weakly. "I know, but how long before another Kinsey comes along? How many times can we avoid it, if we have children will they be safe?"

Todd turned her around so that he could look at her properly. "What's brought all of this on? You were fine just a little while ago."

"It's just seeing Jack, Sam and their children, the fact that we're getting married soon… Liam and Amy… it's everything. I can feel everything."

He pulled her closely and asked her. "Do any of them know yet?" Naomi shook her head against him, the only other person who knew her secret.

"I don't think they can ever know, there will always be someone listening, someone in the future who finds a document… I won't let that happen in this reality – I don't know who caused it last time but it won't be me now."

"I know, I know – but you have to understand that you're not the only one with these abilities and the fact that you can speak five languages – two of them alien can just be blamed on your reality – if someone does find out it will not be your fault – and the madness won't ensue – it can't with the SGC and the people who work there."

Naomi nodded, seeming to gain some of her normality back, the brief episodes of self doubt and fear weren't as frequent as they used to be but they still flared up every now and again, when too many things happened at once or whenever the anniversary of the attack occurred. This was both and she seemed to loose all of her self control when she was alone – or with someone she could let her guard down with.

She had told Todd everything… absolutely everything, how she had gotten to this reality – the fact that one had been chosen that she had never been born into so that she would survive there as if she always had. And most importantly she explained her 'abilities', ones even her closest friends could never know about.

Her father had called it human evolution – higher brain activity mean that she had developed empathy, telekinesis, a far higher than normal level or intelligence which had meant she picked up several languages and could speak them fluently by the age of ten. There were other abilities – powers that had developed from that time... all related and all controllable.

It all had to be a secret - kept only between her Todd and any family that might follow in the future and there would be, Naomi saw them in her dreams sometimes – she knew what was to come. She just had to get there.

Sam and Amy faced each other for the first time in seven years; Jack and Liam were doing the same thing. They were stood in front of Amy's painting; none of them were paying it any attention at all.

Alison and Jake were in the care of Naomi and Todd sat a few meters away on the grassy clearing surrounded by trees and covered in dappled sunlight.

"So I see you're quite an accomplished artist." Jack commented, looking to Alison and noticing just how much she'd grown to look like Sam when he's first met her in just seven years…. It was astounding.

"Yeah, I guess I am. I mean I didn't really know I could paint… the last time I tried to draw someone… well it ended up as a stick figure." Sam laughed with her clone at that.

"Well it's obvious you moved past it, your work is beautiful… if a little familiar. Where is it supposed to be?" she asked Amy. She couldn't place it but the view… it seemed as if she knew it, just couldn't remember why or where it was.

"That would be telling, but I'm sure that you will figure it out soon." Amy answered, there was a reason she wasn't telling - one that she hoped Sam would understand when she finally remembered.

"So, Liam what have you been up to since we last met?" Jack asked, not wanting an uncomfortable silence to dwell on them.

"Mostly Hockey, as I'm sure you know. " Jack nodded; he was becoming quite the hockey star - something he had never been able to do in his military carrier. "I'm also working part time at a local garage, just to make a bit for extra money."

Sam smiled at this, they both looked so happy. It seemed to have worked out for both of them, as it had done for her and Jack… It had taken them a while though; she'd changed her job position to become head of the SGC's scientific research and as a result SG-1 had been re arranged.

Amy looked very much like she wanted to ask similar questions of them, but she held her tongue. Noticing this, Jack smiled and offered the information anyway.

"Well we've been living the somewhat quiet life, in fact ever since I left the SGC it's been pretty quiet – except for the children of course." Amy smiled, glad that he could still read her as well as Liam could.

"Fishing?" Liam asked him, knowing that he would have spent most of his time doing something along those lines.

His counterpart laughed and nodded, "Sometimes, but we own a restaurant by the River side in Colorado Springs, 'O'Neill's fish bar and restaurant. The river doesn't really have much in the way of fish, but it's a beautiful spot."

Amy smiled, remembering a conversation she had had with Naomi, she'd been back to the SGC and had commented on the restaurant – but not by name, simply saying it belonged to some good friends of hers with a young family. She's been trying to let us know all along. And she sent her friend a smile of thanks.

The brunette nodded and smiled back from where she sat, before she continued the game she and Alison were so intensely involved in, it appeared to be some sort of Childs toy.

A silence fell the, one filled with too many questions that could not be answered by either side; finally it was Amy who spoke – despite being the one most in favour of silence before hand.

"How long will you be staying here for?"

"Our flight home leaves in a few hours, we thought it would be best not to stay too long – the threat to you both has long since vanished, but just to be sure we'll be home by tonight." Sam explained, slightly saddened by the fact herself, she wondered if it was the last time they would ever see each other. There was always Naomi to tell them what was going on with their lives – but so far she had not offered any information. It was a mutual agreement to keep their lives as separate as possible.

Both Liam and Amy understood this. "Well it's been great to see you, and the kids. I can't say when – or if we'll be in contact again… but I hope that… well I really don't know what to say – other than I'm glad you finally came to your senses." Liam told them, shaking Jacks hand before stepping back.

Sam reached over and pulled Amy in to a hug, whispering in her ear before she let go "The first time I ever realised." And the younger woman nodded her head as she took Liams hand and stepped away from them.

They parted, slowly walking in opposite directions. They all knew then that they would probably never meet again. It just seemed so final, their lives which had once began in the same place would ultimately lead them on very different paths.

Before she left Sam took one final look at Amy's painting now knowing why it was so familiar. It was, in some ways, the place that all of this had started – almost eleven years before. The silhouetted figure of the woman sat looking out onto the Mountain View in the darkness was her. The memory was so potent it almost made her cry and she held Alison, who was sleeping at her side with her arms around her mothers neck, a little closer to her.

"There has to be a way." She muttered, looking out onto the night sky, holding her knees close to her as the tears poured from her eyes.

"Sam, you okay?" Jack asked, putting his arm around his wife and daughter.

She nodded, leaning into his shoulder "I'm fine Jack, lets go home." She whispered. Knowing that everything had worked out, for all four of them and everyone involved. For now they were safe, another realities fate had been averted and four people were given the chance to live the lives they were always meant to – together.

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