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[And Then...]

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[Inner Sakura]


::Telepathic Communication::



And Then...

Chapter One

Prologue To Destruction

I groaned as I hefted myself up from the ground, having been pushed out of the tree I was hiding in. I quickly jumped up as a herd of shuriken pounded into the ground where I previously lay. I winced as I was grabbed from behind and forced into a submissive position.

"Do you give up?" Kakashi asked me cheerily as he pocketed his infamous 'Icha Icha Paradise' book. I glared at that dreaded orange cover as it slowly disappeared into one of Kakashi's many pockets. It was the cause of so many problems. I then turned my heated glare up to Kakashi.

"Not yet." I snarled before using Kawarimi no Jutsu, replacing myself with a log. Kakashi stared at it dumbly for a minute before I threw a few kunai at him. As soon as they touched his body, it disappeared with a loud 'poof!'.

"Damn...a clone." I muttered as I ground my teeth together.

"Correct." A voice behind me said just before he pushed a pressure point in my neck and I became totally paralyzed. My body flopped towards the ground and landed with a loud 'thump!'. I groaned as Kakashi jumped down beside me, a triumphant smirk dawning his face. Though I couldn't really see it because of that stupid mask, but his cheek was twisted upward and his only visible eye showed amusement.

"Oh, shut up." I grumbled, my voice muffled by the ground.

"Tsk, tsk. That's not the way to talk to your Sensei, Sakura-chan." He said and mockingly waved a finger in front of my face. I growled and tried to bite him. He laughed and patted me on the head, which caused another growl.

"Well, it's getting late and Hokage-sama wanted to see me after this training session, so I'll be seeing you! Oh, and that paralyzing effect will wear off in a few hours. Ja!" He said and waved cheerily before disappearing. I nearly screamed out in my frustration. Not only had I lost to Kakashi for the billionth time, now I was also stuck in this stupid forest under that stupid paralyzing effect. The least Kakashi could've done was stay with me.

"Why did I even think of doing these stupid extra training sessions anyways?" I growled. But suddenly my face saddened and I thought back to when I had first asked Kakashi about extra training sessions. It was just after he announced that we'd been entered in the Chunnin Exam.


"Ano, Kakashi-sensei?" I asked as I walked up to my Sensei, my face determined.

"Hai, Sakura-chan?" He asked, not looking up from that stupid perverted book he always read. I gulped and let Inner Sakura take over my mouth, though I was careful of what she said.

"I was wondering if ya could give me extra training sessions. You know, for the Chunnin Exam? I've read about a few new Jutsus that I've been wanting to try out, and was wondering if you'd help me..." I said, and rubbed my shoe into the dirt, clearly showing my nervousness and anticipation.

"You do know that if I train you, you must be willing, so as not to waste my time?" He said slowly. I quickly pushed Inner Sakura back into her place before she said something rude about the 'wasting time' part.

"Of course Kakashi-Sensei! I wouldn't be asking if I didn't know I was up to it." He smiled at me, which I returned full force.

"Well, everyday until the Chunnin Exam we will meet at exactly six o'clock in the evening by the forest. Don't be late." My smile widened and I suddenly glomped my surprised teacher.

"Arigatou!" I cried happily as I hung around his waist.

"You're welcome." Kakashi said as I let go of him.

"Although, I should be telling you not to be late, not the other way around!" I said cheekily, letting Inner Sakura out for another moment. He chuckled slightly and nodded his head.

"Ja ne, Kakashi-Sensei! See you tonight!" I called before running home to explain to my mother.

As I was running, my face saddened. I wasn't lying about the Jutsus, but I was lying about the reason I wanted extra training. It was because I was tired of being weak, and I didn't want to be a burden to everybody. I wanted to help, to get into the action. At least that's what the real me wanted...and the real me was Inner Sakura, whom I had pushed so far back in my mind that we actually became two minds.

I snorted and thought of what people would say if they found out about 'Inner Sakura' and 'Outer Sakura'. They'd probably think I was crazy and look down upon me like they do to Naruto...

[End of Flashback]

I sighed and slowly flipped my body over to where I was facing the darkening sky. Oh well, at least the paralysis was wearing off. I should be able to have full control over my body in a few hours.

I hope all this training pays off in the end...

[Of course it will. Why else would we be doing it? We want to be powerful, and not weak. We don't want to be the one behind everyone else.]

You're just saying that because you want Sasuke to acknowledge our existence.

[Actually, I think our feelings are starting to dwindle for him. I mean, how long have we been chasing after him? Six years? Since we were kids, at least. And now you're reaching your fifteenth birthday, and we are still chasing him. When will he ever show us any emotion other than hate and annoyingness? I think we should give up on him. Why did we even fall for him in the first place?]

Inner Sakura had a point there. I cleared my mind and tried to think of why I liked Sasuke. Nothing came up.

Why do I like Sasuke?


Maybe I should give up on him...


I think the only reason I believed I liked him was because I wanted to be just like him. Powerful, popular, and strong. I wanted that. But I don't have an advanced bloodline, like he and the others. I'm just a weak, pitiful person...


"I'm just a weak, pitiful person..." I repeated aloud as I sat up. The paralysis had worn off.

"Is that so? Well, you probably are with the way you always mourn over petty things." A dry voice said from the shadows behind me.

I whipped around, a kunai in hand as I narrowed my eyes at the shadows.

"Who's there?" I asked slowly as I tried to sense for Chakra. A tall figure emerged from the bushes.

"Please put the kunai away, as I am not here to fight. I merely wish to help you with your dilemma." The figure said, his voice indicating that he was a male. I lowered my kunai slightly, though I kept up my defensive position.

"And how would you help me? Wait a minute, I don't even know you, so why am I asking you all these questions...?" I mumbled to myself. I could feel the man before me sweatdrop, though I couldn't see anything because the sun had finally set, and we were in complete darkness. Uh-oh, not a good situation. What if this man were a complete psycho!? I can't even see in the dark...

The man before me snorted.

"Don't worry, I am most definitely not a psycho." He said dryly. I gaped at him.

"H-How did you...? I mean, my thoughts...?" I stuttered. He chuckled slightly and stepped closer to me. I automatically stepped back. His body twitched but he didn't say anything.

"It is a...gift...of my clan. We have the ability to read and inspect other's minds. We also have the power to destroy them from the inside, slowly making them go insane, at any speed we wish. We usually never have to lift a finger when in battle. Our minds do all the work for us. Sounds very interesting, does it not?" He asked, amusement and some sort of weird pride in his voice. I shuddered as a cold breeze blew over us.

"A-Are you part of Ino's clan? The Yamanaka clan, that is..." I asked. Didn't Ino have this sort of mind power thingy?

"No, I am not of the Yamanaka clan, though we are very distantly related, sort of like the Uchiha and Hyuuga clans. In actuality, my clan is of higher rank than the Yamanaka, and possibly even higher than the Uchiha and Hyuuga." He said, a tint of bitterness seeping into his deep voice.

I frowned. Just what did he mean by that? Why was he telling me all of this?

"Why are you telling me all of this?" I repeated aloud. Though I bet the man had already read my thoughts.

"Because...you are the one...the one that will carry this clan on...the one that will stop this war...the Winged." He said softly. That last word triggered something in my brain, but nothing was coming to me.

"Huh?" I asked, my eyes drooping down in confusion.

"You are the heir to our clan. You are the Shiraha. Our Goukage. Lady of the Winged. My queen, Haruno Sakura."


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