"Chrno wait up! Cried Rosette

Chrno turned around to see her crying.

"Rosette what's wrong? Why are you crying?" Asked Chrno

"Oh Chrno everything! I cant do anything right anymore! I always mess up the missions and I'm always in trouble!" she cried

Chrno looked at his friend with a puzzled yet sympathetic look.

"Rosette its ok...please don't cry. You do a lot of things right you've just had some bad missions that's all" Chrno said trying to calm her down.

He dried her eyes and gave her a hug. "Your beautiful Rosette Christopher and your soul is even prettier," He whispered into her ear

Rosette Smiled and hugged him tighter. "Thanks Chrno I had a bad day" she told him

"No worries, just put on that beautiful smile for me," He said


Sister Katie and Reverend Remington watched the two from her office.

"How can Rosette turn to him? He's a demon and yet she trust him," Said sister Katie

"She turns to him because she knows him. There Best Friends and she knows no matter what they'll always be together. Rosette knows him better then anyone in the world." Replied Reverend Remington

"And its obvious she head over heals for him...Rosette is such a loving girl and she is so pure hearted, sometimes I don't know what to do with her." Sister Katie said back

"Sister Katie Chrno is a good guy, he loves Rosette and would do anything for her. Maybe we should all try to get to know him. I know him quite well. Rosette talked about him all the time when she was younger, her and Chrno are a great team... they have an unbreakable bond." He replied calmly

Rosettes room

Azamariea was sitting in Rosettes room waiting for her to return.

When she did Az bolted into her arms.

"Hey Az whats wrong?" Rosette asked

"Nothing I just needed a hug...I had a pretty weird day" she replied

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