Title: Three Reasons
Author: Willow
Summary: Sam and Josh in a quick discussion about women.
Spoilers/Episode: Post season 3, Night Five.
Characters: Sam and Josh
Rating: G
Josh handed Sam another beer and sat back down on his couch. "Donna got offered a job today," he said.

"Where?" Sam asked.

"Some guy she was at college with's starting a dot com company."

"Good money?"


"She must have been flattered," Sam said. "To be offered a job I mean."

"Don't you want to know whether she's taking it?"

"Of course she isn't," Sam laughed.

"How'd you know?"

"Well, three reasons off the top of my head," Sam smiled. "Firstly, you're not looking depressed and you're making no attempt to drown your sorrows in your drink. Secondly, you're not trying to think of a plan, which you can embroil me in, to scupper the whole thing."

Josh gave Sam an amused expression. "And thirdly?" he asked.

"She wouldn't".


"Why?" Sam asked with a grin.


"You and her are, well, pretty close, Josh. I just can't imagine her leaving you."

"Not recently we're not," Josh replied.

"Yeah, I'd noticed that. I thought you were okay now though."

"It's better ," Josh sighed. "But there's been this barrier."

"What happened?"

"It goes back," Josh began and changed his mind. "Doesn't matter."

"Oh God, what did you do?"

"I didn't do anything," Josh protested. "Honestly, Sam, I can't tell you and you really don't want to know anyway."

"But it was something to do with that friend of Ainsley's she went out with, Cliff?"

"How'd you know about that?"

"Ainsley told me that she'd fixed Donna up on a blind date with her friend, Cliff. I knew you wouldn't be pleased."


"'Cos you never are when Donna has a date."

"If only it were that simple."

Sam suddenly looked at him, "Oh my God! Cliff, please tell me it wasn't.... "

"Yes it was."


"Precisely," Josh agreed.

"Well that explains a lot," Sam said.

"Yes," Josh agreed.

"So, Ainsley defended me to Celia," Sam suddenly told Josh out of nowhere.

"What?" Josh asked. "Who the hell's Celia?"

"I dunno, she's temping in the bullpen for a week. Anyway I said that Ainsley looked good enough to make a good dog break its leash and Celia said I was being sexist, but Ainsley said I wasn't. In fact she said she was flattered."

"Flattered?" Josh asked doubtfully.

"Well maybe not flattered exactly. But she defended me and Charlie agreed. What do you think Donna would do if you said that to her?"

"Slap me, throw something at me."



"Umm, well Ainsley didn't seemed to mind and she did look hot."

"Okay," Josh grinned.

"I don't mean in a sexual way, I just mean....... "

"Yeah, of course," Josh laughed. "But she looked hot."

"I just meant her dress was nice."

"Her dress was nice?"

"It was kind of revealing, but in a tasteful way."


"So you and Donna are okay now?" Sam quickly tried to change the subject.