A Chrono Trigger Fanfic:


By Daryl Falchion

"Your heart is not open, so I must go...The spell has been broken, I loved you so...I was the lesson you had to learn...You were the fortress I had to burn...You want to go higher?...Learn to say goodbye...I yearn to say goodbye..." (Power of Goodbye; Madonna; Ray of Light)

The Enlightened's Lost Tome of Wisdom (Vol. 2, pg. 101): Mistrust–Mistrust is that which can kill. It does not destroy the body, rather it ravages the mind, the soul, the spirit. Like a poison it seeps into a victim's soul making them meticulously question details that they would never before. Misinterpreting individuals remember looks, gestures, and actions that simply did not exist. And rarely do the doubting individuals directly confront their fears–instead, they grant it the lease to consume them until there is no bridge left to salvage. In short, trust those you love...or lose them...