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Chapter Ten: New Priorities

There was a great festival in Prox the day after. With the Mars lighthouse lit, there was little to be worried about now. And all were happy. Felix and Jenna got their parents back, and Isaac had just met up with his father. But there was one unhappy soul that day.

Sheba still had no parents, and she had just lost her only love. Yesterday when they left the lighthouse, she could find no sign of Ivan. There was no impact in the snow of a falling body. The thought of him being alive fluttered in her heart for a moment, but was quickly boxed out. He could have fallen into Gaia Falls. Sheba was sitting outside of the inn, crying. She had eaten nothing since yesterday. Everyone was worried about her, but most forgot during the celebration.

Sheba simply could not stop thinking about Ivan. She held the present he gave her in her hands. Vowing not to lose it, she held it close to her heart. Then she felt a familiar aura. Whoever it was, they were close, and she got up to search. She found no one, but the aura seemed to comfort her. She was getting closer to the person when suddenly-

"Hey Sheba!" It was Mia.

"Oh... hi."

"I was looking for you. You haven't eaten since yesterday. At this rate, you're going to kill yourself."

"Yeah well, wouldn't you put yourself through this if Isaac died?"

"That's not important. Everyone is worrying about you. Hungry?"

"Yeah, I guess I should at least eat something." There was something nice about Mia's aura. Sheba smiled and followed Mia to the festival grounds.

Off in the distance, a man was walking away from Prox. He had on a black trench coat with a matching hat with a wide rim. Underneath the coat, he had on a belt with two knives, one on each side. 'I've nowhere left to go. What should I do?' He continued to walk away from Prox.

Three years later

New Vale had now finished being built. It stood at the foot of what once was a mountain. Where it once stood, there was now a golden sphere in its place. Many tourists came to the spot just to bask in its glory. But many were also thieves who wanted the power to fulfill their own purposes. That's what New Vale was created for. It was their job to protect the Golden Sun under any circumstances.

Sheba just got off of guard duty. She chose to stay in Vale after setting her affairs straight in Lalivero. Faran, though a little saddened, knew that it was time to let go of his foster daughter go, as she was an adult now. Picard, knowing that he was exiled from Lemuria until further notice, also chose to stay.

All seven of them were now the top guardians of the Golden Sun. Mia and Jenna took care of the wounded in battle while Isaac and Felix were commanders of the guards. Garet and Picard were in charge of training guards. There weren't many of them, but they were all very skilled. Sheba was head of intelligence gathering.

Though she spent most of her time trying to find information on upcoming attacks, she had also spent some time looking for Ivan. She knew that he was still alive somewhere. He promised her.


A man was standing outside by the door. He was holding on to another body when the door opened. The servant who opened the door said, "Ah, you're back. The mayor has been waiting for you. Come in." The man outside stepped in and carried the other man with him.

The mayor was inside his office, staring out the window. The office had bookshelves on both sides of the room. They were covered with books, which had information from the previous years of Vault. The door opened and the servant said, "Scion is back. Shall I send him in?"

"Yes, do so." Scion stepped inside, still carrying the body with him. "You got the job done very fast, Scion. How did you become so good at your trade?"

"I've been through some tough times," Scion replied.

"I see. Is he still alive?"

"Of course. You know how much I hate to kill mayor."

"I guess I sort of forgot about that." He took out a large sack of gold. "Well, here's the bounty. I'm out of criminals for you to capture. You may want to head to another town." Scion was about to leave. "Actually, I have one question to ask you. I've been itching to ask ever since you got here two years ago. How come you wear that mask on your face?"

Scion turned around. And sure enough, there was a mask on his face. It covered his entire face except for two small holes used for the eyes. The mask resembled what looked like a cat. It was white and had a few streaks of red where the whiskers would be. "I wear this mask since I have many enemies now that I am a bounty hunter. It would not do well for me if someone found out my identity. And yes, I also wear it when I sleep."

"How did you know I was going to ask that?"

"I just do."

"Hmm... I see." Scion was about to leave again, "Well, actually, there may be this one town that needs your services more than mine. Up north there is a town called New Vale. You know about the Golden Sun there, right?" Scion nodded. "Well, they've been under constant attack from thieves who want to take the Golden Sun. I think they would be glad to hire you to help them."

"I see. Thanks for the information, Mayor." Scion left the room. His trench coat seemed to flow as if the man who wore it had some sort of supernatural powers. 'So...New Vale, eh? That means that I'll be able to see them again. And I'll be able to give something... to her.'

(The End)

Don't worry, I'll be making a sequel to this, it's called The Eight Guard.