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Miya swung open the door to the classroom and walked inside. She headed to the far back to her desk and threw her bag onto the floor. It was excruciatingly clear to everyone around her that she was having a bad day. She slammed her notebook onto her desk and flipped to a new page as she waited for the teacher to arrive. She watched as Tohru entered the classroom, followed by Yuki and then Kyo.

" Good morning Miya,' said Tohru as she sat down in the desk next to her friend.

" Hey Tohru," replied Miya as she watched Kyo take a seat at his desk only a few feet away. " How was your week off?"

" Oh it was good, and yours?" asked Tohru eagerly waiting for Miya's reply.

" Crappy. I was supposed to spend the week with my dad, but as it turned out, my mom forced me to stay home because I was sick! I never even got to see my dad at all," replied Miya.

"Alright class! I have your exams to give back," said the teacher as he placed his briefcase upon his desk at the front of the room. He began calling out the names of the students alphabetically. When he got the the H's, Miya walked up to the front of the classroom and snatched her paper right out of his hand and stormed back to her desk. She sat down and took a deep breath before looking at her mark. She had never really done very well on tests, she just had a habit of studying the wrong information.

" An A?" she gasped. " I actually got...an A? But how?"

" That's easy, it's because Yuk-"

" How did you do Miss Honda?" asked Yuki consciously cutting her sentence short. He looked Tohru right into the eyes, imploring her to not continue that thought.

" I did pretty good, thanks for helping me study. Miya did really well too, but that's because...uh...because she must have studied really hard!" said Tohru quickly trying to cover her tracks.

" I don't know what all those psycho girls see in him," whispered Miya as she leaned in towards Tohru. " I mean he's not that cute. Besides, I think he's kinda stuck-up myself."

" Oh! No, he's really very nice," said Tohru in Yuki's defense. Tohru wanted more than anything to tell Miya that if she got to know Yuki better that he was really very sweet, but she knew better. Miya could never get to know the Sohma family ever again.


" So, how is she doing?" asked Yuki as he, Kyo and Tohru walked home together after school.

" She's okay. She really doesn't remember a thing about you guys though," said Tohru as she felt her emotions beginning to get the better of her. " I thought we could go back to the way things were...I thought it would be okay. But it's not okay! It's horrible! I have to watch everything that I say and do so I don't confuse her. It's so hard...too hard. Why did this have to happen?"

Yuki put his hand on Tohru's shoulder as he watched the tears roll down her soft pink cheeks. Kyo stood very silently as he watched on. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't get the events of that night out of his mind. He had thought about it every waking moment of the past few days, and every time he did, he was filled with more anger and more pain.


" I hope you have enjoyed your time with the Sohma family. Because this is where it will end," said Akito as he rose wearily to his feet and made his way into the room. He stopped right in front of Miya and stared down at her, waiting for a reply. " Don't you have anything to say?"

" I don't believe there is anything that I can say," said Miya as she lifted her head to look Akito in the eyes.

" Aren't you going to beg me to allow you to keep your precious memories..."

" There's no need," said Miya bluntly.

" What...?" hissed Akito. " What do you mean."

" No matter how hard you try, you will never erase my memories," replied Miya.

" We'll see about that...Hatori!"

Miya rose to her feet so she was standing face to face with Akito. She looked deep into his eyes, almost through them, as if she was searching for his soul. " You can erase my mind all you want Akito, but my memories are somewhere different. Somewhere that someone like you could never understand. My memories are in my heart! And no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do to me, they'll always be there!"

Akito swung his hand outwards, striking Miya in the face and sending her flying towards the ground. Something tiny and black flew out her hair as she hit the floor. It hit the wall, fell to the ground and in an instant vanished outside. Kyo and Yuki jumped to their feet.

" Stop right there!" cried Akito as he glared at the two boys, stopping them dead in their tracks. " Kyo, Yuki, leave this room right now. Get out."

Akito grabbed Miya by the necklace her father had given her and attempted to pull her to her feet. The necklace snapped sending black beads rolling everywhere. Kyo and Yuki gasped, having known exactly what that necklace protected them from.

" Get up!" cried Akito as he grew angry at Miya. He snapped his gaze back to Yuki and Kyo. " GET OUT!"

The two boys walked solemnly out the room, praying that Miya wouldn't transform and attack Akito. Shigure knelt silently wishing that there was something he could do. Miya slowly rose to her feet and placed herself right in front of Akito once again. She drew a deep breath. " What is your problem...who died and made you god..."

Akito's eyes widened, this girl had no right to talk to him that way. " You don't know what it likes to be cursed!"

" YES I DO!" screamed Miya as she tore the red ribbon out of her hair. Her ears shot up and gave a quick flick. Akito gasped.

" Y-you..." he whispered. " You're a monster!"

" Shut up! Just shut up! I spent everyday of my life wonder why I was born! Wondering why someone would bring something like me into this world!"

Akito threw Miya to the ground once more as he leaned down towards her and screamed in her face. " Don't pretend that know what it's like! I'm dying dammit! From the day I was born I knew that I was going to die!"

" GOOD!" snapped Miya as she rolled over to face him. Miya got to her feet. Her body was shaking as she closed her eyes. " You don't deserve to live.. and I can fix that for you."

Miya's eyes shot open and locked on to Akito's. She smiled a devilish grin as she raised her right hand into the air. " I hope you die and go to heaven...so that I won't have to deal with you in hell! SANKON TESSOU!!"

Shigure and Hatori jumped to their feet as Yuki and Kyo ran back into the room. Akito stumbled backwards as Miya lashed out at him. He landed hard on the floor as Miya fell to her knees before him. Her long black hair covering her eyes. How could she have forgotten that tonight was the night of the new moon.

" HATORI!" cried Akito. " DO IT NOW!

Hatori reached out towards Miya. " I-I'm sorry..."

" NO!" cried Kyo as he started towards Miya as she collapsed backwards onto the floor. But he was held back as Yuki grabbed ahold of him, preventing him from getting any further. " What the hell do you think you're doing you damn rat?!"

" There's nothing we can do now..." whispered Yuki.

" Alright, that's it. This little party's over," said a voice from outside. " You, in the bathrobe...get the hell away from my daughter."

Akito turned his gaze to see a figure standing outside that resembled the young girl before him.

" Inuyasha...we really have to work on your subtlety," said Miroku as he walked up behind a now fully human Inuyasha.

" Dad?" whispered Miya, opening her eyes for a brief moment, catching a quick glimpse of her father's red clothes before she passed out.

" Myoga told me you were in trouble so let's go, you're getting outta here," snapped Inuyasha as he walked into the room and picked up his daughter into his arms. Miroku stood at the door ready to take action against anyone preventing Inuyasha from leaving quietly. Kyo watched as Inuyasha disappeared into the darkness with Miya, the only sound he could hear was the jingle of Miroku's staff getting quieter and quieter.

Kyo dropped to the ground and slammed his fist onto the floor. Yuki slowly bent down and picked up one of the small black beads from Miya's necklace and squeezed it tightly. Shigure reached up and brushed away a tear as casually as he could. Akito swaggered to his feet and stared at Kyo.

" I hope you realize that this is your fault...Kyo," hissed Akito. " Thanks to you, your dear friend had to have her memories erased. Keep that in mind before you go making any new friends...especially ones that are hideous monsters..."

Kyo resisted the urge to take a swing at Akito. Instead he simple clenched his fists, his body shaking with anger and hatred. Yuki reached out and picked up another small black bead and placed it alongside the others in the palm of his hand. Akito left the room followed by a rather solemn looking Hatori. Shigure looked over a Yuki and then at Kyo. He knew the pain they were going through. He had enjoyed Miya's presence as much as they did, but there was more to it than that. He couldn't deny that it was almost comforting at times to have someone else around who knew what it was like to be different from everyone else.


When Miya didn't show up for school the next day Tohru, Yuki and Kyo got worried. Tohru had decided to stop by Miya's house on her way home, just to make sure that she was alright. As they stood on the doorstep, waiting for Miya's mother to open the door and greet them, Kyo thought about making a run for it, not wanting to see Miya now that she no longer knew who he was.

" I'm sorry...I don't have any time for visitors..." came a rather weak voice from beyond the door.

" Mrs. Higurashi? It's Tohru, I just came to make sure that Miya's alright," said Tohru.

The door swung open a revealed a rather haggard looking Kagome. Her eyes red and swollen from crying. " Oh Tohru! Please come with me, maybe you can convince Miya to come home..."

Kagome led the three visitors to the well out back of the house. Yuki and Kyo were reluctant to follow, but after Kagome had begged them to help her they couldn't bring themselves to say no. She helped Miya's friends into the well and before any of the three new what was going on they had been transported back into the feaudal era.

They followed Kagome to a small house, just on the other side of the forest. They quickly spotted Inuyasha and Miroku sitting out front along with a small little fox like creature. Inuyasha rose to his feet and walked towards his wife.

" What are they doing here?" he snapped. " They're the reason she's here in the first place!"

" Okay Inuyasha...first we'll work on your subtlety , then you're people skills," sighed Miroku as he walked over towards Inuyasha followed closely by Shippo.

Tohru followed Kagome and Inuyasha into Kaede's house to talk with Miya. Kaede stepped outside to leave the family alone.

" Hey Kaede! Come over here and meet Miya's friends!" cried Shippo.

" You're Kaede?" asked Yuki as the older woman approached them.

" Yes."

" Umm...I have this..." said Yuki as he reached into his pocket and pulled out the remnants of Miya's broken necklace. He had stayed and picked up every last piece of it. " I was hoping maybe you could umm...fix it...?"

" Uh Inuyasha..." said Miroku as he stared out int the forest. " You may want to come out here. You have a visitor..."

Inuyasha walked outside followed by Kagome, Tohru and Miya. He gritted his teeth and unsheathed his Tetsusaiga.

" Alright already! Quit playing games and get the hell out here!" cried Inuyasha.

A tall figure appeared from the darkness of the forest and stood very still as he faced the group. " I've come to see my niece. The filthy half-demon that she is."

" Sesshomaru..." whispered Miroku as he motioned for everyone to get behind him.

" You got no business with my daughter, so leave now...or I'm going to have to make you leave," snapped Inuyasha.

Kaede made her way into the house and emerged a few moments later. She walked over to Miya and placed the necklace over her head. " Ye may need this."

Miya reached up and touched the necklace. Her eyes widened as she looked up towards Kyo. She couldn't figure out why but for some reason she felt as if there was something that she should remember. But no matter how hard she tried nothing came to her.

" I've had enough of you just showing up you bastard!" cried Inuyasha as he ran forwards towards Sesshomaru with his sword held high.

" Nice try..." muttered Sesshomaru as he extended his right hand outwards and forced Inuyasha backwards with the whip of light emitting from his fingertips.

" DAD!" cried Miya as she motioned to run over towards her father.

"Miya no!" shouted Kyo in fear. He didn't even want to think what would happen if Miya got any closer to her uncle.

" Disgusting human.." whispered Sesshomaru as he flung his whip towards Kyo sending the poor boy flying into the air. He landed on the ground wincing in pain.

" NO!" cried Miya as she felt her body begin to shake. Her anger was rising within her. She fell to her knees and grabbed her head in her hands. Her mind began to race. Why was she worried about this guy? She had always thought of him as some loud mouthed loser. So why was she so angry that her uncle had hurt him. Miya looked up to face her uncle. Her eyes the colour of blood as she rose to her feet and began to walk towards him. Sesshomaru's eyes widened. He hadn't expected this.

" Miya get outta here!" cried Inuyasha as he ran forwards in an attempt to protect his daughter.

Sesshomaru flung his whip towards Miya who countered by catching it in her own whip of light. Inuyasha stopped short and stared fearfully at his daughter. This had been the first time he had seen his own daughter as a full demon. She smiled devilishly and with all her strength, flung her uncle backwards onto the ground. Sesshomaru got to his feet and gritted his teeth. How could he have underestimated her, this wasn't like him. He unsheathed his Tokijin and prepared to attack Miya.

Miroku raised his hand in front of him and cried out. " WIND TUNNEL!"

As the force of Miroku's wind tunnel began to pull everything around Sesshomaru in, the older demon disappeared back into the forest from whence he came. As everything returned to normal, Kyo forced himself to sit up, clutching his side in pain, he looked up to see Miya as a full demon once again. He knew what he had to do. Inuyasha was attempting to get close to his daughter when suddenly a familiar word echoed in his ears.

" Sit!"

Miya flew face first into the ground. Kagome and Inuyasha exchanged a quick glance with each other before turning to look at Kyo. Yuki was busy comforting a rather frightened Tohru, when he heard Miya say something that made his skin crawl.

" You stupid cat! Why the hell do you keep doing this to me? You don't see Yuki plunging Tohru's face into the ground now do ya?"

" M-Miya?" stuttered Kyo. His mind began to race, was it possible that she remembered that he had done that once before? But how could she? Hatori had erased her memory...hadn't he?

Quick note for all you dubbed fans the attack: "Sankon Tessou" is Inuyasha's "Iron Reaver Soul Stealer attack"