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Notes: I just finished reading the book on the flame alchemist. This would be the beginning of episode 37 where Fury, Havoc, and Farman take notes on Roy for the assessment. It's funnier in the book. There are more notes by those three. It also implicates Hawkeye's anger of Roy's date when she destroys the shooting range. So I wrote something based on that. This is the first chapter to…maybe three parts.


Riza Hawkeye was up for another round of targets. She aimed carefully and shot each target down repeatedly. Dead center. She was taking out her anger on the shooting range. Not fair to the overseer of it but she didn't care. She walked over to the next cubicle as she reloaded her gun with special bullets. These special bullets were special because they left big holes. Very big holes.


The sound echoed and repeated as she shot each target. Dead center. Always. She was a sniper. And a damn good one. She worked as a sniper in the Ishvar war. She had two jobs in the war. The main was the sniper. The one she took upon herself was the protection of somebody else.


That somebody else was also her superior. And to this day she still protected him. He infuriated her on many occasions because he never did his work until the deadline was near. But he always finished in time. Many things about him infuriated her. Not only his work but his life in general.


Especially his private life. It's not like people never knew about it. He was a playboy. Girls fawned over him wherever he walked. And he always kept cool and smiled. It was his way of dealing with it. He always appeared to enjoy it. He often received gifts from the women. This morning it was cookies. He was eating cookies for breakfast.


She didn't know why she was so worked up in the first place. Why should she care what her superior did on his nights out? Her job was simple. Protect the flame alchemist at whatever cost. Even if it meant her life.


Her self-designated job was not that simple. Especially when it was in Ishvar. There were times where she couldn't keep an eye on him. They were each thrown into different areas. She was always the first of the two to come back. His clothing was usually burnt and covered in ash but he didn't seem to mind. He would skip a meal and head to his tent where he usually engaged in an argument with the crimson alchemist, Kimbley. The two most explosive alchemists engaging in fights was usually not a good idea. But they never went very far.

There was a time during the war where she had to deliver a message to the flame alchemist. He had just come back from a nearby building that was used to treat the wounded. According to others, he had killed two doctors. The Rockbells. They were decent people that helped friend and foe. But they were sentenced to die because the foe they helped attacked the military.

She tried to keep her emotions in check when she went through the tent. The major was on the top bunk, a gun poised in his hand directed at his right temple. He seemed calm but she could clearly see he was trembling. Then she did the only thing she could do; she ran up to the major and knocked the gun to the floor. The major stared in surprise but he turned his gaze away.

She tried to remain calm but even she had her limits. She took hold of his collar and yanked. He was forced to stand. She glared into his eyes for a moment before swinging her palm onto his cheek.

She slapped him.

"What the hell do you think your doing?"

"Wasn't it obvious?"

"You can't just shoot yourself in the head because you killed two people."

"Why not?"

"Because you were only following orders."

"Doctor Marco said the same thing..."

"I have to follow orders as well. Your not the only one that killed innocents."

"Not everyone is as strong as you when it comes to dealing with it..."

"Then do something about it."

She could tell those words hit him harder than her slap. She realized her mistake in addressing him in this manner and was about to apologize but a soft voice cut her off. Slightly hoarse and almost a whisper. But she caught it.

"Thank you." He stopped shaking.


And he did do something about it. After the war, he seemed to disappear off the face of the Earth. Then he suddenly came back with a goal. A goal to change the way things were run. And she knew she would follow him until...Well, she didn't know. But she knew she would follow him. And that was all he needed to know.


There was a night where it rained. It rained too much to be safe. Needless to say, she was rained in. But then so was her superior. The two sat in silence, as if neither dared to break it. The sounds of the pitter patter of rain berated the window. Finally, he broke the silence.

"Why do you stay?"

She couldn't understand what that question implied. It could've just implied something like 'why don't you go home?' But she knew well enough that was not his meaning.It was like he was trying to force her out.

"It's raining."

He shifted in his chair. "You could walk."

"Yes. But I'd rather not. Why don't you go home?"

She was one of the few people that could speak like this to him without any consequences. But it wasn't surprising. She could scare the living daylights out of people, including the colonel.

"I don't know."

He hardly ever said anything like that. His voice had taken on a nostalgic tone. He was remembering something. Perhaps something too painful to be remembered regularly. He whispered something. Something directed at himself but he seemed to want to ask her.

"Why do you stay?"


The shot brought her back from her reminiscence. She reloaded her gun as she made her way to the next cubicle. That day was two weeks ago. She never answered his question. The rest of that night was spent in silence. She fell asleep. He apparently had not. It was easy to tell. His eyes were dark and sunken.


She closed her eyes. That man was also an idiot. He slept at the most inappropriate times and stayed awake at the most inappropriate times. The man didn't seem to take care of his health very well either. He could hide it but she would always know when he was ill. Those were the days when he slept in the office more often than normal. How he recovered was a mystery she could never solve.


The two of them spoke little to each other. But there were some occasions where they spoke more. That was usually when he had to work late and she would stay until he finished. He always dismissed her but she'd never listen. Plus he always gave up after the first five tries.

The two would share stories. Short ones of their youth. They were both quite young but they were adults and they both held high responsibilities. Their stories consisted of humor to lighten the mood around the office. She would tell him stories of her scaring her friends and he told her stories of Hughes's many failed childish plans and how he always ended up in them.

That was usually when both forgot about their duties for a while and just relaxed in the presence of each other's company. And occasionally Hughes would come in and irritate the hell out of the colonel and yet amuse him at the same time.


But not and never anymore. She remembered when her superior fell silent when he discovered Hughes dead in the telephone booth. He had a blank expression. Like he couldn't believe what he saw, hoping his eyes deceived him. She hoped the same. But both knew that wasn't possible.

The funeral was held the next morning. The sky was covered with clouds. Riza watched Elysia Hughes cry her heart out. She didn't understand yet. And she shouldn't have had to yet. Gracia Hughes pulled her daughter into a hug as she cried. Even Major Armstrong wept at the embrace. She looked at her superior. He didn't cry. Not even a bit.


To others, it would've seemed that he didn't care. But she knew better. Hughes was his best friend. Even when Roy cursed him for being a fool, she knew he didn't even believe his words. He made a comment about the rain and pulled his hat down. She could see tears on the part of his face she could see. That was the first time she had ever seen him show emotion since Ishvar.


She herself couldn't shed tears. She wanted to but it was hard. She only shed tears later that same night. It was different for her. She felt sad but she had long ago learned to control her tears. But it appeared that this broke her barrier, even if for only a little while.


The colonel eventually went back to his normal self. Or as normal as he could pretend to be. He still went on dates which angered Hawkeye. She always reminded herself that her job was to protect and help him, nothing more. She repeated that often. It was like a mantra. She couldn't get close to him. Not because he didn't allow it but because she couldn't allow it.

This is ridiculous…Why am I even thinking about this?

She stopped. She had pulled the trigger more than she could keep count. The overseer of the shooting range was wide-eyed as well as wide-mouthed. She had shot down all the targets in the range. And since those bullets were made to pierce through many things, it pierced through the targets and hit the concrete walls too. She had nearly destroyed the shooting range.

After apologizing, she went to her locker and pulled out her things before going to the door. It was late. She had been shooting for an hour. Even shooting was a tiring sport.

Her thoughts wandered over to her subject of the night. Her superior and herself kept things strictly professional. Neither could afford to lose sight of their duties. And the colonel could not lose sight of his goal. Nothing could ever happen between them.


She wasn't even sure if he would return her feelings if she ever confessed. Maybe he would break her heart by rejection. It was better that he didn't know. And it was better for herself that he didn't know. There would be less pain involved.

But I'm already hurting…

She was about to turn a corner when she suddenly stopped. The man in front her stopped as well. Both were too surprised to move. A silence swept between them as they continued to stare in shock.

I noticed the lack of this pairing in this section. For some reason, I've taken a liking to this pairing. I usually don't care about pairings. This is my first time trying to write romance. But surprisingly, this came easy. This is Hawkeye's. Next is Roy's. If someone read this, tell me what you think of my attempt.