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My mom was cleaning the dishes as Wakka taught Jecht to dance to the samba. I picked up a few remaining glasses and started washing them beside my mother. She was humming a little tune like always and had her eyes closed as if she could see where everything was with her sense of smell.

"Mom?" I asked cautiously.

"Yes dear?" She kept her eyes closed.


"So what?"

"What do you think?"

"What do I think about what?"

"Us!" I ask irritated at her little game of ignorant.

"I'm quite pleased the way you grew up." She smiled at me.

"NO! Me and WAKKA!" I raised my voice having the patience left. All this evening I knew they were judging and possibly evaluating on how we act and live.

"I think you to are quite happy." She smiled at me again and put the dishes away. I watched her, knowing she had something on her mind. She left the room to see how Jecht progressed with his private dancing lessons.

"Boo!" I jumped on Wakka's back and held real tight. "Hiya honey!" Wakka shifted around and kissed me. My mom watched me in the corner of their eyes as dad showed mom his new moves. "Perfect." I pecked him real quick and sat on the floor and played with Wakka's basket-ball.

"Well we best be going." My father announced as Wakka sat next to me and poked the ball away from me. "It's getting late." He put his coat on since as soon as he annouced their departure, mom ran to the closet to get them.

"Bye-bye." I waved and walked into my room. I fell on the bed and cried softly. I knew one of the hidden cameras was taping me but I doubt anyone will see me at this hour.

"Tidus?" The red haired man walked in and sat next to me."Something wrong, angel?" He passed an arm around me and drew me closer to him.

"Mom hates us." I buried my face in his chest and cried a bit louder but not enough so he can hear me. Wakka didn't seem to understand to well what was going on but he knew all I wanted was to be held tight for the rest of the night.

Next morning, I woke up with a headache and could feel the world revolve around the sun. I hated that feeling, I was coming down sick. Most likely a simple cold but I still hated it. I looked outside and saw the snow fall...

"SNOW!" I realized that it was snowing. which means: only a few days until Christmas! I was so excited. I loved Christmas with all the sparkly lights and the festive mood and of course the presents. Something I feel like I'm never gonna outgrow.I tripped over a few fallen pillows and smash my head on the floor. "AIE!" I yelped as I felt the cold hard floor on my chin. I felt my head hurt as it warned me that I am to stay in bed and keep warm. "Wakka?"I looked around slowly trying to spot my lover somewhere and coincidently noticed the hour.

"12?" My boyfriend must of been already at work, in his office, all alone, with that weirdo of an assistant. I heard the front door open.

"Wakka! I've come to pick up a few things."I hear the footsteps go into the kitchen."I know you told me to lay of your secret stash but I need a buzz and I need it now!" I hear the footsteps come closer to me."Oh honey, you finally had plastic surgery."

"Who are you?" I asked getting up. "And why are you drinking Wakka's wine stash?"

"I'm Wakka's secretary and his burden." She squeals deligthly. Her long black dress glistening with sparkles and her black hair put in a bonnet. Her face betraying everything her voice feels. "Don't worry my face is half paralyzed most of the time."

"Umm...get out?" I asked wanting to get away from her squealing voice.

"Ohh honey, why would I..." She got caught off by Wakka's arms grabbing her.

"I told you we are gonna go out for lunch not to drink my wine!" He shoved her out the door and walked back to me. "You okay, angel? She's kinda scary, ya? You'll get used to her casual pop ins and outs." He hugged me hard and covered my neck in kisses.

"Wakka...Don't.." I moaned in pleasure. He looked at me thinking he did something wrong. "I have a cold and she could come back any minute.." I wrapped the sheets around me.

"Ya, she does have a key to the place." I looked at him confused. "She comes around a lot, ya? So I kinda got her the key so she'll feel right at home...She did it before anyways." He kissed me one last time and headed back to work. I walked to the kitchen hoping to get some tea as I heard Wakka yell. "Come back with my car! Damn DRUGGY!" I chuckled and watched him walk to his office.

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