Hiei Meets Kool-Aid

'How long does it take to go to the place Ningens called a market?'

Hiei thought to himself. Kurama had been gone for over an hour picked up things he needed to buy from the store. Poor Hiei was left alone watching a child by the name of Mel. Kurama asked him to watch the child closely otherwise his home might burn down. Hiei was stupid enough to agree and basically walked right into his trap. The girl had been a nightmare and he was now waiting on her to come out of the kitchen with this 'surprise'. He wasn't necessarily afraid of this surprise, he was afraid of what the girl might want to do afterwards.

"Hiei-san," called Mel from the kitchen. "I almost done!"

'How old was that girl again? Oh yes, she was about 6 years old.'

"I done now!" The little girl emerged with a medium sized clear glass cup filled with a purple liquid. "You drink, yes?"

'What the hell is that?! Wait, that looks like poison. Maybe she's trying to poison me. I mean she already tried to set me on fire.'

"Hiei-san, don't you want drink now?"

"What the hell is that purple liquid?!"

"It called Kool-aid."

"K-o-o-l-a-i-d..." Hiei said slowly. 'What the hell is Kool-aid?'

"Yes, Kool-aid. It taste like grape. You drink now?" She set the glass down in front of him. "It take me forever to make. You must be thirst by now. Please drink it for me."


'Should I drink this? She said it would taste like grape, but what the hell is grape?!'

She pushed the glass closer to him. Hiei looked from the glass to the girl. He gasped when he looked at the girl. She had an innocent look to her just like Yukina did when she would ask something of him. Hiei couldn't deny the little girl just a little sip. Though if it killed him, he vowed to haunt Kurama for the rest of his life. Carefully, Hiei lifted the glass cup to his lips. He took a small sip and then a large gulp.

'This doesn't taste too bad.' He continued to drink the rest of the Kool-aid.

"See, I told you it taste good!" Mel smiled.

Kurama walked in the door with a bag of groceries in hand. He noticed Hiei was in the kitchen drinking something and decided to go watch him silently.

"That didn't taste as bad as I thought it would."

"See told ya told ya! Kool-aid taste very good. Want more?"

"No why don't you go play by your self or something."


Kurama emerged from around the corner. "What did she make you drink Hiei?"

"Something called Kool-aid. It didn't taste too bad for a Ningen liquid. Though I have to admit I could've sworn it was poison. If it was I would have haunted you for the rest of your life."

Kurama smiled and sort of laughed when he thought of a Hiei ghost haunting him for the rest of his life.

"Why are you smiling fox?"

"No reason. Maybe you should babysit Mel more often."

"I think I'll pass." Mel came running back into the kitchen.

"Hiei-san, would you play dress up with me?"

"What the hell is dress up?"

Kurama began laughing uncontrollably at Hiei as he pictured the youkai in a pink dress with bows in his hair.

"I get dress you up in different things. You like, it much fun!"

"Kurama, you better tell me why you are laughing!"

"Yes Mel," he managed between laughs. "Hiei will play dress up with you!"

"Goodie!" She grabbed the youkai and dragged him into another room. "I make you very pretty!"


(A/N: I got the idea for this yesterday while I was drinking some Kool-aid. I thought it would be funny if Hiei had to actually babysit some kid while Kurama did some stuff. If you ask me I think this one kinda sucks because it wasn't as funny as I thought it would be.)