A/n: Okay, you guys probably think I'm being silly or stupid now but here a series of Diary entries from Samwhen she first started working with Jack and General Hammond. Tell me what you think and if you think I should put up the second chapter. It's all ready written but I'm not sure what to do with it. Just yet. Well, enjoy and tell me what you think

Dear Diary,

Today I met Colonel Jack O'Neill, well not to day seeing how right after the briefing we went on a mission. It was actually a few weeks ago that I met him. He's very....what's the word......interesting, I guess you could say. He like's women but he doesn't like scientists, like me. I told him eventually he would like me, maybe even understand what I say but I kind of dough the later.

Jack is tall, kind of cute and is well, a Colonel and my commanding officer. I can't have any relationship with him except for that of a friendship and business. Other than that, it is against regulations.

I also met Dr. Daniel Jackson. He's very intelligent and everything I thought he would be. The Colonel thinks we ( that being me and Daniel) will get along famously.

Well, I've got to go. General Hammond wants SG-1 in the briefing room right away.

Captain Samantha

I know it's really short but That's all could think of. the second chapter is a little longer I think. Well, what did you think?