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Oh yeah, just to tell you guys, the group is around 20 or 21 except for Ivan and Sheba who are about three years younger. Picard is just old.

Chapter 1: Tales of Unrest

Somewhere far off in the distance, there was a ship. This ship was no ordinary one. It lacked a mast for a sail. And it didn't have a wheel to steer where it was going. But it turned and twisted as if it knew what to do. And as far as anyone could tell, the ship looked very much like one out of a story where futuristic cities floated in the sky. It had its own pair of wings, and had a dragon statue at the front end of the ship.

Picard was in control, simply enjoying the nice view. No monsters were in sight, and the ocean was calm, almost sleeping. It was nighttime, and all of his shipmates were (supposedly) asleep.

There was however another reason as to why he was up here though. He hasn't been able to sleep well for the past few days. Something was bothering him, but he couldn't put his finger on it.

'What's going on with me? Why can't I sleep? Everyone else seems to be able to sleep soundly and they've been under the same condi-,' Picard's train of thought was suddenly cut off when he heard footsteps on the deck. Slowly, Picard left the steering instrument to take a look at what was happening. Moving as quickly and quietly as possible, he crept towards the crow's nest to get a better look.

It was Felix. Apparently, Felix was having a bad night, what caused it Picard did not know.

"Felix! How come you're up so late?"

"...I can't sleep Picard. It's way too loud down there."

"How can it be loud?"

"I'm not too sure..."

"Come on Felix, something has got to be wrong down there. From our traveling experience, you can fall asleep under any circumstances. Remember when we were fighting a couple of enemies? You fell asleep right in the middle of it. We all thought you died! What's going on?"

A small smile was creeping up on Felix, and he said, "I was never good at lying anyway. You know our little lovebirds?

"You mean Isaac and Mia?"

"Not just them," Felix grumbled.

"And Garet and Jenna?"

"One more pair."

With a surprise on Picard's face, "You mean that Ivan and Sheba are involved in this too?"

"Yep, and all of them are getting a little too physical down there."

"They're fighting?"

"Nope, not that kind of physical contact." Felix just couldn't help but smile at the surprised look on Picard's face as the truth dawned upon him.

"You mean that they're, well... you know... doing it? But they're not having an o-... well... you know what I mean right? How did you know that they're doing this?" Picard was shocked at the rest of the crew.

"Nope," Felix replied, "they're not doing what you think they're doing, thank Sol, but yes, they are having sex. I discovered that Isaac and Mia were having too much fun with themselves, since my room is right next to Isaac's. I got up, and decided to take a walk. I slowly found myself outside of Jenna's room, and I heard some dirty talk and concluded that they, too, were enjoying themselves too much. I was a bit disgusted, and I left that side of the ship. Now, since Sheba's room is right next to the door leading to the deck, its not hard to hear what was going on in there. I know that Isaac already proposed to Mia and the same with Garet and Jenna, but they're not married yet. As for Ivan and Sheba though, I think that hearing those two other couples warped their own judgment a little. Sheba will be eighteen in three days, but Ivan's already an adult. Technically, it's against the law for them to do such a thing." Felix let all that seep into Picard's mind.

"I hope those guys are at least using a condom. I just can't bear the thought of having kids at a time like this" Unlike Picard, the words came easily from Felix's mouth.

Picard could not believe this, and he silently crept down to the living quarters. And sure enough, just as Felix said, Picard concluded that they were having sex. Picard trudged out of the doorway, with a look resignation on his face. Now it'll be even harder for him to get some sleep.

All Picard could say was, "Hot damn!!!"

There was a time of silence, broken only by the waves crashing against the ship.

"Man, Picard, you must have a dirty mind to think that they're having an orgy."

"Shut up Felix." Picard blushed just at the thought of the word. To him, it was taboo for it to be heard or spoken.

"So the reason to why you can't sleep, is because you don't have someone to love like the others do, am I right?" Picard teased.

"That is part of it," Felix answered, "But like you, something is bothering me."

"Maybe we're just paranoid, Felix."