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From the dark, ominous skies, raindrops fell heavily on the lone person standing by a small, stone marker. Even in death, the world was not kind to Drew Lipski.

"I'm so sorry Dr. D, for all the times I've let you down…"

Shego seethed with rage and sadness, tears flooding her eyes. She shivered as a cold wind blew through the cemetery.

"…and I know it's too late to say anything that'll mean something…"

She choked on a sob as tears streamed down her pale face. She didn't care about the rain, or the cold, or any other discomfort except for the one in her heart.

"…but I want you to know…"

Shego paused again, trying to regain her voice.

"…that I've always respected you, and that I've always l-l-loved you."

She couldn't hold it in anymore. Shego collapsed to the wet ground and sobbed, sobbed for the injustice of it all.