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:Inner Sakura:

And Then...

Chapter Six (?)

Chyna Girl

Sakura grumbled to herself as she slowly heaved herself up the tree to retrieve the little arrow that Akatsu had placed at the top of the extremely large tree. She was already tired, but now she could barely use any of her Chakra.

:Damn that bastard...he want's to kill us I tell you:

Oh, he does not! He's TRAINING us! There's a difference, you know...

:Not one that I can see...:

Exactly. If you could see it, that means that he really IS trying to kill us.


"Oi! Sakura-chan! Hurry up! The sun's beginning to set and we still have to go over strategy plans for the Chuunin tests!" Akatsu yelled up from where he sat under the tree, munching on an apple.

He quickly forgot the apple as he dodged the wave of Kunai that had seemingly "fallen from the sky".

Or so it appeared to Naruto.

"Hey, you're Sakura-chan's brother, aren't you?" The blonde fox-boy asked as he stared up at the tree where he saw a tiny figure making her way down.

"Hey, what's Sakura-chan doing up there?" Akatsu turned to the younger boy, and grinned at him.

"Why? You just trying to look up her skirt?" Naruto blushed slightly, but then paled when he realized that if Sakura had heard that, he would be a very dead ninja right now.

"NO! I was just wondering because climbing trees isn't really Sakura-chan's thing..." Naruto responded hastily as Akatsu sniggered behind his hand.

"She's training. Well, training's over, because tomorrow's the Chuunin exams. You're in them too, aren't you? On Sakura-chan's team, of course." Akatsu asked as he picked up his fallen apple and dusted it off before he continued to eat it.

"Yeah. Along with Sasuke-bastard. But we're sure to pass this test! After all, we are the greatest ninja ever!" Naruto rambled on, not noticing that Akatsu had tuned him out and had turned to the approaching Sakura.

"Here's your stupid arrow!" Sakura snapped as she chucked the arrow at Akatsu, who quickly caught it before it could do any damage.

"Sakura-chan! Wanna go get some ramen?" Naruto asked, hoping that Sakura would concentrate on yelling at Akatsu rather than him.

"Oh, hey Naruto. Hm...I'm to tired, but after the Chuunin exams, I promise that I'll go eat ramen with you." Sakura said, hoping that Naruto would accept that. She was not in the mood to argue OR yell at him.

"Alright..." Naruto mumbled, slightly disappointed that he wouldn't be having dinner with his crush. But then again, if he passed the Chuunin exams, than maybe his Sakura-chan would eat ramen with him everyday!

Sakura and Akatsu watched as the emotions ran over Naruto's face, both immensely amused.

"Er, Naruto? I'll see you later, okay? And don't be late for tomorrow!" Sakura warned as she followed along after a retreating Akatsu.

"Okay! Bye, Sakura-chan! Akatsu!" Naruto called out as he quickly disappeared from the forest.

"He's a funny kid, isn't he?" Akatsu remarked as he and Sakura made their way through the deserted streets of Konoha Village.

"Yeah...I used to hate him, but since I've gotten to know him, I really look up to him now...he's as strong as he is annoying." Sakura responded, a slight smile on her face as a warm breeze ruffled through her pink locks.

"Hey, Sakura?" Akatsu asked after a few moments of silence. Sakura turned to him, confusion on her face.

"Yeah? What's up?" She asked as she titled her head sideways.

"Well, I just wanted to say good luck in the Chuunin exams...and please be careful...you do not yet know of your enemies..." Akatsu said, his voice lowering as they passed by two chattering girls, who kept glancing at Akatsu, blushing, and then giggling.

"Huh? The only enemies I have in the Chuunin exams are the other ninja hopefuls...right?" Sakura said, though her voice showed her discomfort and confusion.

"Well, I'm afraid that there have been entries that are very suspicious...especially those from the Sound and Sand villages...if a man named Orochimaru finds you...I want you to get as far away from him as possible, even if you have to leave your teammates behind..." Akatsu said as he stared up the sky, which was slowly turning purple, pink, and black.

"But I can't leave my teammates!" Sakura exclaimed as she stared at the young man beside her, noticing for the first time how old he really looked, even though he was the same age as her.

"Please, Sakura-sama, your teammates can take care of themselves. They are both very strong boys...but if you were to get into Orochimaru's hands, everyone, not just you, would be in grave danger if he managed to control you. Remember who you are, Sakura..." Akatsu warned as he turned to her, his crimson red eyes narrowed.

"A-alright..." Sakura whispered, afraid of the Akatsu that stood next to her.



"Well, good night then, Sakura-chan. Just remember to think ahead of what you're doing, and be careful who you trust. Watch out for yourself, and only yourself." Akatsu said before he turned down another street, most likely heading for the brothels and bars.

"But, Akatsu...why?" Sakura whispered into the wind, knowing that Akatsu could probably not hear her.

Unknown to Sakura, Akatsu had heard every word she said.

"Someday, Sakura-sama, you will understand...and when that day comes, you will have an army behind you...to lead us to victory...my queen..."

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