That last chapter was the fake ending. Gwahahahahahahaha! Oh man, I had to do it. Yes, I am EVIL! I love being evil. It's so much fun. Okay so this is the FINAL CHAPTER!

Tai and Matt are now home from the hospital. At Tai and Matt's apartment.
Taichi's point of view.

Okay, so Yamato didn't really leave me forever. It just seemed like forever. He said that it was only fifteen minutes. I don't believe him. He's a liar! I have evidence and it's called a clock! He was gone for exactly fifteen minutes and twenty seconds. Oh man, I'll make a good lawyer some day. A lot better than that creepy short kid. He says that it's his life ambition or whatever. He can't even lie. I can and I'm good at it.

"No, your not Tai. You're a horrible liar. We can all see right through you."

"What?" When they hell did creepy younger Yama get here. "Holy Guacamole Batman, did you just read my mind?"

"No, I did not just read your mind. I didn't even say anything to you."

"I guess I imagined it." This kid is so freaky, I'm so out of here.

Ken's point of view.

I can't believe Tai just believed Takeru. He just waved his hands and told him stuff and Tai believes him. Of course Takeru is creepy and probably knows mind control. He'll come in real handy when I decide to take over the world.

"Takeru what did you do to Tai? He's freaking out in the corner." Yamato said.

"Damn, my force must not be working." Takeru said before walking away.

How dare he leave me with his older brother, who I am now deathly afraid of. That evil bastard just keeps staring at me. He looks like he's going to kill me. I might as well glare back at him.

"Ken, if you hurt my brother again I'll make sure you won't live another second, understood?" He says.


"Good, now that that's all taken care of we can be friends."

"Yes, that sounds nice." Really it does sound nice. As long as I don't hurt his brother I'll be fine. I'm sure that I won't hurt Takeru. Even if I do Takeru probably wouldn't run to Yamato. He'd kill me himself.

In The Future!!!! Um. . .Takeru's point of view.

And that is what happened. Everyone became friends. Well, we kind of already were friends, but then Kari got pregnant and screwed it all up. It's okay, because now we're all friends again and every ones happy.

Dai and Miyako have been dating now for about two years. They seem to be happy together. They're a bit competitive, though, and scary. One of these days one of them is going to end up dead. I'm hoping it's Miyako, but that's just because Dai is hot and Miyako is of the female species.

Kari is Internet dating that American kid. I don't know which one, but they all were pretty creepy so it doesn't matter. She said that he was her soul mate. How pathetic is that? It would be funny if it was like really the kids grandpa or something talking to her. Hahahahahaha. Okay, so that would be mean.

Joe, Mimi, and Iori aren't important, but hey. Joe decided that he didn't want to be a doctor anymore. He now hosts some game show on TV. I watch it everyday. Mimi does something. Maybe she still lives in America. And the short kid just continues being short and creepy.

Sora and Koushiro got hitched right after high school and live in a really big house. I think Shiro got a good job in computers. Who would have guessed?

Tai and Yamato, the big stars of are tale are the proud parents of some children. They are currently living in some apartment that Ken and I pop up in whenever we please. They also have jobs and stuff, but they aren't important. Tai and Matt are not important. I'm important.

What am I doing now? I'm ruling the world. Call me Emperor Takeru. I finally did what that short French guy couldn't. The thing is not to attack Russia until about the end. Or just be prepared for the winter. You think that evil people who were trying to take over the world would figure that out, but no. They had to keep failing.

Anyway, I am ruler of the world. Everyone must bow down to me and kiss my boots. Yes, that's right kiss my boots. Ken is my darling Empress. He's so hot in a dress. Of course he's hot in everything.

"Takeru, what are you doing in my house again?" Damn, Tai's home.

"Nothing, dearest person who is currently sleeping with my brother. I was only thinking about a few things. Writing them down so I could . . .You're not supposed to look at them Tai!"

"You are not ruler of the world. And what the heck is this part that says I'm not important. Damn you kid get out of my house! You're evil."

"Oh hey, did you ever write that story about me and Ken?"

"Yeah. I'm thinking about publishing it. It's amazing."

"Sweet. Well, I'm off. Got to go see Ken now."

Taichi's point of view.

I thought that kid would never leave. He's such a pest. Now he is gone though and I can get some rest. Those stupid kids kept me up all night. Stupid Yama for being so sexy and cute when he's sleeping. I couldn't bare to wake him up. I wonder how he could have remained sleeping?

I shouldn't ponder on that question all day though. He deserves sleep. He's such a good boyfriend and father. The kids hated to go to daycare and leave him. They've grown quite attached to their daddy. What am I talking about? They're not even two yet. I'm sure they don't care just as long as somebody changes them and feeds them.

"Tai are you home?"

"Yama! My love you are home. Let's make out!"

"No that's okay Tai, maybe later. I have to make lunch for you and the kids."

"Dude, just give them some of that canned mushy stuff. And while your at it get me some too. I like the sweet potato kind."

"Tai you're not supposed to eat the baby food." Baby food? So that's why there was a baby on the bottle. I just thought it was like applesauce.

"Tai, do you want a sandwich or something? I was going to giveAyaka andRemus some real food."

"Matt where are my babies?"

"They're out in the living room."

"You left my babies out there unattended. They could stick their fingers in a socket and get electrocuted. Why weren't you thinking Matt?"

"Tai you covered up the sockets before we even got them. You made the whole house baby safe."

"They could eat each other! Just yesterdayAyaka tried to take a bight out of herbrother I witnessed it."

"They're teething. They'll bight anything. And don't worry about anything, Dai and Miyako are out there taking care of the twins."

"You trust them with our children. You psycho!" Oh my goodness. Yama's so cute when he smiles like that.

"Tai, I love you."

"I love you too, Yama."


Oh yeah and everyone lived happily ever after.

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