Waiting For You

This is my first time ever writing on TMNT. I've only written Pokemon based stories. I may or may not make mistakes, but if you happen to find one, please be constructive in your criticism. I don't like flames. I like to think I know Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo's characters pretty well, but sometimes I doubt myself.

My history with TMNT goes back to the '90s when I was just a kid. I was stark-raving mad crazy about them. Just ask the video tape that had the first movie recorded onto it. I played it over and over again until I nearly killed the thing and just about made my parents insane watching it all the time. Though, I don't know where that tape is now.

It's a small wonder I never owned figures and play sets, but I did own the Nintendo game. I nearly killed it too. When my local Chuck E. Cheese had the arcade game then, I always spent all my tokens playing. So it was inevitable that I'd be pulled in their universe once again just recently.

Leonardo was always my favorite and I absolutely love and adore him. Donatello is my second favorite, but Raph is vying for that position as well so they are tied.

Disclaimer: I don't own TMNT. The people of Mirage Studios does; Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman respectively. I do own Alisa as she is my creation.

Summary: When Leonardo finds an injured young woman in the sewers one night and takes her home to help, he never knew just what would become of this noble deed. She was far from ordinary, as he soon learned.

They form a bond and become best friends. Though when Leo begins having other feelings towards her, will he be able to tell her? Or will he be too afraid to and lose the chance at the life of being happier than he's ever been? More importantly, why does the Foot want her?

This will be rated PG-13 as I think the kind of story it is firmly cements that in place.

Peril in the Sewers
Chapter One

Alisa panted as she ran through the maze of sewers beneath the streets of New York City. Her worn sneakers sloshed in the few inches of water on the floor and her long dirty blonde-dark brown hair streamed wildly behind her. Her shirt was tattered and her jeans torn in several places, mostly at her knees. Her face was streaked with mud and one cheek was a massive colorful palette of purple and blue.

She had to get away. She couldn't let them catch her. She could just barely hear their faint footfalls following closely behind and she ran even harder in a panic. Her feet suddenly slipped from underneath her and her mouth opened in a silent cry as she fell forward. Water soaked the front of her shirt and pants.

However, she wasn't down for long and quickly scrambled to her feet. She took off again at the same fast pace. She ran around a bend and then had to skid to a stop as her rapid flight was hindered. A wall of solid brick and concrete stood before her. She had run into a dead end.


Her emerald green eyes darted frantically around searching for another passage, but found none and she couldn't go back the way she came. She was trapped. Her petite, slender frame shuddered violently as her breathing quickened and held back tears. She couldn't let them get her. She didn't know why, but they wanted her badly and at all costs it seemed. The ambush on the surface was proof.

It had taken all she knew of her ninja skills to fight them off. One of them had managed to get in a solid hit and she touched her cheek tenderly where the bruise was forming. She had managed to escape to the sewers and they in turn had followed.

She had kept ahead of them, but now her head start was gone and it was a matter of time before they found her. She knew they were coming closer as her sensitive ears picked up their near silent footsteps. Panic engulfed her. Fighting them would be futile; there were too many. It was nothing short of a miracle she had been able to flee to the sewers.

She slowly backed towards the wall, her back brushing up against it. She trembled as she began seeing their shadows on the wall in the dim light. Suddenly, she heard crackling beneath her and she felt her feet give away from the ground as the concrete opened up a hole in the floor. Her mouth formed into a silent scream as she plummeted to the lower level of the sewers.

Her body hit the ground with a thud, her head giving a sickening crack on the concrete. The pain was immediately excruciating. A soft moan escaped her lips and darkness flooded her senses as she slipped into unconsciousness.

The group of Foot ninja approached the area they surmised the girl had gone in, but found nothing. It was like she had vanished. The leader grunted angrily. How was it possible she had slipped from their grasp? His keen eyes darted around the passage and he spotted a ladder of the nearest manhole to the surface. So that's how she escaped…

He issued a sharp command to his fellow comrades and they all started climbing up the ladder, exiting the sewers. What the leader had failed to notice was the gaping hole in the floor near the wall.

Leonardo walked through the corridors of the sewers near his home. He was somewhere between patrolling and having another one of his sleepless nights. He glanced up at the ceiling almost longingly and sighed. Sometimes he wished he was able to see the stars.

He turned down another passage, deciding this would end his walk for the night. Perhaps an hour of meditation would relax him to sleep when he returned home. As he neared the end of the tunnel, a misshapen form greeted him. He was immediately on alert and reached behind his back, withdrawing a katana.

He slowly edged closer to his apparent foe, his sword at the ready. When he came close enough to see the shape more clearly, he sheathed his sword and ran to it. He knelt at the side of the human girl, wondering how she'd gotten down here. His answer came when he looked up and saw the hole in the ceiling.

"Shit," he cursed, softly.

That drop had to be at least two stories. It wasn't very likely she could have survived that. He glanced back down and had the gut-wrenching feeling he had a dead body on his hands. Still, he thought it wise to at least check. He put two of his fingers on one of her slender wrists, trying to find a pulse. Much to his surprise, he felt steady, although weak, beats beneath his fingertips.

He let out the breath he was unknowingly holding, giving an audible sigh of relief. She was alive, but for how much longer he wasn't certain. Though what to do with her? He couldn't leave her here to die, but he couldn't exactly take her home with him either. It wouldn't go over well with Master Splinter.

Leo chewed on his lip a bit, before reaching a decision. It wasn't necessarily the best choice, but it was the right one. He was going to bring her home with him.

He started thinking of how he was going to get her home. He was afraid to move her, fearing he'd end up hurting her more than she probably was. However, he was going to have to move her if she was to come with him. There was no other way.

Being ever so gentle, he slipped his hand under her head, supporting it. He just hoped her neck wasn't broken. He slipped his remaining arm under her legs and then lifted her up. She was practically dead weight in his arms.

He headed back the way he came, carrying her to the lair. He was careful not to jolt her too much if anything was broken. He felt his hand near her head getting sticky after a few minutes of walking and stopped momentarily to investigate. He slipped his hand from underneath, cradling her head in the crook of his arm. Bright dark red blood covered most of his palm. He gasped and looked to her head, where her hair was becoming matted with blood.

This time he didn't walk, but started sprinting in a mad dash towards the lair. She needed help, and fast. This was something he couldn't do on his own. When he finally arrived, he burst through the open entry way.

"Raph, Don, Mikey!" he shouted out, "Wake up!"

He didn't slow down and he ran up the stairs to his room, laying the girl on the bed. He heard his brothers stirring awake as they finally managed to drag themselves out of bed.

Michelangelo yawned sleepily as he emerged from his room, rubbing his eyes with a hand. In his other hand, he was clutching a brown teddy bear. When he finally realized he still had it, he quickly tossed it back into his room.

Donatello and Raphael were the next to leave their rooms, and Raph didn't particularly look too happy. However, it wasn't like Leonardo to summon them with such urgency in his voice. Their brother's distress call had them worried.

"Hey, Leo, what's up?" Don was the first one to ask, once they had all assembled in his room.

"Do you have any idea in hell what time it is?" Raph muttered, grumpily.

"I'm sorry," Leo apologized, "I know it's late, but this is an emergency."

He stepped aside of his bed, letting them get a full view. They stared at the girl laying on it. The silence was only broken when Mikey spoke up.

"She's cute," he said, "Can we keep her?"

Leo only shot his brother a look. The expression on Mike's face clearly read "What?"

"I found her in one of the passages when I was out on patrol," Leo began to explain, "She had fallen through a hole on the upper level."

"That had to hurt," Raph remarked, quietly.

"She is badly injured," Leo continued, "I couldn't just leave her there."

Don approached the bed, studying the girl closely. He noticed the blood seeping out had already soaked the pillow through. Her slightly tanned skin was becoming steadily paler. He gently lifted her head with his hand and turned it slightly to the side where there was the most blood.

He carefully parted her hair there and nearly blanched at the sight. The coppery smell was strong. He set her head back down on the pillow and looked to Leo.

"Leo, this is a serious head wound," he told him, gravely, "I'm not even sure if we have the essentials to give her the kind of treatment she needs. Maybe we ought to call April and have her come help get her to a hospital."

"No," Leo replied, shaking his head, "I don't want to bother April. It's much too late. We have to try on our own. If it gets to be too much for us to handle then we'll call her."

Donny nodded and then turned to Raph and Mike.

"I need the two of you to fetch me towels and bandages," he instructed them, "I'm going to need a lot of them."

"Right," Raph acknowledged.

He and Mike set off on their errand. Leo pulled a blanket over the girl to keep her warm as he and Don waited for them to return with the supplies. He noticed the blood on his palm again, now dry and starting to turn brown. He stared hard at it and then clenched his hand tightly. He knew very little about this human, but he'd be damned if he let her die. He felt his brother laying a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"Hey, it'll be all right," Donatello assured him.

"Yeah," Leo answered, quietly.

"I think we should let Master Splinter know what's going on," he added.

"I already do," a soft, sage voice spoke behind them.

The two brothers turned around in surprise and faced the gray four and a half foot rat, their teacher and father figure. They had no idea how long he'd been standing there behind them. His gentle black eyes regarded the girl lying on Leo's bed with heavy scrutiny. He grunted softly afterwards.

"I know you did the right thing, my son," he finally addressed Leonardo, "However, I cannot help but feel concerned for our safety. We do not know what she will do once she awakens among us."

"I understand, Sensei," Leo replied, "I had the same feelings, but I could not just leave her there to die."

"And you did well to help her," Splinter answered, "We shall see what happens."

Raphael and Michelangelo returned at that moment, their arms loaded with towels and bandages per Donny's request. They set their piles down near the edge of the bed.

"Thanks, guys," Donatello told them.

"No problem," Mikey answered.

He glanced over at the young girl, his expression sad, almost somber.

"I hope she'll be okay," he said, quietly.

"She will be," Leo answered, rather firmly, "If we have anything to do about it."

"It's going to take a lot of effort and precision," Don put in, "Her condition is precarious. The chances of her survival are slim at this point."

"I… I know," Leo admitted, grimly.

He closed his eyes, hanging his head a bit. Donny gave his brother a sympathetic look. He seemed so determined to save this girl. Raph and Mikey watched on solemnly. For once, none of them knew what to say.

"Have faith, my son," Splinter spoke, quietly, to Leo.

He reached his hand out to his arm and touched it lightly. Leonardo opened his eyes, the corners of his mouth lifting in a small, sad smile.

"I will, Sensei," he answered, softly, "Thank you."

Don picked up a couple of towels and handed one to Leo.

"Why don't you help me out, okay?" he told him.

"Sure," Leo replied, nodding his head and accepting the towel.

"Raphael, Michelangelo and I will leave to give you the concentration you need," Splinter added.

"Thanks, Master Splinter," Donatello answered, graciously.

Splinter nodded and then motioned for Raph and Mikey with his hand.

"Come," he bade the boys.

They followed their teacher out of Leonardo's room and descended the stairs. It was decided even though they were tired, there was simply too much going on at the moment to even think about going back to bed; let alone sleep. Raphael and Michelangelo settled on the couch in the living room. Mikey flipped the TV remote on and they quietly amused themselves with a late night show. Splinter settled on a cushioned mat on the floor and closed his eyes, starting to meditate on the situation above them.

Once Splinter and their brothers left, Leo and Don set about the task before them. Leo walked to the head of the bed and carefully lifted the girl's head and part of her upper body. Don went around to the opposite side, where her head wound was, and gently began applying pressure to it with the towel.

The bleeding had slowed a bit since he last checked, but the towel was soaked through in a matter of minutes. Donny gritted his teeth as he discarded the bloody towel on the floor and took the second Leo handed him. He applied even more pressure to the wound, but was still very careful. This time the towel was not nearly as bloody as the added pressure finally began slowing the blood flow sufficiently.

Leonardo watched anxiously as his brother worked. He had never seen so much blood in his life. It made him feel ill to his stomach, but he stayed strong. He kept checking on the girl every so often. She seemed so pale now, and her breathing was much shallower. He felt her pulse on her neck. The beats beneath his fingers were so weak, but still steady.

Just hang on, he pleaded to her, silently.

When Don felt satisfied the bleeding had stopped for the most part, he removed the towel and dropped it on the floor near the first. Then he picked up the bandages and started wrapping them firmly, but gently, around her head. He wound the bandages at least five times before he separated from the roll and secured them in place. When he finished, he sighed and stepped back, admiring his handiwork a bit.

"I've done all I can, Leo," he told his brother, quietly, "It's out of our hands now. All we can do is wait."

"I understand," Leonardo replied, softly.

Donatello pulled the ruined pillow off the bed and replaced it with a clean one. Leo gently laid the girl back on the bed, covering her more with the blanket. Donny yawned and then stretched. He could tell this was going to be a long night. The next several hours were crucial in guaranteeing the young girl's survival.

"Why don't you go on to bed?" Leonardo suggested, "Tell Raph and Mikey to do the same. You needn't stay up. I'll keep watch."

"Are you sure?" Don asked, skeptical.

He was grateful for the proposal, but he felt rather guilty about leaving Leo alone to look after the girl.

"Yes," Leo answered, "I'll take care of her."

His quiet but firm tone left no further room for argument. Donny nodded and crossed the room over to him as he headed towards the entry. He patted Leo's shoulder in a brotherly affection.

"Good night, bro," he said, "You'll call if you need me?"

"I will," Leo replied, "Good night."

He returned the gesture and then Donatello left the room. Donny headed for the stairs and went down to the main floor. He followed the murmuring sound of the television into the living room, where his brothers were sitting on the couch.

Raphael was on one end, his elbow propped on the arm of the couch. His chin rested on his hand and his eyes were half closed, staring blankly at the screen. He wasn't asleep just yet, but he was getting there. Michelangelo was at the other end and had already passed out, his mouth slightly open.

Don chuckled quietly at the scene. Raph's keen hearing picked up on the small sound and he opened his eyes fully, lifting his head. He saw his brother standing there in the dim light of the television.

"Everythin' okay?" he asked, softly, indicating the girl.

"As best as can be expected," Don replied, quietly, "It's just a matter of waiting now to see if she'll pull through."

He reached his hand towards the TV remote on the coffee table and pressed the 'off' button. The sound and light ceased.

"Leo wants us to head to bed," he continued, "He says there's no need for us stay up with him. He'll keep guard over her."

"All night?" Raph inquired, surprised.

Don shrugged.

"That's what he wants," he answered, "I couldn't persuade him otherwise."

Raph sighed a little exasperatedly.

"Typical Leo," he remarked, gruffly.

He stood up and stretched, yawning a bit.

"But I have to admit he's right," he added, "I'm not goin' to argue with him on that."

He cast a look at Mikey, who had started snoring, and gave a wry sort of smile.

"Shall we wake up sleepin' beauty here?" he asked.

Don grinned.

"Go ahead," he told him.

Raph reached over and gave his unsuspecting brother a hard pinch on the arm. Mikey jolted awake as the pain registered inside his brain.

"Ow!" he yelped, loudly.

Raph clamped a hand over his mouth.

"Be quiet," he hissed, his voice low.

He took his hand off his mouth after a moment and Mikey shot him an angry glare.

"Why'd the hell you do that for?" he demanded, in a hushed tone.

"Because I wanted to," Raph replied, smiling wryly, "And how else was I goin' to wake you up?"

Michelangelo growled a bit.

"Oh, hush and get up, you big baby," Raph told him, "We're goin' back to bed; Leo's orders."

Pain forgotten, Mikey scrambled off the couch at this news and headed out of the living room. Donatello and Raphael followed not far behind snickering quietly. Donny composed himself after a moment and glanced back in the living room. Master Splinter remained on his cushion in a meditation induced sleep. He then turned back to Raph.

"Do you think it will be all right to leave Sensei like that?" he asked him.

Raph looked over his shoulder briefly at the distinguished rat. He hadn't so much as twitched an ear in the last hour.

"He'll be fine," he answered, turning his head around, "He can take care of himself. Besides, it doesn't look like he's goin' anywhere anyway."

"True," Don agreed.

They began to ascend the stairs, while Mikey had already reached the top and was making a beeline for his room. When he reached it at the end of the hall, he went inside and closed the door. He hadn't even glanced into Leonardo's room as he had to pass it on his way he was so eager to go to bed.

Raph and Don arrived at the top of the landing as Mikey's bedroom door shut. They hesitated a moment, just a few feet outside Leo's bedroom. They both shared a look and Raph nodded. No actual words had been exchanged, but the brothers were so close sometimes there was no need for them. Don patted his brother on the shoulder before veering off to his room just across the hall from Mike's.

"Night, Raph," he called softly to him, as he entered his room.

"Good night, Donny," Raph replied.

He heard the door to Don's room close quietly. He sighed, contemplating on whether he should go in Leo's room. It was very rarely they ever found common ground on anything.

It seemed like every time they tried to talk, they ended up butting heads. It was a wonder they weren't rams instead of mutant turtles. He smiled wryly as he entertained the thought. He promised Donny, though, that he would at least check in with him before heading to bed.

He walked slowly to Leo's room and stopped just inside the doorway. His brother was keeping a bedside vigil with the girl, sitting cross-legged on the floor. His eyes were closed and his breathing steady and even. Raphael suspected he was meditating.

He took a sidelong glance at the form lying on Leo's bed and frowned. All this fuss over such a scraggly looking whelp? She probably wouldn't live through the night anyway and all their efforts would be wasted.

"We help everyone in need, Raph," Leonardo's voice came quietly and evenly, "No matter what the odds. You should know that."

His brother's voice startled him for a moment and then he grunted. Leo had opened his eyes and was now regarding him with a stern, admonishing gaze. Raph met it with a slightly irritated expression of his own, leaning a bit on the doorjamb.

"I do know that," he replied, his tone as low as his Brooklyn accent allowed, "But what I don't know is how is she special from anyone else? There are dozens of people like her everyday out there. And are we helpin' any of them? No."

Leo removed himself from his position and stood up fully, walking over to his brother. He stopped within a few feet of him, still staring hard into his eyes. Raph began growing a little uncomfortable under the intensity of his look and he scowled in return.

"We cannot choose who we help," Leo answered, "No one person is special. Every life is precious. Though we can't save everyone, we have been given the chance to save this life."

Raph sighed and reached an arm behind his head, rubbing it with his hand. He knew his brother was right, but the situation still bothered him. It meant a lot to Leo to help this girl. He just didn't want him to be disappointed if it turned out that he couldn't.

"Look, Leo," he started, "I know you like takin' matters into your own hands and goin' around saving the day, but this thing may be far bigger than you or me. It may be bigger than all of us."

"I know the consequences," Leo interjected, his features softening considerably, "I know what the outcome could bring, but it doesn't mean I'm going to give up trying."

He turned away a bit, glancing over at the girl on his bed. She looked so small and frail. Could he, or even the others, really make a difference? They could not control Fate itself.

He felt Raphael's hand on his shoulder then and turned back to face him. His expression was sympathetic and caring as the irritation he felt earlier left him.

"Like Master Splinter said, just have faith, bro," Raph said, softly, "She'll be okay."

Leonardo smiled.

"Coming from you, it means a lot," he confessed, "Thanks."

Raph chuckled a bit.

"No problem," he replied.

He surveyed the room and his eyes fell on the bloodied towels and pillow on the floor. They began growing wider at the sight in shock. All that had come from her? He didn't fully realize the severity of the problem they had on their hands until now. Just what have they gotten themselves into?

"Kuso," he uttered, quietly.

"What?" Leo asked him.

He followed his brother's gaze to the pile then and immediately understood.

"Oh, yes, that," he said, softly.

Raph blinked a few times, before having to tear his eyes away. He'd seen blood before. They all had at some point in their lives, but nothing like this. He shuddered inwardly.

"Do you want me to take this stuff away?" he inquired.

He knew he could barely stand to look at it and he was certain Leo felt the same way, if not more. Sure enough, his brother gave a grateful nod of his head.

"If you wouldn't mind," Leo answered.

Raphael found a spare bed sheet in a small bureau and brought it over to where the towels and pillow lay. In one swift motion, he scooped the pile off the floor and in the center of the sheet. He tied all four ends together tightly, creating a makeshift bag. He then picked it up in his hand.

"I'll take this to April's tomorrow," he stated, "She can have them washed."

He carried the bundle to the door. He set it down just outside the room in the hall, and then turned to Leonardo. For a brief moment, he saw how tired and weary his elder brother looked. Then it was gone as suddenly as it came.

"You goin' to be all right, Leo?" he asked him, gently.

"Yes," Leo replied, softly.

Raph wasn't totally convinced, but he nodded anyway. Leonardo could be as stubborn as himself at times and he didn't really feel up for another argument tonight.

"Get some sleep when you can, bro," he told him.

"I will," Leo answered, "Good night, Raph."

"Good night, Leo," Raph said.

He walked out the door and disappeared from view. Leo heard the door of Raph's bedroom close shut across the hall a few moments later. He sighed and then trudged across the room. He pulled a chair over from near the wall and set it close to the bed.

He sank down in it and leaned his back against it. The words Raphael had said earlier swam in his head. Was it true? Was he wasting his efforts and energy for what could be nothing in the end?

He shook his head. He didn't want to believe it. He only knew his younger brother was just trying to prepare him for the worst, but he wouldn't accept it. He'd fight with all he had to save her.

Leo glanced at the young girl, really studying her for the first time. What was it about her that tugged so forcefully within him? He leaned forward and folded his arms on the mattress, resting his chin on top of them. He watched her breathing for awhile, noting how ragged it had become. He could discern a faint rattling in her chest. He picked up her wrist and took her pulse. It was still steady, but had grown even weaker.

He clasped her hand gently, her slender fingers becoming nearly enveloped by his bigger ones. Not knowing what came over him, he let all his feelings tumble out.

"You must live," he whispered quietly to her, "I don't know who you are, but I want to get to know you. I want to find out why you're making me feel this way."

He released her hand after a minute and resumed his previous position. This time, he laid his head down on his arms facing her direction. He felt so tired. He needed to sleep, but he refused to close his eyes even for a second and take her out of his sight.

Though as the minutes dragged on, his eyelids became heavier, but he kept fighting. He didn't know when he finally lost the battle and his eyes remained shut. Sleep stole peacefully over him.

End Chapter One

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