Chapter 3

Once Karania and the other members of the Hogwarts team had left the Great Hall, the Bulgarian team headed off in the direction of the extra common room that had been intended to be a house but had never actually became one. Once they had entered their common room they broke their silence and began talking to Viktor.

"So Viktor, your so called 'girlfriend' made the team, what are we going to do now?" Andrei Ivanova asked him

Viktor looked surprised, "All I've got to say is that I didn't know she was good enough to make the team...... Also she's not my girlfriend as of yet, since I haven't asked her, yet."

Anton Levski rolled his eyes, "Just don't let it interfere with how you play in quidditch otherwise we'll get pounded most likely by a bunch of students."

"So what do you know about Karania?" Radomir Vulchanov asked.

Again Viktor looked surprised, "Well she's a Ravenclaw as you probably already know by now, I'm not sure what traits that house is famous for, but she's always makes good grades and still has time to do extracurricular activities."

"Like what sort of extracurricular activities?" Luben Dimitrov inquired.

Once again Viktor looked surprised, "Well she embroiders, usually writes for pleasure, and I remember that she was on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team since she told me that she made the team back in her fourth year. Obviously she managed to stay on it through her sixth year, and now she's a seventh year, who only has one year left to go before she graduates."

"Graduates? Good lord, she looks young for her age from what I've seen of her. I could've sworn that she was still a fifth year or something, but I guess not." Desislav Zgraf said.

"Though how well does she play quidditch?" Andrei Ivanova asked.

Viktor blushed, "Well I only saw her practice once or twice so I really can't tell you, but she seems to know what she's doing. She also came up with some techniques she uses in a crisis type situation."

"Like what kind of crisis situation?" Anton Levski inquired.

"Like a situation where there's two bludgers approaching her at the same time, I've never actually seen her do them but she told me that she has her own bad of tricks that she can reach into and use if she needs to, and she said that they usually come in pretty handy." Viktor replied.

"Two bludgers at the same time? Geez, if that were me, I'd be able to dodge one and then get hit by the second one." Radomir Vulchanov remarked.

"Not Karania, that happened to her once, but one of her tricks worked and she managed to avoid both. She never told me how she did it though......" Viktor replied.

The Bulgarian team looked shocked, "Geez, this girl doesn't sound like your average student player; she sounds like she's good enough to play professionally." Danail Volkov remarked.

"If she is we might be able to get her since she's also from Bulgaria like I told you earlier. Though it's also her choice whether she wants to if we deem that she's good enough." Viktor said.

"We'll have to see her play then." Andrei Ivanova said.

The Bulgarian team all nodded in agreement.

"Then if in fact she is professional material, you can be sure that I'll get her on the team in a hurry." Andrei Ivanova said thoughtfully.

"Who do you think they'll choose as Team Captain? I don't know many of the Hogwarts kids though I'd think that Karania might be able to handle it." Danail Volkov asked.

"I don't know, I think Karania might be the one they pick due to her reputation, but it's hard to know for sure. Viktor replied.

"We'll have to wait and see then." Desislav Zgraf said.

Viktor nodded in agreement at that. The Bulgarian team now sat down in some of the big plushy armchairs in front of the fire and about an hour later they all headed up to bed.


Meanwhile in the Ravenclaw common room, Karania was surrounded by many members of her house, who were congratulating her for making the Hogwarts team.

"Wow, I still can't believe that you made the team!" Rodger exclaimed.

"How could she not?" Regina asked. "Karania's scored numerous goals for us since she joined the Ravenclaw team so of course she would be picked. I think we have a pretty darn good chance of winning with her on the team."

"True." Rodger said thoughtfully. "I think that Karania could lead the team to victory if they appoint her Team Captain, she's smart enough."

Karania blushed, "Thanks Rodger......"

Rodger smiled, "No problem Karania."

"Well, I'm heading to bed, we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow when classes begin." Karania said.

Everyone nodded thinking that what she had just said made a great deal of sense. Karania now walked to the girl's staircase and walked up it to the seventh year's dormitory and entered it. Karania took her new quidditch uniform and opened her trunk and set it in there and changed out of her robes and into her nightgown. Then Karania pulled back the covers and climbed into bed, still daring to believe that she had made the Hogwarts team and that her name had been called to be on it in front of the entire Bulgarian team, especially Viktor. Karania blushed at the thought.

"I bet Viktor was surprised when my name was called." Karania thought aloud.

Karania now snuggled down into her covers and fell asleep in a few minutes with the thought of what an awesome final school year this was turning out to be for her. Shortly after Karania had fallen asleep, her roommates all came up and got ready for bed too, and about ten minutes later they too climbed into bed and went to sleep.


Meanwhile in the Gryffindor common room, everyone was congratulating Harry, Ron, and Jade on making the Hogwarts team.

"Congratulations Harry, Ron, and Jade!" Colin Creevey exclaimed.

"Yeah!" Dean Thomas added excitedly.

"Thanks everyone." Ron, Jade, and Harry said together.

Now the subject was turned to who they thought ought to be Team Captain.

"Harry, who do you think should be Team Captain this year for the Hogwarts team?" Seamus Finnigan asked.

"I'd like to be Captain, but I'm pretty sure that the Slytherins and the Hufflepuff girl will want Karania as their Captain since she's smart and clever. However, I wouldn't mind that myself much either, since she's smart and always has a trick or two up her sleeve if something unforeseen happens and that in itself is truly incredible." Harry replied.

"I agree with Harry, I think Karania's the obvious choice for our Team Leader, maybe we can learn a thing or two from her and how she thinks." Jade said.

Ron nodded in agreement, "Yeah, totally true. I'd say Karania could be the one who could help us show those professionals that us student players know the sport and can play it just as well as they can."

"Yeah! We'll show em! If Karania's our leader I'm sure we'll let em have it the good old fashioned way using good old fashioned teamwork and god knows we'll need to work together if we're going to beat them." Ron said excitedly.

"Yeah, with my sis leading she'll give you nothing less than her best!" Arinia added with pride in her tone.

"Then it's decided, if we can do anything to get Karania as our leader then we will do it." Harry said making it sound like it was an open and shut case.

There was a little more clapping and cheering by the Gryffindors before they too headed to bed since they didn't want to be tired for their first day of classes when they began the following morning.


Meanwhile in the Hufflepuff common room, Amy Bell was being congratulated for making it onto the Hogwarts team.

"Congratulations Amy!" Susan Bones exclaimed happily. "We all knew you could do it!"

"Thanks." Amy said feeling uncomfortable with all the attention.

"I'm so proud of you Amy!" Hannah Abbot said smiling.

"Yeah!" Justin Finch-Fletchley said grinning hard.

"Who do you think ought to be Team Captain? I'm sure Dumbledore will want to know that pretty soon." Ernie Macmillian asked.

"Hmm..... Well one thing's for sure I don't feel comfortable with a Slytherin leading the team, I just don't think they'd do a good job. A Gryffindor would be okay, but I'd prefer it best if Karania led the team since she has the brains I think we need to make our team a success." Amy said after a moment of thinking.

"I think you're right." Justin said after she voiced her thought.

"Yeah, Karania has ways of coming up with strategies I wouldn't have dreamed possible." Hannah said grinning.

"No kidding, it's no wonder that the Ravenclaw team has such a good record of being a respectable quidditch team. I think Karania should lead it, I just hope the other members of the team agree....." Amy said.

"Let's hope so, we need someone who can come up with good strategies if we're going to have any hope of beating the professional teams when we play them." Ernie added.

"Good, my vote's for Karania. As soon as I can I'm going to put my vote in to try to get her as our Team Captain." Amy said.

"Good thinking, now that it's been decided I think that we should head to bed, we don't want to be tired for our classes tomorrow." Hannah said pointing this out in a way that seemed like she was explaining that one plus one equaled two.

The Hufflepuffs nodded and after saying goodnight to each other they all headed up to their dormitory rooms to go to bed.


Meanwhile in the Slytherin common room, everyone was congratulating Johnathan and Tom for making it onto the Hogwarts team.

"Congratulations Tom and Johnathan." Pansy purred. "I knew you could do it!"

"No kidding! You guys are the best!" Blaise Zabini exclaimed.

"Let's just hope that they can help kick some serious pro butt. They certainly deserve it." Draco added with a huge grin plastered across his


"So who should be Team Captain?" Millicent Bulstrode asked.

"I think Karania should, she's got the brains and we're going to need them if we're going to run circles around the pros." Johnathan said.

"I agree, I think Karania would be the better choice, I wouldn't mind listening to a Revenclaw. Listening to her would be a lot better than listening to those Gryffindors on the team even though we will have to work together to bring a victory to our school." Tom said thoughtfully.

"True...... But after this is over the rivalry still stands." Draco said. "Gryffindor and Slytherin will never be friends as long as I have something to say about it."

"Here, here." The Slytherins agreed.

"I'm going to put Karania's name in for the Team Captain position." Johnathan said.

"Yeah, as will I." Tom added quickly.

"Then it's decided, Karania's Team Captain, let's just hope she has some tricks up her sleeve to leave the pros high and dry." Draco said smirking.

"Well now that that's been decided why don't we go to bed, tomorrow's going to be a long day with classes and we don't want to be tired." Blaise pointed out.

"True." Draco said. "Okay, hopefully we'll find out tomorrow who's Team Captain of the Hogwarts team, and let's hope it's Karania. Until then goodnight everyone, we need rest."

Everyone nodded and in a few minutes everyone headed to their dormitories to go to bed.


Little did everyone know that every house and person seemed to think that Karania was the obvious choice to be Team Captain although only time would tell for sure when Dumbledore inquired as to who they thought should be Team Captain the following morning.