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Prologue: Prelude To Terror

Clip, clip, clip. The sound of shoes on tile floor echoed drastically in the otherwise silent hallway. White lights illuminated the metallic hallway. Door after mechanical door passed by on either side, each diagonal to the last. Silver plates with a code of numbers and letters announced the purpose and function of the rooms to those who worked there. Everything about the hallway was high tech and sterile. Lights blinked off key card slots on each door and hidden cameras recorded the movement and noise of everyone passing.

The particular man who strode down the hall stopped and looked up at one of the invisible cameras, a camera he was privileged to know the location off. Probing with his eyes he found the black dot on the ceiling that marked the machinery's presence. He stared hard into the soulless pit and muttered under his breath.

"Always watching." He started down the hall again, his white lab coat swishing with the movement of his legs. Finally he stopped at a door to his right marked E386O1. He slid his key card into the slot and the machine whirred silently as it processed the card. A green light flashed and the electronic door slid open with a ssshhhhaaa. He stepped in and pressed the light switch.

Lights popped on, revealing the huge lab computers, screens, and equipment that dominated the room. In the middle of the room four lights illuminated a crystalline cylinder reaching skyward. Submersed in its eerie green fluid was a young man. He floated upright in the fluid and a pair of beautiful, angelic wings on his back drew in on both sides of him, ready to close the view of the youth completely if needed. His short, white hair, which appeared green because of the fluid, floated as if caught in a breeze on a windy day. Handsome features lay serene in artificial sleep. He was wearing a white and blue striped wetsuit with leaf insignia. The doctor smiled warily and placed on hand on the glass.

"You will bring me great fame, slumberer. You are the ultimate weapon."