Takeoffs and Landings Chapter 1

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"Today looks to be cloudy, chance of rain with winds up to 20 miles per hour..." Starfire switched off the radio.

"Oh glorious day of days!" she exclaimed. Starfire was in her room. It was 8:00 in the morning, a perfect time to start the new day. Starfire was in love, and love alone can lift even the saddest spirits. Combined with Star's ever-perky attitude, she was a walking ball of sunshine.

Starfire bounded down the steps of the T-tower, looking for Raven specifically. She wished to share her joy with her best friend, and the only other girl in the tower. She happened to find Cyborg first.

"Cyborg, do you know the location of my dear friend Raven?" Star asked him, her voice barely containing her glee.

"Umm, I think she's on the roof," replied Cyborg.

"Thank you friend Cyborg!" squealed Starfire, running down the hallway to the stairway that would bring her to the roof. Cyborg shrugged and kept walking.

Up on the roof, Star found Raven sitting on the edge, looking out over the city.

"Raven, may we converse?"

Raven looked up. Her eyes were bloodshot, and she had bags under her eyes, making it look like she hadn't slept for days. Star didn't notice, and sat down next to Raven.

"Oh Raven, I am so happy!" gushed Starfire. She waited for Raven to respond, but Raven didn't. "I am happy, because I am in love," continued Star. "I feel as if there is sunshine in my heart and I just want to sing. Have you ever experienced this strange phenomenon?"

This time, Raven did respond. "No Star, I've never been in love." Her voice had a hint of sadness.

Starfire gave Raven a sympathetic look. "I see why you are so dismal, friend Raven," said Starfire seriously. Raven just sighed and went back to staring out into the dark sky. A cool breeze ruffled the girls' hair and Star shivered.

"I think I shall go inside now," declared Starfire. "Please, try to be happy, for me."

Raven turned her head slightly in Star's direction and gave the redhead a rare smile. "Thanks Star." Starfire was delighted at this reaction, her eyes making upside-down U's as she smiled, and flitted off.

'I wish Raven was as happy as I,' thought Starfire. 'It would be most glorious. But how would I go about accomplishing such a thing?' Star ruminated on the topic as she walked aimlessly from room to room. 'She does not enjoy sugary treats or delectable culinary delights. Movies do not amuse her. She does not enjoy games of the video like Beast Boy or Cyborg.' Starfire had made her way outside to the harbor, where she sat at the edge of the beach. She watched the water lap back and forth, and just sat, thinking. And thinking. And thinking some more, until...

"I HAVE FOUND THE ANSWER!" shouted Star aloud, and leapt up. She ran into the tower to find Beast Boy, as her thoughts swirled around in her head. 'Robin makes me happy. If Raven had a male companion in which to confide, maybe she would be happy also! And there is a certain male whom I sense Raven will be pleased to receive affections from.'

Star ran from room to room until she found Beast Boy. He was in the kitchen making himself an everything-but-the-kitchen sink omelet, with tofu eggs, of course.

"Beast Boy!" exclaimed Starfire, nearly giving Beast Boy a heart attack. "Oh, Beast Boy, I have the answer!" She lifted Beast Boy up off the ground and spun him around, stopping only when he turned into a snake and slithered out of her grasp and onto the kitchen floor.

"Geez. Star, don't scare me like that," said Beast Boy, getting slowly to his feet since he was still dizzy from the spin cycle that Star had given him.

"Sorry Beast Boy," apologized Starfire, her cheeks glowing red. "I did not mean to startle you. I meant only to share my great plan with you, and ask for your assistance." Starfire's face had returned to normal, and her orange skin was radiant-glowing with her mirth.

"Sure Star. Plan for what?" was Beast Boy's reply.

"Sit down and I shall explain." Star and Beast Boy made their way to the kitchen table and sat down. "I have found a way to make Raven more pleasant-that is-cheer her up. Surely she would be uplifted by a close male companion in which to confide."

"You think she needs a boyfriend?" interrupted Beast Boy quizzically.

"Yes, exactly! And I have discerned the perfect male. Do you remember our journey to the bottom of the ocean and our meeting with..."

"Aqualad!" Beast Boy practically screamed, before Star clamped a hand over his mouth.

"Yes Beast Boy, we shall arrange the meeting of Aqualad and Raven. But this should be a surprise, so let us keep this secret to ourselves."

Beast Boy grinned. He loved secrets.

"So, will you contact Aqualad and insist he visit us here at our tower?" Starfire asked hopefully, her green eyes beaming.

"Of course Star. I was beginning to miss Fish-boy myself," Beast Boy answered happily.

"Oh, THANK YOU Beast Boy! You are truly a wonderful person," said Starfire, scooping up Beast Boy into a bone-crushing hug.

Just then, Robin walked in.

"Umm guys, what are you doing?" said a puzzled looking Robin, trying his hardest not to laugh. Beast Boy's face had turned a nice shade of eggplant, while Starfire hugged on, unaware.

"Oh, nothing," replied Starfire innocently, her voice getting high and squeaky. "I was just expressing my platonic love for Beast Boy." Starfire dropped Beast Boy suddenly and he gasped for air on his hands and knees. "Now Beast Boy and I must go take a swim," added Starfire quickly, picking up the nearly unconscious Beast Boy and zipping out of the room. Right before they were out of the kitchen, out of the corner of his eye, Beast Boy saw Robin shrug and then burst out laughing.

"Star, that wasn't funny. Now let me..." Beast Boy started but didn't get to finish, as he found himself plunge into the icy waters of Jump City's Bay. He quickly transformed into a dolphin and surfaced just in time to hear Star's plea of "Contact Aqualad please! We have not a minute to spare, for Raven's happiness counts on us!" Beast Boy gave a dolphin's equivalent of a sigh and swam off.

"Thank you!" yelled a pleased Starfire, and headed back inside to share the news of Aqualad's visit with the boys.


End of Chapter 1.

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