'Why would Chrno be "looking" for me? He might have gotten worried that I was missing but he knows I wouldn't just leave him here with out saying anything.' Rosette thought to her self as she walked out into the gardens.

She saw Chrno sleeping under a tree and decided to wake him up.

"Chrno wakeup." Rosette said taking him by the shoulders and shaking him lightly

When he didn't move she got down on her knees and shook him again.

"Chrno wake up!" Rosette said again

Immediately his eyes shot open and he grabbed her and kissed her with out even thinking. This took rosette back, especially when he fell right back asleep after what had happened. Rosette giggled a bit and the scooted over by his side and fell asleep on his shoulder and fell asleep.

When Azamariea and Mary were walking out into the gardens that night they spotted Rosette and Chrno. "Lets go wake them up. I don't think Rosette would be pleased to wake up in the morning and be outside." Said Azamariea

"I think your right!" Mary said in agreement

"Chrno wake up." Azamariea said tapping his shoulders

Chrno eyes opened slowly and he saw that it was dark.

"Hey Az." Chrno said

"Hey how long have u been out here?" Azamariea asked

"I guess about 4 hours, I was waiting for Rosette but it looks like she found me." Chrno said looking over and seeing Rosette sleeping and Mary trying to wake her up

"Mary its ok just let her sleep she had a rough day." Chrno said

"Ok but she wont be happy when she wakes up out here." Mary said stepping backwards

Chrno laughed a bit before speaking "Don't worry I'll take her in later I promise." Chrno said smiling

"Ok!" The girls said in unison before they walked off.

'I guess I better take her in before I fall asleep again' Chrno thought to him self before picking her up in a baby style

When they got to he room he laid her softly on her bed. He stopped and looked at her face. "Good night Rosette Christopher." He said as he left the room.

With that everyone went to sleep

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