The Paradox of Balance

Prologue: Foreboding

He was rarely awakened from his long sleep. In fact, now that the world had fallen back into the rather uneventful, if not to say boring, state of balance, Hermes really had no reasons to wake up. And yet he did.

Usually, when he wakes up, it is never a good thing, for he only woke up when balance was to be broken. After that awakening, he would usually stay awake as long as the energies would be uneven.

He didn't really have to sleep, it was just that eternity was a very long time… sleeping was a nice way to pass it more quickly. That and the fact that normal, regular life was boring.

He hated to admit it, but when the Dark Prince finally came back to the world two hundred years earlier, he had been rather happy about it. He knew pain and suffering would follow, but at least, the Mediator's job became less boring. His job as the Mediator was not only to create a common ground between the two powers that the humans referred to as the divine powers, but also to keep a close watch on the human dimension. He couldn't afford to let that dimension lose balance as this could result in destruction. If one world was to be destroyed, the repercussions would be felt on all planes of existence. Fortunately, it seemed that only the human world was truly susceptible to such imbalance. Even the demon world was more balanced then the human plane.

Humans are such bizarre beings…

Now, the world was back into balance. Light and darkness were at their places and it was time for Hermes to fall back into a long sleep. But yet…

Something in the back of his mind was nagging him, forcing him to stay awake. A tiny alarm, warning him of things to come, forcing him awake to complete his day job. "What now?" asked the supernatural being. "Can't I get a little rest?"

The worse part was that he knew that sensation from somewhere. He had already felt this type of premonition before: a simple feeling of dread, of future chaos.

But, as he has so well observed in the past, his memory was not what it used to be…

"Now when did I last felt this presence? This is strange… it is not the aura of darkness… what is this?"

Two hundred years ago…

Oh no…

He mentally cursed his slow dementia as he started to remember past events. He had already felt this feeling in the past, and it was never a good omen. The balance was starting to shift again, but this time, it was the same way it had shifted before the return of the Prince.

But how was this possible? Balance couldn't be broken this fast!

But he didn't have much time to think. As he started to ponder about what was to be done, a brilliant flash illuminated his domain. A giant mass of energy formed and exploded inside the royal library, crushing everything in its path, except for the Mediator. A strange distortion ripped into the air, swallowing Hermes before the last supports of the library gave in.

Wherever he was, it didn't really mattered, because now, he knew that hell was about to be unleashed.

"Have you lost your mind? Do you have any idea what you are about to unleash?"

A female voice spoke from the emptiness of the dimension.

"Now Hermes, is this a way to salute your old mentor? I mean, after all this time…"

"Iris! What did you do?" cried out Hermes.

A figure started to form itself from bits of light. A rather unnatural woman started to form herself in front of Hermes. A type of being not very different from Hermes, higher then humans, but yet not as divine as the Goddess Poitreene, though belonging in the same realm.

"Of all beings Iris, you should know," screamed Hermes before being bluntly interrupted by the one he called Iris.

"I still find it strange Hermes," she said, not trying to hide her amusement in her voice. "I still find it strange that most beings in our positions, including the Goddess herself, tremble each time this power is unleashed… I mean who would have thought the only thing more fearful then darkness itself would be… light?"