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Now I present the third and last installment.


Riza Hawkeye wondered vaguely if this coincidental meeting was her punishment for imagining that the targets in the shooting range were her superior. She was furious about his sudden vigor toward his work at the wrong time and was even more infuriated when he had finished in time for his date. Why did her superior do things at the most unusual times?

Roy Mustang wondered vaguely if this was his chance to tell her his feelings. Then again, it may not have been. The aura radiating off of the lieutenant was interpreted as anger to him. If she was angry, he probably had something to do with it. Or maybe not. He could only hope for the latter. The former would mean he would die before actually saying anything. Why did she have to be so serious all the time?

Riza began to open her mouth but then found the words caught in her mouth. She cleared her throat slightly in embarrassment. But before she could say anything, he intervened with a usual greeting.

"Good evening, Lieutenant Hawkeye."

"Good evening sir. Were you just coming from your date?"

Roy kept a neutral expression. He was surprised but was damned if she knew it. Riza on the other hand, was fuming. She said something she shouldn't have but she had to anyway.

"Pardon me sir, I-"

"Actually I was. And I was a little glad it was over. We were at an opera house. My ears are still ringing."

His voice was calm with a hint of exhaustion. He was indeed telling the truth. His ears were still slightly ringing. Opera was never his thing. She knew that. She knew that very well.

Actually, she knows a lot about me…

"Lieutenant, how about accompanying me for a little stroll?" He wanted to know her. At least on a differently level from work.

She felt her head nod automatically as they both walked casually in the direction of her house. She couldn't say no. Well, she could. But this time, she didn't want to. It was only a walk. What harm would it do?

"Lieutenant, why don't you take days off?"

That was sudden. "I do. Just not often."

"Why not?"

"I only do so when I feel the need to like to buy groceries."

"Do you know what resting is, lieutenant?"

"Of course. But why are you asking me this? It should be the other way around."

"What do you mean?"

"Your idea of resting is sleeping in the office."

"But it's resting."

"Yes but in a work area."

"At least I get the work done."

"Yes…At the last minute. And you occasionally stay late as well. It's not good for your health."

"What's not good for my health?"

"Not sleeping at the appropriate time. And your habits of eating the most unusual things."

"Eating what? I only eat what's in the cafeteria."

"Precisely. I can't believe you ate that sandwich today. I swear the contents expired long ago. No one else dared to eat it and everyone stared when you did."

"I hadn't noticed. Besides, it looked fine."

"That's the problem. Your idea of fine is different from others."

"Not all people are as neat as you."

"Yes. But at least they clean their houses every so often."

"What does that mean?"

"It means you live in a pigsty."

"How would you know? You've never been to my so-called pigsty."

"I have. Don't you remember? You called in sick and I brought the papers to you."

"Oh yes. You couldn't stop sneezing."

"Blame the dust. It was everywhere."

"No it wasn't. And then you started spring cleaning a little early. Just in the wrong apartment."

"On the contrary, it was the right apartment. I don't understand how you can live in that dustbin."

"You get used to it after a while."

"Exactly why it's bad for your health."

This was enlightening. Not only was he getting to know Hawkeye more on another level, but Roy had found the cause of his illnesses. Not sleeping regularly, eating bad cafeteria food, and dust. While it all sounded ridiculous, he wasn't one to judge.

Their conversation led them to Riza's doorstep. They stood on the steps awkwardly as if pondering what to do next. Roy coughed slightly more because of his burning forehead than embarrassment. Riza pushed open the door and they resumed their silence.

"Do you want to come in, colonel? It's still a bit early."

"Uh, sure."

Roy stepped into her living room and noted a few things. Like how neat and clean everything was. He had no doubt that the rest of her house was no different. He suddenly began to wonder exactly how far from clean his own apartment was.

"Would you like something to drink, colonel?"

Riza suppressed a laugh at the sight of her superior's dumbfounded expression. It was priceless. Perhaps he'd been too shocked by her hygienic house. It was definitely more habitable than that dustbin he called an apartment.

"Yes. Water's fine."

She made her way to the kitchen, leaving the colonel standing in the living room like an idiot. Roy was indeed surprised at his lieutenant's sense of hygiene but was bitten out of his thoughts. Literally. He winced and looked down at a small pup. The pup's jaw was currently locked on Roy's palm.

"Hello Black Hayate."

The pup let go and barked playfully. Roy studied his hand. The pup knew far better than to actually hurt people unless it involved his mistress's safety. She disciplined strictly, after all. Faint marks were still visible but nothing too bad. He crouched down and scratched behind the dog's ears. The pup wagged his tail energetically.

Meanwhile, Riza was in the kitchen brewing coffee. She could hear her loyal canine barking in the living room and she realized he must've discovered the fool of a colonel.

She would never insult her superior like that to his face unless he really deserved it at that moment. She often nearly did insult him many times but thought better of it when she saw the top of his head bobbing up and down from behind stacks of paperwork. She felt sorry for him every time the stacks built up enough to hide him from view. But she always made sure he heard the cock of her gun whenever he was only an inch from falling into dreamland.

The colonel had to finish his work even at the cost of a single night's sleep. It was ultimately his fault. He never took the time to actually do the work when he had the chance. And it was ultimately her own job to make sure he finished. Even if she had to shoot him. A little scare wouldn't do him any harm.

A bullet near the head and he would automatically start writing as if possessed.

That is, if his heart hasn't stopped from shock.

Riza Hawkeye curved her lips up in a serene smile.

She poured water from a filter into a cup and spun around to pour coffee into one of her morning mugs. She was in the need of caffeine to ease her nerves at the moment. She entwined her fingers around the handle and began to walk into the living room.

"Black Hayate, sit."

Said dog obeyed the voice emitting from beside Roy and sat while thumping his tail on the carpet. Roy looked up to find Riza standing next to him holding two cups. He took the cup of clear liquid gratefully and gulped the content through closed eyes. He peered at Hawkeye from behind the cup. Her questioning gaze was tinged with suspicion. He made no attempt to explain. This had been going on all day.

Riza took the cup and her expression remained the same even as she directed him to the bathroom upstairs. Mustang was acting…suspiciously. Not funny at all. Rather disturbing. He'd been acting unusual all day. Besides his worse than normal napping habits he was also drinking large amounts of water almost by the pint. It was a wonder to witness him making many bathroom trips by the hour.

Even the dubbed dunces in the office realized something was off. And it usually took a lot for them to realize something was disturbed if it wasn't extremely important. Havoc even questioned Mustang about his abnormal need for cold liquids. Never did he get an answer. At least not a straight or coherent one. The closest answer he gave that related to anything was "I was thirsty from waking up."

Wait. Something clicked in Riza's mind as she took a sip of the caffeine content. Mustang had been sleeping much longer than usual today. He even found time to sleep before his date after he finished the exaggerated mountain of paperwork she had lugged onto his desk. Judging by his sleeping habits, she came to a nearly ridiculous yet plausible conclusion.

Her superior was ill. Now the only was problem with this conclusion was what he was ill with. She decided to find out.

Roy Mustang had no idea of his subordinate's thoughts nor the conclusion she came up with or how accurate it actually was. He was occupied with peering at himself through the mirror. He rubbed a finger on the bottom of his eye socket. He was exhausted. Bags were starting to appear under his eyes. Not an overall good sign. All thanks to all the paperwork that kept him busy for the past week.

Being ill did not have many advantages either. He could sleep longer but that wasn't the case as he was in the military and had not bothered to take sick leave or even call it in. And he didn't want the molehill of papers on his desk to become a mountain when he came back. Don't make a mountain out of a molehill. There were plenty of ways in which that saying could be interpreted.

He turned on the faucet and let the water run through his hands before pushing back his bangs. He yawned and stretched freely without having to worry about being seen. It was considered rude to do that in front of formal people.

He made his way out of the bathroom. He turned around and nearly fell back out of shock. When did Hawkeye get up there so quick?

"Sir, is something wrong?"

Roy shook his head and regained his composure. They were awfully close. Actually it wasn't awful at all. But they were a little too close for comfort. His body only inches away from hers. He'd been close to her many times but this was the first time he'd actually noticed.

Riza noticed the distance between them. It made it easier for her to look at Mustang's face. She noticed the faint tinge of red running across his cheeks. It could be interpreted as a blush. They were rather close. Then again it could be a flush caused by…Was he drunk? No, there was no scent of alcohol.

She hoped vigorously in her mind that he wouldn't be angered by what she was about to do. She wanted to find out for sure and this was the only way. After another few moments of silence, she suddenly wrapped one of her hands around her superior's collar and pulled him down. His forehead collided with her other open palm and the sound of a light smack echoed around them.

On many other occasions, Roy would've protested to having his head yanked down and then being half-slapped on the forehead. Especially when he was now practically bowing. But now he didn't dare move as he felt her fingers brushing his forehead. Her fingers lightly intertwined with his damp bangs. Her skin was cool against his own. His eyes closed a little, half-lidded with comfort.

She confirmed it. The flush was caused by a fever. But even though she came to something decisive, she didn't let go. Her fingers were brushing over his forehead and a little past the hairline. His hair felt soft under her fingers. She was forced to pull away however, when she realized how awkward their position was.

Roy sighed as his spine relaxed in it's straight position. He didn't want to become hunchbacked. He was disappointed when the cool touch moved away, however.

"Sorry, sir. I just wanted to make sure of something."

"And what would that be, lieutenant?"

"You have a fever."

Roy's lips curved crookedly into a smirk. He was caught. "Ah, excellent deduction as always. Yes, I am. I was beginning to wonder when someone would find out."

"Not that it's any of my business, sir, but why are you walking around with a full-blown fever?"

"It's not nice to keep a lady waiting. I did not want to cancel the date. And I wasn't about to let my paperwork pile up like mad. I made that mistake last time and I wasn't about to repeat it."

Riza shook her head and suddenly began to wonder if Mustang would even make it home without fainting. Probably but she didn't exactly want to risk it. Not with everything that's been going on lately. There had been many mysterious deaths in central lately and she wasn't keen on letting Mustang being another.

Roy suddenly found himself being dragged by his right wrist across the hall and into his lieutenant's bedroom. Hawkeye turned around and pushed him onto a bed. Roy spoke before his words were caught.

"What's the meaning of this, lieutenant?"

"Your staying for the night."


"There have been mysterious dealings lately."

"Ah, those. You don't trust me to get home safely?"

"No offense, sir, but I don't."

"That's nice of you but I can get home without dying."

"Do you feel dizzy?"

"What? Yes, but that's not-"

"Lie down."


Before Roy could even finish a word, Hawkeye had effectively pushed him onto the bed. Struggling was no use at this rate. Hawkeye was either stronger than he thought or he was losing strength from being dazed.

"Stay there. I'll be back in a minute."

Roy turned his lips up in a small pout. He felt like a child. He was being mothered by his lieutenant. Then again, this wasn't the first time.

Riza came back holding half a bottle of a deep red liquid. Was she going to make him drink blood? He suddenly wondered what type it was. O? AB?

"What is it?"

"It's called medicine, colonel."

So it wasn't blood. "I drink whole thing?"

"No. Here."

"A spoon?"

"Yes." She poured the liquid up to the brim of the spoon and held it in front of Mustang's face.

"I'm not drinking that."

"You'll heal faster."

"Actually, I feel fine. I'll be going now."

Riza felt a vein pop against her temple. She shoved the spoon into his mouth, causing him to choke.

"You cough didn't ha- cough -ve to do cough that!"

"Go to sleep. This medicine causes drowsiness."

Roy lay down on his own this time after hacking and coughing. Riza made her way out of the room and down the stairs. Were all men this stubborn and infuriating or was it just this one?

She set the bottle back into a cabinet and washed the spoon. She curled up on the couch in her living room as she picked up her reading material. She could at least catch up on her reading before she fell asleep.


Roy Mustang awoke after a long nightmare that probably only lasted 15 seconds in reality. His mouth tasted faintly of artificial cherry; most likely it was that medicine Hawkeye most literally shoved down his throat.


He pushed his arm up to his face, trying to wipe away the sweat. As the sweat soaked through the cloth so that it touched his skin, he realized something was missing. He sat up and took a closer look at his profile. His coat was missing. And his military jacket was also gone.

With a blank expression on his face and a mouthful of a faint cherry taste, he made his way out the bedroom down the stairs. He nearly stepped on Black Hayate at the foot of the stairs when he noticed a small lump. Picking up the small pup, he walked to the living room.

A bundle of what appeared to be Riza Hawkeye was curled up on the corner of the couch. A book threatened to fall from her hands as she slept on peacefully, completely oblivious to a certain smirking Roy Mustang. On her shoulders was his missing clothing.

This certain colonel set down the sleeping Black Hayate and quietly edged to the couch. Riza had awoken when she felt a weight drop onto the seat beside her. An arm wrapped around her shoulders as she was pulled into it's hold. Being Riza Hawkeye, she was about to punch the owner of the arm when another arm wrapped itself around her waist. She recognized that arm.

Roy wondered how his lieutenant would react to this. They were in very close proximity of each other. Perhaps she would flip him to the floor. He didn't care. This was worth getting trounced for a bit. He buried his face into her shoulder. She was warm. Very warm. Very comfortable.

Riza continued to feign sleep. She could tell he was enjoying this. But she had to admit to herself that she enjoyed it too. She had no idea what possessed him to do this so suddenly but she didn't care. This was worth it, to have him feel, to touch, to hold. And no one else but her.

Roy pushed his head against her shoulder. He held her tightly yet gently, as if afraid of losing her but also understanding that she needs to breathe. Raising his head up, he gently planted his lips on her left cheek. It was soft but it was intentional. He didn't want to risk waking her.

Riza still continued her charade of sleep. She could hear his breath come out slowly and quietly, as if he was afraid to disturb her. Suddenly, his breath came closer. It tickled the skin on her left cheek. She felt semi-warm, soft flesh against her own cold cheek. The ghost of a kiss. She could feign no longer.

Roy lifted his head away but suddenly felt something collide against his lips. Another pair of lips. Slightly chapped but soft. Riza broke the kiss and lightly bit the bottom of his lip. Her crimson irises stared into his obsidian ones. Roy was, for the first time in his life, at a loss for words. But instead of blurting out indescribable nonsense, he leaned forward and smashed their lips together.

Riza was only too happy to comply. Her tongue entered and explored the cavern of his mouth. It tasted lightly of artificial cherry. The image of Roy coughing and choking came to mind. Her laughter was muffled by his tongue gently running through her mouth. His hand wrapped around her waist, pulling her into him. She could feel the warmth of his body against her own. She slipped her arms under his. He planted a path of kisses up and down her throat.

Something in Roy was telling him to stop. He didn't. He wanted this for a long time. Words just couldn't cut it anymore. Moans of pleasure flew to his ears and he answered by slipping his hand under her shirt. Her skin was soft. So soft. It felt different under his rough hands.

Riza stopped. It wasn't that she wasn't ready. She just wasn't sure. She could feel him stop and take his hands away. He had his head down. She began to wonder if she disappointed him. His comment made her stop thinking altogether.

"Your not ready, are you?"

"No, it's…I'm not sure about this…about us…"

Roy mustered up a weak grin. "Me neither."

Riza cleared her throat and spoke. "We are just co-workers. There can't be anything between us."

"Why is that?"

"Because we have things to focus on."

"Why can't we focus on this too?"

"Because you have a goal and I promised to work beside you."

"This doesn't change anything."

"How do you know?"

"I don't. But I'm willing to bet my life on it."

"I'm not sure…"

She turned so that her back was to him. This was what she had not wanted to happen. Their jobs would be affected and that wasn't needed. They had different jobs to do and focus on. This would only impair their judgment.

I can't do this…

He understood perfectly. He knew what this would do. But he was more than careful not to let it happen. Even if none of this had happened, that wouldn't mean he wouldn't worry about her when she was in danger. That would also cloud judgment. But during those times of impaired judgment, he would just do what his instincts told him to do. And that was exactly what he was about to do now.

Riza suddenly felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her own. She put up a hand to pry them off but stopped when she felt his head bury itself in her hair. His breathing came in heavily and deep. He didn't need words. His actions spoke for him.

She turned herself slightly and kissed him. Nothing extremely passionate. Just simple. And he didn't mind. He liked it. To prove it to her, he smiled. Not one of those trademark infuriating smirks of his but a real smile.

For the rest of the night, Riza lay comfortably in Roy's arms as he planted his head against the side of Riza's. His arms were wrapped around her protectively even when he finally fell asleep. Black Hayate sauntered over to the couch and leapt on it, resting his head on Roy's lap.


The first lieutenant awoke the next morning lying in her bed. She sat up and looked around, hoping to find a certain fool of a colonel. Instead, she found Black Hayate barking happily on the floor.

Her heart dropped somewhat. Apparently, it was only a dream. But for some unexplainable reason, she could feel the ghost of a goodbye kiss on her cheek.

She arrived early at the office. The only other person was the colonel himself. He was busying himself with a cup of coffee as she came in. She avoided as much eye contact as possible. The colonel seemed disappointed for some reason. It was visible on his face. And he still appeared to be ill; his skin was pale.

Wait a minute. Ill? Wasn't that in her dream?

The colonel could not understand why the lieutenant was avoiding him. Had he done something wrong? Had he not done something? He couldn't understand it. So he tried to do something simple instead.

Riza saw him approach her out of the corner of her eye. She was about to move away when she felt herself being turned around. They gazed at each other for a moment before he gently planted his lips on hers. She was automatically taken aback. And then it clicked.

Roy stared at her with a blank expression. "Did I do something wrong?"

Riza found it difficult to conceive words. "No…Were you there yesterday?"

The colonel began to wonder if his lieutenant was lost her short-term memory. "Yes…I left early this morning. It took a while to carry you up the stairs. I was dizzy."

Riza instantly berated herself mentally for being so foolish. It wasn't a dream. It was real. And then her heart somersaulted gleefully. It was real!

Roy was caught off guard when a rush of blonde wrapped it's arms around him. He stood dumbfounded. His confused expression changed into a comfortable one. He hugged her back.

Late at night, Havoc was surprised to find that Mustang had finished all of his work on time and with ten minutes to spare. This was a new record especially for the colonel.

"Why the rush, colonel?"

A frown. "No reason. Just wanted to get home."

A smirk. "Your finally going to sleep at home?"

"Yes. By the way, the florist asked me to return this to you." Roy held out a wallet.

Havoc took it and checked the inside of it. A small piece of paper fell out. Havoc took hold of it and suddenly a blush crept up to his cheeks. "Maybe my luck's turning…"

Roy only smiled and rolled his eyes as he made his way out of the office. It was late. He turned on the familiar corner of third and fifth as he did the night before. He planned on going home but his plans automatically changed when Riza once again bumped into him. They were here once again. But something was noticeably different. This time there was no surprise. Just romantic familiarity.


To be honest, I have no idea why it's longer than the other chapters. I tried not to make this story cliché but I don't think that worked well. It was harder trying to make them stay in character. I can't say I didn't try. Tell me what you think.