Prologue: Captured

Rogue looked into the eyes of the mutant known as Gambit. Even with his eyes glowing a dangerous red and his arms pinning her to the concrete she felt no fear, just the unusual feeling of content. A shout brought her back to reality.

"I thought I told you to step the #% off!"

Gambit turned his head slightly to observe Allison Blaire with annoyance. He grinned, the same grin Rogue had witnessed before Gambit had decided to blow the crap out of Logan's face.

She gasped as Gambit threw three cards, one at Allison's feet, one at her middle, and one, well aimed, at her head. Rogue never got to witness the result of the attack as Gambit swooped her up and began his escape. Rogue snuck a peek over his shoulder; to her dismay she realized she could no longer see the parkā€¦or her teammates.

It wasn't until he shoved her in the back of a van that she realized what danger she was really in.

"Let meh go ya frizzy haired imbecile!" she yelled.

He said nothing, just crawled into the van with her. As soon as he closed the door he yelled at the driver, "Go!"

The van started moving so quickly Rogue lost her balance, finding herself on the floor. She looked at her hands and quickly realized they weren't tied. Gritting her teeth she took off her gloves and lunged at Gambit. Unfortunately he was prepared. He got out of her way and somehow managed to pin her, face flat, on the seat.

"Now, now, cherie. Where's that southern hospitality you River Rats are so famous for?"

She didn't answer, tears were threatening to spill but she refused to cry. She would make it out of this alive. That guy, Gambit, he said he was just a thief, not a murderer.

"Now, I'm going to let you up but you have to promise not to try anything stupid again." His voice sounded amused, not the least bit angry.

She sighed and sat up. She had to find a way out of the van.

"Rogue, this isn't what it looks like!"

The cries from earlier that day echoed in her mind. She frowned, thinking about Bobby, then Kitty, then Bobby and Kitty. She felt face playing its own little game in contortion. She thought about her home with Xavier and all that happened lately. She looked back up at the dirty, tanned face of her captor Gambit. Maybe she was better off.

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