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Shakespeare Lives

By Jia Zhang


Part I : The Casting Call


Sasuke sighed, and paled. He was not happy. Well, he hasn't been happy since his brother killed his entire clan, and he will only be happy when he's dead. But that was a whole other story. No...Sasuke believe this was much worse. Much, much worse than having his family getting shattered and his entire life messed up.

Sasuke groaned as he stared at the massive group of females that gathered excitedly around a bulletin board, waiting. They were all squealing excitedly. The dark haired shinobi wondered to the hell did I get roped into this?

Into what, you may ask.

The Konoha Village has been alive with excitement and activities for the last couple of days now. In order to boost the small ninja village's moral since the Orochimaru attack, Tsunade had an idea that was a stroke of genius, or a bizarre coincidence that she just happened to be reading Romeo and Juliet one day. She thought it would be a great idea if the village performed the beloved tragedy.

And much to Sasuke's dismay, this was where his role came in.

It had been early in the morning when Tsunade called Sasuke into her office. She looked out of her window towards the village, her back turned to him.

"These times have been hard for the village," said the blonde woman. "People are all afraid of the onslaught of a possible war. And I don't blame them. Everyday we are threatened with that possibility, even if we made an alliance with Sand." She turned back to Sasuke, a little mischievous smile on her face. "And this leads to why I called you here. I have a very important mission for you, Sasuke."

The ebony eyed youth quirked an eyebrow. "For me only?"

"Yes," smiled Tsunade. "Just you, not team seven."

"What is it?"

Tsunade's smile grew larger, and Sasuke couldn't help but feel a little nervous and afraid. It was one of those smiles. "Sasuke...Have you ever heard of a play called Romeo and Juliet?"

The Uchiha's eyebrow rose a bit in confusion. "Romeo and Juliet? I think my mother once mentioned it before..."

"Well, this is a timeless classic by a man called William Shakespeare. It's an English play, but it has been translated to Japanese. It's a very intriguing story, to say the least, and definitely one of the most popular plays of all time."

"What does this have to do with my mission?" asked Sasuke.

Tsunade smiled. "I want you to be Romeo, the leading man. I want you to be in this play."

"WHAT!?" shouted the boy in shock. "No way...I..." He shook his head. "I'm sorry Hokage-sama, but I refuse this..."

"Well you don't exactly have a choice!" Tsunade yelled back. "This is your punishment for going to look for Orochimaru! Be glad I'm not making you run around the village A TRILLION TIMES!"

Sasuke groaned and paled. "I'd prefer the laps. But...but why me?"

"Because...having you in the leading role will tempt a lot of people to also audition for the play," replied the Hokage. "Besides...You were the only one I could blackmail into doing this. I tried Kakashi, but he disappeared as soon as I utter the words Romeo and Juliet."

The ebony-eyed Uchiha groaned as he placed his head in his hands. "So will you do it?" ask Tsunade.

"I don't really have a choice...Do I?"

Tsunade smiled. "Nope."

He groaned. "Fine..."

"Excellent, Sasuke! I knew I could count on you," beamed the blonde woman. She handed him a semi-thick book. "This is the script. I want you to memorize everything, and for God's sake Sasuke, don't be such a stiff board and act out the role properly!"

And that was how Sasuke got roped into playing Romeo.

Just yesterday, Tsunade announced to the village that the play was going to proceed, and that auditions for the other roles were going to be held later that day. When the girls in the village heard that there was a female role playing opposite of Sasuke, and that they would even get to kiss him, everyone one of them auditioned. This severely scared Sasuke, more than anything. He did not want to play opposite of one of his fans, Ino and Sakura. Hell, if he had to do this, anybody would be better than those two.

And now...the casting call was being made for all the people who auditioned.

Sasuke heard a laughed behind him, and turned around to see Naruto, an evil kitsune smile on his face. " does it feel, Sasuke," asked the blue-eyed boy, "to be stuck in this play?"

The other ninja growled angrily. "Urusai, dobe," he spoke threateningly that made even Naruto cringe in fear.

"Geez, what the hell is your problem? And I'm not a dobe you BAKA!" shouted the blonde. "Personally, if I were in your position, I'd be feeling freaking happy having so many girls interested in me..."

But Sasuke didn't say a thing. He simply glared. If only looks could kill...

"Excuse me everyone!" The two boys turned to see Iruka standing before the bulletin board, holding the casting list. There was a lot of people gathered around him, not only girls, since others auditioned too, for the good of the village. "The casting has been made...Now, I want you to all understand that these roles are final. Shino-kun carefully decided who would act best as which characters."

"Shino's the director!?" Naruto and Sasuke cried in union, both shocked.

"Yep..." They both turned to see Kiba coming up beside them. "Believe it or not, Shino is the director. He happens to know a lot about acting, and Shakespeare. When he heard about the play, he volunteered to do the directing..."

"Well...whodathunkit..." spoke Naruto as Iruka began to call out the roles. "Shino of all"

"As you all know, the leading role will be play by Sasuke-kun..." Fangirls squealed. "As for the other leading role of Juliet...She will be played by..."


To be continued...


End Note: I'm evil, aren't I? Yes...I will never watch another ballet as long as I live. They give me evil ideas. So how do you like this so far? Weird enough, yet? Trust me...This fic attacked me. I have no idea where this is going. My mood is not doing very well. I'm going through stuff. Yeah. For those who have read Kaze to Konoha thank you for your support, and I will work on that as soon as possible.

So whose going to be playing Juliet? What about the other roles, Tybalt, Mercutio and the Friar? And Shino, the director? Poor Sasuke...How is he ever going to live through this? It'll all be revealed in the next chapter of Shakespeare Lives, "The Roles Are Cast".

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